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69 Eichinond, Andrew
Fergussun, John, & Brothers
British Corpc-ation for Sur-
vey & Registry of Shipping,
John Fleii.iiig, see. !
Holmes, A, C, , R.S.W. !
Black, Andrew, R.S.W.
71 Lockhart & Watson
Murray, G. & D. i
73 Walker, John, & Co, '■
75 M'Ghie & Co. \
77 M'Clure, Naismith, Brodie,
79 Brown, Daniel
81 Kinghorn Brothers
Clark, Chipraan, & Co.
Cathcarl. Cemetery Co. j
Carswell & Murray, C.A.
Eaebum & Verel
Kinghorn, W. A.
Martin. D.
Christie, J. E.
Lochhead, J.
Standard Plate Glass Insur-
ance Co.
Sandymount Cemetery Co.
North Kelvinbide Feuing Co.
Paterson, M. Hope
Fraser, A. R.
83 Thyne, J. & E.
85 Lawrie, Thos. & Son, painters
87 Eamsay & M'Leod, writers
Eeuter's Telegram Co., Ltd. ;
Geo. R. Baker
Cuthbertf-on, Jas. E. & Co.
Connal & Co. Ltd.
MacBride, Alex.
Lancashire and Yorkshire
Accident Insurance Co.Ltd. ;
Geo. Millei-, res. secy.
89 Wallace, William
91 Foster, W. A.
93 Husband, G. R.
95 Lorimer, Wm. & Co.
Eenfield street intersects
99 The Spo^t^man and General
101 Hart, Wm. jun. & Co.
M'Gregor, Jas.
Manlove, Alliot & Co. (Ltd.)
M'Clew, E. &H.
Thomson, Wm.
Hugh, James
Paterson, W. B. & Co.
M'Closkey, James
Beattie, James, litho. wjiter
M'Leod, John M., C.A.
Hepton, W. J., & Co.
Siesel Brothers
Eeid, William
Hunter & Jack
Bell Bros. & M'Lelland
Asso. for Relief of Incurables
John A. Ross, secy.
Weekly Register Office;
Robert Stuart & Co.
Crawford, Thomas, designer
Carlson, C. & E.
Stewart, Walter, & Go.
101 Forfar, E. J. & Co.
Forman Tlios. & Son
Ewiin, Rohprt
Nfwlanas.T. & W. & Co.
M'Ni.hol, D. B.
Clapperton, John
Barr, Robt., & Co.
La'iiberton, A. B.
Meldrum Bros.
Bairnson Bios.
Sickness (The) and Accident
Associttion, G. J. Barr, sec.
Don, Wm. & Jno. & Co.
103 Hunter & Sangsier
lOS^Hui.ter, Robert
105 Norwich Union Insur. offices ;
E. Alex. Gardner and J.
Largp, man'ieers.
lOS^The " Cabin " Tea Eooms
107 Dunn, James, & Sun
Scottish Assets Co. (Ltd.);
Aikuian & Gleu, managers
Taylor, J. L., jun., C.A.
Glen & Co.
Hamilton & Gait
M'Lellan J. & Co.
Glai-gow Shipowners Co.
Morton, Alex.
Lean, R , jun., & Co.
109 Brown & Gilhllan
Borland, Bros. J. & J.
Wallace, G. H.
Fleming, Moffat & Martin
M'Naughton & Gowanlock
Miller, (ieorge, & Sons
Miller, James, & Co., Ltd.
Ill Wenham Co., Lmd
Milne, James, & Son, Ltd.
115 MacLean, Fyfe & MacLean
Phoenix Fire Insurance Co. ;
And. S. M'Clelland, agent
M'Clelland, MacKinnon, &
Co., chartered accounts.
Walker, James
Downie, Alton & Alton
Johnsons, Messrs., patent agts,
Johi son, J. Yates, C.E.
Haywood Gas Coal Co.
115AWallace & Co.
117 Union Bank of Scotland;
James Wallace, agent
119 Dunderdale, C, & Son
Gunn & Collie
The Empire Typewriter
Haldane, Robt & Co.
Donaldson, A. W.
Robertson, John
123 Watson, John, Ld. coalmasters
Robertson, W. & Laird
Eitchie, Graham & Tyndal
Life Association of Scotland ;
J. Bruce Leask, secretary
Hope street intersects
129 Galbraith & Winton
Wilson & Chalmers
129ADuthie, James, & Co.
131 Balloch, Robert, & Co.
ISlANorman, John
133 Turnbull & Findlay
133 Baird & Stirling
Barclay Bro h^rs
Mnuaiitte'- & Mxckeachaa
135 New lands & Warner
Hamihon, J. & J.
Fyfe, A. Peden
Sei vice, H. L.
137 Andersons & Patt'son
137AHi.ggie, R. Hnorl, & Son
Sci'tt, Ernest & Mountain,
139 Fertiuson, A. F. & J.
Niveri & M'Niven
Imperial Fire Insur. Co., Ltd
Cullen, Hotiert
Cars well & Clark
Rotieitson, Wm. B.L.
Craig, T. A., C.A.
139AMoriison, C, & Sons
141 British Empire Mutual life
Assurance Co.
Cook, David
Law, Accident, & Contingency
In-urdnce Society, Ltd.
Anderson, H. L., & Co.
143 Mowat, R b-rt
140 StevwDsoii & Brownlie, writers
M'Clure, Robert
Marshall & Ing'is
Cunningham, James
147 Jameson, Maclae & Baird
147|M'Indue, J. L. & Co.
149 Watson, John E. & Son, C.A.
British (The) Chemical Co.,
Mabon, A. Ferrie
M'Kim, T & G. B., C.A.
Kerr & Barrie
Wylie, W. Scott
151 Scot. Alliance Insur. Co., Ltd*
Wellington street intersects
163 Pirie, James
165 Charles & Dible
155AErtwards, Cunliffe, & Co.
167 M'Keehnie & Gray
Douttlas, John B.
Rankin & Ferguson
School of Pha macy
Baird. William S.
Paterson & Craig
Miller, James, & Ness
159 Macleod & Son
163 Hunter, James J.
Beckett, Charles E.
Anderson, John Locke
Stobo & Bain
Cochrane, A. C.
165 Donaldson Brothers
165AMason, M'Call, & Co.
167 Herbertson, Henry, & Co.
Smellie Geo , Taylor & Bro wx
Sharp, J. Holms
Burnet, John, & Son
Lindsay, Charles C.
Mnirhead, John
Gordon, James
173 M'Kinlay, G.
Dickie & Simons
Hope, John

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