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Urie, Geo. 381 PoUokshaws rd
Vallance, Alex. & Sons, 110 Spring-
field road
Waddell, John, 106 Garngad rd
Waddell, Wm. & Go. 108 W. Re-
gent st
Waldie, John, 369 London rd
Wales, James, N.B. Railway,
Sighthill station
Ward, D. & Co. 38 Hallside st
Watson, D. & Co. pi ant and ma-
cbinepy. Harmony row, Govaa
Wafson, Wra. 55 Well road
Watt & Wilson (railway and build-
ing), 179 W. George st
Webster, Walker, & Webster, 396
Crown street
White, Jas. H. (building), 87 Forth '
street, Pollok^hields
White, James, 18 Abingtnn street
Wi^ham, Wm., 258 Paisley road
Wilkie, Gavin, 128 Boden street,
Williams, John, 27 Sf, Vin. cres
Wilson & Chandler, military cloth-
ing, &c. 17 Argyle st
Wilson, John G. 87 Dumbarton rd
Wordie & Co. general carriers, cart-
ing and forwarding agents, and
caning contractors for Cale-
donian, Higtiland, Great North
of Scotland, Dundee and Ar-
broath Joint and Great Northern
(Ireland) Railway Companies,
in connectiiin with Pickford &
Co., the London and North
Western, Lancashire and York-
shire, and other English Rail-
ways ; also agents fur G. & J.
Burns, Londonderry and Larne
steamers, the Campbeltown ^
Steam Packet Co., and tbe
Orkney and Shetland Steam
Navigation Co.; telephone No.
11.53; te'eg. address, ''Wordies:"
head office, 45 and 49 W. Nile st;
goods receiving offices: —
9 Ann st. off Jamaica st
43 Couper st, off Dobbie's loan
8 & 11 Paul St. Townhead
1 Paisley road
30 West street, Tradeston
38 Oak street, Anderston
Finiiieston quay
36 S '. Albion st
22 Kirkuatrick street, and
Buchanan St. Goods Station.
Orders for uplifting of tratfic
may also be left at tfie Bridge-
ton, Si obcross,General Terminus,
and Kinning park Stations of the'
Caledonian Railway Co.
Young, Jas., railway, 138 Bath st
Cameron, James, 95 Paterson
SI. s.s.
Christie, Jas. P. 23, 27 M'F.-irlane
Clyde Cooperage Co. Ld. (The),
54 to 64 Porc-Dundas road
Crawford, James, & Co. 142
Waterloo street
Cross, William D., 16 Govan rd
Docherty, Hugh, 23 Greenside
lane, s.s.
Dodd, William, 17 School wynd
Downie & Dunbar, 67 Pitt st
Downie, Thos. 49 Well rd
Frame, James, & Co. (second-hand
boxes, &c. alwa3rs in stock, all
sizes) 290 Commercial road
Gibb, Alex., 76 West Regent lane
Gilchrist, John, 156 Butbwell st
Grant, Wm. & Co. 92 Centre st. s.s.
Guthrie, Jas. 38 Morrison street,
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan
Johnston, R. 31 Anderson st. east
Kilbride, John, pail, milk butt,
and tub handle manufacturer,
65 Pitt st
King, Thos. (and soap firkin mkr.),
Cogan st. PoUokshaws
King, Wm., 71 Dundas st. city, and
9 High st
Lindsay, Thos. 11 South Shamrock
Lowrie, W. P. & Co. 52 Wash-
ington street ; offices, 45 Hope
M'Adam, J. & E. & Co. 95 Eagles-
ham st
M'Cann, T., 400 S. York st
M'Crae, Wm , jun. 48 Sister st
M'C.ae, Wm. Loch Katrine Distill-
ery, Camlachie
M Farlane, Colin, 258 Castle st
M'Farlane, J. & A. Springbank st.
New City road
M'Farlane, Wm. & Co., 24 Coul-
ter's lane, Calton
M'Ghie, Henry, 29 Douglas street
Mackenzie, A. & C. 62 and 64
Waterloo .'*t. city
M'Kernan, Thos.,' 14 to 24 Well
street, Calton
M'Killop, D 34 Thistle st. s.s.
M'Intyre, P. 23, 27 M'Farlane st
Macqueen, John, and cask mer-
chant, 33 Brown st. Anderston
Marr, Robt. 347 Gt. Ea-tern rd.
Martin, Thos. 526 Debbie's loan
Orr, John, 2(i3 PoUokshaws rd
Owen, Ldchran, 3 Malvern pi
Quillan, Jas., cai-k and Dutch and
French hoop merchant, 40 to
96 Janefield St.; also 1 to 35
Wilkie st
Rich^rdS'in, Jas. B. 47 Lanark st.
off Debbie's loan
Sergeant, Thomas N. 169 Fin-
nieston st
Shields, John, 8 and 10 Gibson st.
Shiridan. John, Ruchill Cooperage,
Chapel St. Maryhill
Small, Tho3. & Co. (importers of
coopers' materials, hoops, and
staves), 144 Douglas st
Thorn & Cameron, Ltd. lOOPicca-
dillj' St.; office, 93 Cheapside st
Thomson, David, & Co. 3 Armour
Thomson, Wm., importer, Swedi^
barrels and bungs, 101 St. Vin-
cent st
Watson, Wm., 13 Hydepark st
Whitelaw, C. S. 100, 102 Com-
merce st
Whyte, Briee, & Sons, 39 South
Kinning place
Winn, Peter, 2 Comelypark ter
Barclay, Mackay & Co. (agents),
12 Waterloo st
Bede Metal & Chemical Co. Ltd.
Hebburn ; sole agents, Blackley,
Young, & Co. 70 Wellington st
Birmingham Battery Metal Co.
Selly Oak, Birmingham, copper
and brass sheets, rods, and wire ;
seamless and brazed brass and
copper tubes; yellow metal sheets,
plates, and rods, &c.; sole agent,
James Ritchie, 40 St. Enoch sq
Blair, Alex. 163 W. George st
Bolton, Thos & Sons ; Wm. Clark
& Co. agents, 45 Hope st
Booth, Jas. & Co. Biimingham ;
agent, P. Smith, 4 West Regent
Broughton (The) Copper Co. Ltd.
Manchester, makers of copper
and brass rollers for calico
printers; agents, M Crindle,
Schaw & Co. 180 West Geo. st
Broughton (The) Copper Co. Ltd.
Manchester, 16 St. Enoch sq.;
C. W. Wild, agent
Burns & Glover, 23, 25 and 27
Oswald street
Campbell, T. B. & Sons, merchts.
and agents, 27 Wellington st
Dunderdale, Cyril, & Son, 119 St.
Vincent st.
Elliott's Metal Co. Ltd. Selly Oak
Works near Birmingham ; sole
agent, Neil M'Vicar, 342 Argyle
Elmore Copper Co. Ltd. Leeds;
70 Wellington st
Forbes, John Gilbert (flux for
copper, &c.), 10 Cddzow street ;
office, 1 -i York st
Grice, Grice & Son, Birmingham ;
seamless and brazed cupper and
brass tubes, yi-llow metal sheets,
rods, &c. ; sole agents, George
Robson & C 1. 22, 24 Bath street
Henderson, Cbas. & Co. 9 York
Johnsons, Messrs. office for patents
115 St. Vinnent st. Handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis

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