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M'Millan, James, (iron roofs for
buildings), 67 Scott st. Port-
M'Millan, Wm. 79 Smith street,
M'Morran, E. & Son, 7 Wellcroft
M'Nair & Watt, 144 Berkeley st
Macnauglitan Bros. 79 St. George's
M'Neil, Paul, 301 Victoria road
M'Phee, Don. 117 W. George lane
M'Pherson, Donald, water supply,
8 Bath bt
M'Pherson, Malcolm, 84 Main st.
M'Taggart, Hugh, 60 Mill st.
Main, A. & J. & Co. Ltd. (iron
bridge, roof and f ence),Cly desdale
Iron Works, Possilpark ; city
office, 64 Gordou st
Malcolm, Mrs. John, 11 Moore st
Manwell, David, 34 Granby ter.
Marshall, A'ex. G. (building), 121
West Regen' street
Marshall & Miller (glazing), 591
Mathieson & Christie (building),
61 Newhall st. Bridgeton
Mavor & Coulson f elfctrifi light and
power), 47 K ng st. Mile- end
Meikle, J. H. for i-leaiiing building
fronts by sandblast process, 69
M'Alpine st
Messer, D. & Co. 316 and 360
Dobbie's loan
Millan, J. M. b9 Reidvale st.
Mitchell, Thos. Gower st. Bella-
Mitchell, Wm. 261 Albert road,
Mochan, Thon.as i?0 Collins st
Montgomery, Hugh, 244 Pollok-
shaws rd
Moore, Taggwrt, & Co. Tontine
House, Cross
Morgan, Jolm, 42 Broomielaw
Morgan, Jolin, 263 and 269 Eglin-
ton street
Morrisi>n, James, Polmadie
Morrison, John A. carting, 18
Gateside nt
Morrison & Mason, Ld. Polmadie
Morrison & M .ir, lii A'kenhead rd
Muir, R. S. &Co. tor military, police,
railway, and ottier unif'oims, 146,
150 Inuram st.
Muirheart, J 1074 Pollobhaws rd.
Murray & Co. 72 and 74 Port-
Dundas road
Murray, John, jun. 309 W. Princes
Murray, Wm. 7 Campbell street,
Mary hill
National Asp'ialt Co. 124 and 126
Gt. Welliugton st
Neilson, Wm. & D. Craigpark farm
Nelson, D. M. & Co. (gas and
water appliances), 53 Waterloo st
Niven, A. & Sons, 301 North
Woodside road
Ormiston, James (landscape and
bowling green), 340 Scotland
8tr-et, s.s.
Orr, John, 10 Vinicombe st
Osborne, J. & Son«, 215 Centre st
Parker, J. & T. 7 Tyletield street
Paterson, Cooper & Co. (electric
light), 137 West Regent street
Patersoti, John, & Son, Limited, 52
St Enoch sq
Paterson, Wm & Son (gasfitting,
electric and pneumatic bells), 65
Pitt street ; telephone, 980
Paton, John, & Co, (rmlway), 299
Sbi>-li1s road
Patrick,Tho^.l47S. Cumberlandst
Paul & M'Neil, 3"1 Victoria road
Pearce, John, & Co. (electric light
and power), 182 West Regent
Phioipx, Richard (oil lamp), 75
Ro' ertsoii st
Pollock, Thomas, 105 Surey st
Pollock, Wm. 166 London st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, Liii'ited, 22
Queen st. and Albion Works, 25
So. Kioning place. Paisley road
Porter, Jobn, Janetield Brickworks,
London road
Preniice, Arch, (removal), 67-71
Prince Albert st
Pulsiimeter (The) Engineering Co.
Ltd. («ngineering), 8 YorR st
Purnell, H. A. (warming, vent'lat-
ing, stearri cookinsr, and laundry
engiueeriog), lU2 HJlst. Garnet-
Ramage & Whitehead, 30 Cadogan
Reid, J.ihn, 16 Mauldslie at
Reid, John (removal), 7 Kelvin st.
Parti ck
Reid, Mncfarlane, & Co. (steam
haulage), .')8 Hydepark st
RenwicR, J'din, builder, 24?i West
George street
Riddel, John H. (machinery), 40
St. Enoch sq
Road Stt-ain Engines Co. (Limited),
(steani haulage), 136 Laucefiela
Robb, Robert, 30 S .ho st
Kobert'n, Jas. 21 Rub* st
Rolienon, Jobn, 23 Broad street,
Ross, Andrew M. & Sons, building,
1(», 12 Ann st. city
Scot^toun Esia'e Building Co., 6
Wesiview cottages, Whiieincti,
Scott, Ernest, & Mountain, Ltd.
eleciriral, Close WorRs, New-
castle Oii-Tyne ; res. represent.,
R. Hood-Haggie, jun., lb7A St.
Vincent st
Scott, David (gardening), 57 Albert
road, CrosshiU
Sellar, James & Co. 19 Gardner
st, Partick
Shanks, David (railway), 2 Lendel
ter. Paisley road
Shaw, Jas. 35 Great Wellington st
Shaw, Wm. & Son (building), 94,
96 Commerce st
Sim, Wm. & Co. (qnarrjing), 52
Robertson street
Simpson, John, Cook St. Mineral
Simpson, Mrs. John, 93 Sandy-
faulds street
Smillie, R. D. & Co. electric light
and power, 80 Mains st
Smith, G. B. & Co. (iron fencing,
railing, and roofing), Craighall
Iron Works and 100 West
Regent street
Smith, James, Gushetfaulds Min-
eral depot
Sneddon, Richard, 10 Thistle cot-
tages, Jordanhiil
Somervail & Co. (for railway
structural works, bridges, and
roofs), iJalmnir Bridge and Roof
Works, Dalmuir. — See Advt.
Speirs & Co. (railway), 125 West
Regent st
Siark, Alex. & Sons, 75 St. George's
Steven, Wm. & Sons ; office, 481
London road
Stuart, Alex. 122 South Portland
Stewart, A. & Co. (house furnish-
ing), 42 to 48 Union «t
Stewart, A. & Co. 47 Maxwell rd
Stewart, James, sen. & Son (drain-
age), 84 Norfolk street
Stewart, John D., (building), 37
W. Cumbt-r'and st
Stewart, Malcolm, 320 Nuneaton st
Stewart, Thos. & Co. 291 Shields rd
Stirrat, David, & Son (e-tablished
17s3), wheels, axles, and every
description of iron work, 132
to 138 Port-Oundas rd.; tele-
ph .ne No. 3971
Stoffert, Kud. A. (iron and steel
girders and joisis, fireproof floors,
partitions, &c.), 4 W. Regent sti
Strange, A. S. & Co. 5 No. Park st
Sirath, James, 10 S obo street
Symington, D. K.. & H.., railway,
60 Bank st. Coatbridge
Symington, Hugh, & Sons (railway),
12 ttose St. Coatbridge
Taylor, James, 80 MiUburn street
Tcnnant, Geo., 558 Ualman ock rd
Thomson, Alex. junr. lOO Abbots-
ford place
Thomson Alexander, & Sons, 100
Abbot-ford place
Thomson, .lames 67^ Gt. Clyde st
Thomson, John, Hatiers'row, DaJ-
marnock road

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