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M'Kay, Bugh, L.D.S., L.K.C.P.
664 Eglinio.i st
Morris, Jas., 2r)6 Damharton rd
Murray, A, L. 105 'it. Hamilton st
Naiaa.il h, A. L.O.S. 49 Abbots-
ford place
Nance, J., 256 St. George's rd
Nance, Tlios. ^aucllleball st, corner
of Mains st
Nicol, Thomas D. L.D.S. F.P.S.G.
308 Duiuba'ton rd. Partick
Parson, F. P. 18tj Bjars road,
Pinkerton, Wm. W. 285 Crown st
Price, Bees, L.D.S. Eng., 163
Bath st
Robertson, A. P. L.D.S., F.P.S.G.
2 and 6 Cathedral st
Eowe, A. R., 140 George st
Shirlaw, David, si Sauchieball st
Sinclair, A P. 196 eitt ht
Sinclair, C. S. L.D.S. Glas. 196
Pitt street
Sinclair, J. S. 248 S^uchiehall st
— See Advt. in Appen.
Smyth, Alex. 2.^Ji Kuohanan st
Taylor, David, M.I). L.D.S. 144
Wellington sneet
Taylor, Wm. 144 Wellington st
Taylor, Wm. L D.S., F.P.S.G., 290
Duke st
Thomson, J. P. L.D.S. 42 Dundas
St. city
Thomson, E. L D.S., F.P.S.G. 1
Gt. Wellington st
Tracey, Dr. T F. dental surgeon to
the late Earls of Kreadalbane and
Shaftesbury and t" bir James
, Colquhouii of Lis-- (pupil of the
late D'. K. B. Ihnmson,
F.F.P.S.G.), 3 VVe-t Ca^npbell st.
also at 312 St. Vn cent st.
Wallace, Jas. 36 Dundas st. city
Wallace, Wm. M.A. MB. L.D.S.
36 Dundas st. my
Waterhouse & Co., 220 Sauchie-
hall st
Whyte, Alex. L.D.S. 140 Mains st
Whyte, A. C. L. U.S. 42 Dundas
Wills, Robt. M'D. 353 Paisley rd
Wilson, Thomas, L.l)."*., 4 Cor-
unna st. aud 4 Derby ter., Sandy-
Wilson, Wm. Leng, 25 i St. George's
Woodburn, J. Cowan, M.D. 197
Bath street
Woodburn. Will »m Holt, L.D.S.
D.D.S. 17 Carlton pi
Woodburn, W. stead, L.D.S. 17
Carlton place
Wylie, \V. D., 195 Pai-ley road
Young, A. B. L.D.S. Glas. 108
Eeufield st.
LAdam, M. 63 Finlay dr., Dennis-
Agents for Designs and Trade
Marks Regi-^traiion, W. R. M.
Thonis'in & Co. 96 Buchanan
st — Nee A d. in App.
Ai.d & C' ghill, 263 Argyle st
Allardyce, Arch. M'N. 76 Bu-
chanan st
Beattie, Jas. (draughtsman), 101
St. Vincent street
Beriram, U. T. (to printing) 103
Batb st
Botiomley & L'ddle (de-»ign-i and
trade marks r-'gi-iry and patent
office) 154 S'. Vmcent st
British Parents C>. designs and
trade marks rfgd. at home and
abroad, 121 W. Regent st
Bulloch, .las. Woven fabrics, 58
hentield st
Crawford, Thcs. to calico printers,
101 St. Vmcent st
Davie, Jane-', drsmglitsman, 69
Albert n ive, Cr s>hill
Designs, Trade Murks, and Patent
Office; W. R. M. Teomson &
Co. 96 Buchanan st — See Advt
Fanlds, Jas. 114 W. Campbell st
Fe gu-i, Wm. (to c^licu printers),
134 Sr. Vincent sireet
Fitzpatrick, H. D. renislers. de-
signs and trade marks, 70 Wel-
liudtnn st
Eraser, H. M. 128 Hope st
Gillespie, Ttios. illuminated address,
63a St. VlnC' nc st
Gornian, VVu.. & C". designers and
litho. drau^hisriren, 15. i West
Nile street.
Graham, Archd. (to calico printers)
43 Ro.'^lwa drive. Dennis' lun
Graham, G. H. &■ Co, 114 Great
We tern rd
Hay ward, A. & Co. (i alicoes), 33
Ann street
Hill & Honge, 56 Waterloo st
Johnsons, Mes^rs. (pntents, designs,
and trade. m>.rks regis(ry), band-
bnok 00 registration gratis, (16
St. Vincent .-.I' tet
Knox Brothers, for glass, 16 York
btr eet
Licdf-ay & Paisl-y (for jewellery)
96 BuhaUitn st
Logan, John, 6 ( Hand st
Macdougall, Norman M. Vii Balh
Mackay, Alex., 314 Duke st
M'Nair, J. Herbfcri,227 W.George
MacNicoU & Co. (naval), 6 Dixoo
Mathieson & Erski<ie, i bioiinated
address-s, 63 N. Frederick st
Meikle, Wm. i>i( Sous (fui siained
glats, furriiiure, au.l general
decorations), ln<^u-i rial Art
Studios, 19 We|lint:rnn st
Mery, Eugene, IJ Rupert st
Miller, Stephen (draughtsman), 183
George st
Mitchell Bros, (embroiderers), 20
Union street
Mitcbelson, Wm. H. decorative^
136 Caledonia mad
Pater on, Oscar, & Ha-ry Thomson,
The Glass Staiuers' C. 118 W.
Regent st
P.Krk, Wm. 6 Hanover street
Pepper & D^cherty, lithographic,
ll Bo hwell st
Pollock, Atch. 95 Bath st
Richmond, Andrew (lace, mu.slins,
tapestries, and furniture prints)>
69 St. Vincent st
Robertson, William, heraldic, 62
Argvle street
Ro.«s, b. & Co., 63 N. Frederick st
Saddler, \. M. 202 Hoce st
Scott, Rnbt. H. 65 W. Regent st
Snaw, A. Wilson, 18(1 W. Kegent st
Stwnsfield, John (wrtistic for tex-
tile fabrics) 207 Ingram st
Te.ylor, Alex, calico, 101 St. Vin-
cent St.
Tennant, John, 30 Gordon st
Thomson, Alex. 108a West Regent
W^lfeer, Arch, textile, calico, &c.
5 W. Regent st
Walke', Jnhn T. (textile), 42 N.
St. Mungo st
Walker, Robert J. 223 W. George
Walton, Geo. & Co. Ltd. 1^0, 152
Wellington St.; telephone 274
Young & Murray (and liibogrs.),
5 West Regent street
Kerr. John, for sensoning new
and cleaning foul and sour
casks, washing bottles, &c. 268
. Mathieson st
Brown, A. J. & Co. 70 Wellington
FindUy, M. F. & Co. 41 Ann st.
Glas. and 5S Kank ,-t. Coat-
bridge, ^ole agents for Nobel's
ExpldS'Ves Co Ltd.
Fleming & Co. pliin and electric,
31 Rohertscin .st
Hunrer & Wa ren, 72 Waterloo st
Nobel's Explosives C^. Limited,
149 West Geni'ge street
Heuder-on, John, & Son, General
Terminus, Pasley Knad Toll,
Glasgow. (See name, alpha-
betical section.)

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