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40 Bain, Wm. N.
Ruxton, Robert, & Co.
Reid, Gordon
Coats Brothers
Coats, W. & A.
The Farnley Iron Co., Ltd. ;
Julius V. Scott, agent
Riddel, John H.
Darngavil Coal Co. Ltd.
Currie, James, & Co.
Currie, Donald, & Co.
Castle Mail Packets Co. Ltd.
Cameron, William
Leith and Newcastle Steam
Packet Company
Leith, Hull, and Hamburg
Steam Packet Co.
Forth & Clyde Shipping Co.
Marshall, Geo. D.
Macvicar, P. & Co.
Ritchie, James
Borland, John G. & Co.
Clydesdale Chemical Co. Ltd.
Dauiell, S. A.
Parker, G. W.
Williamson & Co.
Harburg and Vienna India-
Rubber Co.
Jackson, A. C.
Central Drawing Office Co.
Leitch & MacBean
Baptist Industrial Mission
Millar, Rev. W. J.
Smith Premier Typewriter Co.
Wilson, John, writer
Northern Show Card Co.
Robertson, John Leslie
Sa Munn, James, & Co.
36 Lachlan, James
34 Citizen Buildings
Royal Liver Friendly Society;
J. Eamshaw Owens, local
Gillespie, Andrew
Wilson, R. B., & Hornsby
Deakin, James, & Sons
Macaulay, P. F.
The Glasgow and District
Heritable Investment Co.,
Mnn-ay & Muir
Riddick, Samuel
M'Cormick, W. R. & Co.
Crow, G., & Co.
Wilkie, Robert
Watson & Co.
Robb, John
Lyle, David F.
32 Commercial Bank;
D. M'Naughton, agent
30, 28, 26 Spite, F. & Co.
28 Hackett, A. H.
Russell, John, & Co.
Roed, M'Nair, & Co,
Newman, Smiih, & Newman
Kellie, James
Holton, F.
Glen, J. L.
Glen, R. E.
28 Meldrum, Wm. G.
Stewart, F. W.
Bowie, T. C.
Bowie, James
Bowie, David
Hamilton Coal Co.
Dalglish, D.
Gordon, Robert
Wills, R. C.
Thomson, C. C.
Fletcher, W. H.
Horn, Robert
24 Post Office Branch
22 Elder, James
M' Lean & M' Lean
Macintosh, Chas., & Co., Ltd.
M'Neill, John
20 Brown, Wm. Sons, & Co.
18 Pringle & Alexander
16 Ferrier & Strain, coalmasters
Adams, A.
Bernstein, D. & Co.
King, T. G.
Primrose, P. B.
Selincourt & Sons
Straiten, D.
Strain Bros.
Broughton Copper Co. (Ld.);
C. W. Wild, agent
Mackeachan & Stewart
Lawrie, Thos.
M'Hutchison, Robert
Murray, Daniel, jun. & Co.
M'Culloch, David
Cranston, T. B.
14 Teacher, William, & Sons
12 Douglas, James E.
4jThomson, Mrs. J. newsagent
4 Anderson, Joseph
Hunter, Robert
Campbell, W., & Co.
2 National Bank; J. Suther-
land, agent
St. Enoch Wynd. 10.
42 Munro, James
St. George's Place.
St. George's Road,
1 to 249, and 2 to 254, 15 ; beyond
that, East side, 16 ; West, 17.
1 Frazer & Green
3 Taylor & Graham
5 Anderson, Andrew A.
7 Home & Colonial. Ltd.
9 Stevenson Brothers
11 Gall & Co. hatters
13, 15 Dodds, Wm. draper
17 Robbie, James
21 Mills, David
23 Davidson, J. grocer
25 Marshall, Walter S.
27 Eraser, M.
29 Robertson, James
33 Ferguson, James, butcher
Ferguson, J. Mwshall
37 Anderson, Henry S.
41 King, James, grocer
48 Fyfe & Allan, Ltd.
45 M'Aulay, J. M., & Co.
47 Kirkland, E.
49 Cosaar, Thomas.
51 Gibson & Reid
Woodlands road intersects
65 Muir, John, reg. plumber
81 Rennie, John
97 Cochrane, Alex. & Co.
101 M'Lachlan, J.
113 Norwood; M' Donald, Norman
119 Laing, James
121 Hendry, Duncan, saddler
125 Livingston, John
M'Kean, George
Neilson, Thos.
Lithgow, Wm.
Fowler, Mrs.
Wood, David
129 Downie, Thos. spirit mercht.-
Carnarvon street here
135 Thomson, D. C.
137 Stewart, A. C.
139 Martin, Wm.
Gal bra! th, William
141 Cleland, John M.
Grant street here
157 Anderson, Mrs. Alex.
159 Adams, R.
161 M'Arthur, Miss
165 M'Kay, E.
167 FuUerton & Edgar
169 Wilson, John
171 M'Dowell, Miss
173 Izett, J. G.
175 Scobie, J. A.
181 Donaldson & Co.
183 Leishman, Alexander
Dickie, James
Richardson, R. R.
Watson, Mrs.
185 Dickie, James, ironmonger
191 Wilson, James
193 Wallace, Mungo, chemist
— —West Prince's street here
201 Doran, Robt. surgeon
205 Ferguson, R. & Son
207 Jamieson, A.
Dickie, Mrs. W.
209 GifFen, A. horse dealer
Moore, G.
Watson Brothers
M'Haffie, A. R.
213 Duncan, J.
217 Smith, Hugh
Anderson, David S.
Lowson, James
219, 221 Hepburn Bros. & Co.
223 Jordan, Andw.
227 Boyle, J.
229 M'Geachie, Thomas
231 Thompson, Wm.
M'Culloch, Hugh
Morrison, William
Morrison, Mrs. H.
M'Kay, Wm.
Bloom, L.
Blyth, Thomas

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