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Henderson, J"hn, & Son, Ltd.
General Teiminus, Paisley road
toll, Glasgow.
Adshead, N. & Son, stampers, 11
and 92 Uiii<in st
Boardman, Jas. 55 Charlotte lane.
Campbell, Jiihn S. 55 Charlotte
. lane
Crawford, D. 59 St. Vincent st
Cunninghanie, D. 48 Buchanan st
Findlay, Jame-, 68 Mitch.il st
Fleming, David, rubber stamp and
ink manufr. Id I Mitrhell st
Hamilton, Aith. (brand cuiter and
die sinker), 32 Ann street, oflF
Jamaica st
Livingstone Bms. 85 Maxwell st
Lorimer, Francis C, 401 Sauchie-
hall st
Lorimer, Wm. & Co. 95 St. Vin-
cent .St. and 2 i Bentield st
Lyon, Wm. 3Xd Sauchiehall st
M'Laren & Mt-ikle (practical), 25
Gordon si. — Hee Advt. in App.
Maclnre, Macdonald, & Co. 2 Both-
well circus
Metallic (The) Art Co. 53 Wate'loo
st and at 2 12 Old U urn bar ton id
Miller, John, 116 Kt-ntield street
Napier & Wilks, 134 Re. fiel.i st
Kobertson, Wm. (practical m steel,
brass, &c.), 62 Argyle st
Walker, Wm. & Co. 125 London st
Wilson, Guttirie, & Co., 335 St.
Vincent street
see label m an l'kactureks.
Aaronson, A. E. sole agent for
Glasgow and rtisiric s and Edin-
burgh for ihe Londnn and Pro-
vincial Di rectory an d Continental
Guide; all Otters to b« addressed
Bath Hou'e, Heletisburjjh. —
See Advt. at. end of Trades.
"Fisher, A. Kay & Co. Ltd.; sole
agent for Glasyow and dis'ricts,
and Eaiiiburgh, Albert Edward
Aaronson, Baih house, Helens-
burgh. — ISee " Puhlishers " and
Adv. at end of Trades.
Carruthers, Son,& Co. (M'DoijgaH's
disinfecting powders and soaps),
70 to 78 Kiiij^ St. Tradeston
Eadie, Arch. & Co. (Tradeston
paint, oil, and grease works), 54
Cook st
Holliday, Re«d & Sons, Lfd.
" Gernial " flutfl, powder, soaps,
&c. ; W. Walker, uian»g*-r, 188
West George St.; works, Hud-
Hird, Hastie & Co. Kinning Park
Oil Works, 73 Pak st
Jeyes' Sanitary Compounds Co.
Ltd. 213, 215 [njjrain st
Swan, James G. & Co. 74 Bath st
Adelphi Distillery, 4 Muirhead st
Ardbeg Distillery, Islay, Buchanan,
Wilson & Cci. agts. 4(i St. Vm. pt.
Ardgowan Distillery Co. Ltd. 47
Hope st
Auchintoshan Distillery (fine High-
land malt) ; Alex. Ferguson &
Co. Ltd. 1116, lOH W. Kegent st
Avoneil Distillery, Ltd. B.-lfast;
agents, Rohi-rtson & Baxter, Ltd.
48 West Nile s reet
Balmenach Distillery, Glenlivet,
95 Bath st
Benmore Distillery, Campbeltown ;
oiEce, 4 Bothw-11 street
Benrinnes Glenlivet Distillery, Ltd.;
agent, A. Macmillan, 4 West Nile
Bernard & Co. Lei h ; agent, Robt.
R. A. Ralston, 25 Gordon st
Bowmore Distillery Co. Bowmore,
Bruicbladdicb Distillery Co., Ld.,
45 Hope street
Bulloch,Lade,& Co. Ld. Loch Katrine
(pure malt) Distillery,Camlachie,
Glasgow; Caol Ila Distillery,
Islay ; and Benmore Distillery,
Campbeltown ; oflBce, 4 Both-
well street
Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay,
(The Hifihl^nd Distilleries' Co.
Ltd.) agents, Ro'iertsou & Baxter,
Ltd 48 West Nile st
Burnett, Sir Robert, & Co. London;
agents. J. G. Thomson & Co.
110 Wellinstou st
Calder, Jas. & Co. Ltd. Bo'ness
Distillery, 9 London street
Caol Ila Distillery, Islay ; office, 4
Bothwell street
Chapin, Trull. & Co. Boston, U.S.A.
(rum); agenis, Robertson &
Baxter, Ltd. 48 West Nile st
Clydesdale Distillery Co., Limited,
Wishaw ; atrents, Robert^,on &
Baxter, Ltd. 48 W. Nile st
Colvill, Gieenlees, & Co. Limited,
Argyle and Burnside Distillery,
Campbeltown ; Robt. Brown &
Co. agents, 45 Washington st
Colvill, Greenlees, & Co. (Ltd.),
Burnside Oistillf-ry, Campt'el-
town ; sole agts., Greenlees Bros.
12 Hanover sireet.
Convalnior, Genii eet Distillery,
Ltd. 82 Gt. Clyde st
Cowan. Wm. Ltd ; agent, James
Wright, 104 Bath st
Cratrsjammore Dts'illery, Glenlivet;
ofiice ttii Bath si
Dailua'ne, Glenlivet Distillery, Ld.,
Carran, Strathspey, N B. agents,
Thos. Train & Co., 13 Madeira
Dawson, M. D., 95 Waterloo st
Dijwson, Peter, 8i Gieat Clyde
Dewar, John, & Sons, Ltd. Perth ;
a^eot, R. H. Aruott, 101 West
Regent st
Dufilift Whisky Distillery Co,
(D. W.D. Dublin) ; atjent, Archd.
Maomi/lm, 4 W Nile -t
DunviUe & Co. Ltd. Royal Irish
Distilleries, Belfast; office, 112
Bath street
Ferguson, Alex. & Co. Ltd. "Auch-
intoshan" Disiiliery, proprietors
of the " Rrf adaibane " Scotch
& " Inniskining" Irish Whiskies;
106, 108 W. Regent st
Ferguson, James, & Sons, 9
Ca'togan st
"Feuniosh'' Old Sco'ch whiskj',
sole proprietors, Laoioat & Co,
49 Virginia st
Fleming, A. B. & Co. Ltd. (rosin),
1 1 1 WateHoo .st
Forbes, John, Is^a Di-tiUery, Perth;
agents, W. P. Lowrie, & Co. 49
Hope st
Foulds, Wm. & Co. Ltd. Paisley;
Gletifyne Distillery, Ardrishaig,
Fraser, A.& Co. (Ltd.) Glenbnrgiej
agents, C, Morrison & Sonsj
139a Si, Vincent st
Gilbey, W. & A. Ltd. (wine), 84
Union street
Glenglassnugh Distillery, BanflT-
shire (The Higidand Distilleries'
Co. LtO.); agents, RobTtson &
Baxter, Ld. 48 W. Nile st
Glengyle Distillery, C'.mpbeltown;
ag'. A. Mac.iiilan, 4 West Nile
Glen Nevis Dis illery, Campbel-
town; Malcolm Feguson & Co.
agents, 67 Gt. Ciyiie st
Glenoran Di^illeiy, Muir of Ord,
Ross- shire; otbce, 96 Bath st
Gleoroibes — Glenlivet Distillery
(The Higfilano Distilleries' Co.,
Limited) ; agients, Robertson &
Baxter, Ltd.' 48 W. Nile st
Glen^ide Distil. Oo. Carrpbeltown
agt-nts, John K, & Daniel Orr,
29 Waterloo st
Glen Tirras Disfllery Co., Gii-
nockie; agents, Jas. Murray &
Sons, 43, 46 Oswald st.
Grant, Jas. & Co. Hiahland Park
Distil. Orkney; agents, Robert-
son & B.'xler, Lid. 48 West
Nile st

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