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129 Shaw, James
Kenmure street intersecta
131 Baird, Mrs.
137 Dempster, James
Scott, Alex.
Black, W. S.
147 Ling, B. S.
Fanner, John
Glen, John
Taylor, James A.
157 Morrison, John
Logan, James
Jardine, James
Anderson, E.
65 Walker, James
Dunlop, John
Skinner, Walter C,
173 Binnie, A. E.
Jamieson, Hugh
M'Intosh, Alex.
181 Robertson, Mrs.
Cuthbertson, James
Walker, Jas. Wm.
Stewart, John
Crawford, Robert
189 Tait, Peter
Dalziel, Wm.
Gilchrist, G^irdon
Whitson, W. H.
197 Phillips, Robert
207 M'Pherson, Archd.
Mason, James
Hudson, A. R.
217 Gavin, James
Gourlay, Wm.
221 Golder & Hunter, spirit mer.
225 Moyes, Mrs. J., laundress
227 Moyes, William, jun.
229 Scott, James
231 Campbell, Mrs. Annie
235 Leslie, A & Co.
St. Andrew's Sciaaxe. 3.
1 Dove, John
Dove, Donald
Dove, W. S.
2 O'May, Thomaa
Hamilton, A.
James Morrison st. intersects
11 The London Scottish Boot
Manufactm'ing Co.
13 M'Elroy, A.
14 Dove, James & Thomas A.
15 Dove, Thomas A.
Dove, Jamea & Thomas A.
18 M'GreKor & Walker
Law, John
M'Gregor, A.
Walker, B.
21-22 Small, Patrick
23 Gordon, W.
Dove, James & Thomas A.
Walton & Co.
27 Penman, David, church oflBcer
29 Powerloom Beameis' Com-
mittee Room
30 Buchanan, Marquis, & Co.
Buchanan, Joseph
36 Mitchell, Stephen, & Son
36 Mitchell, W.
Mitchell, Stephen
Adam, John
Fraser, A.
42 Dove, W S.
48 Inalis, Malcolm, & Co,
Inglis, M.
Wood, James W.
St. Andrew's Street. 2.
31, 35 Dove, John
33 Dove, Don-ild
Dove, W. S.
37 Basket Factory
37AM'Farlanei Misses
42 M Lennan, James Bryce
Tosback, Robt.
M'lutyre, James
Silcos, G.
40, 42 Bryce, Alexander, & C5o.
M'Lennan, James
34 Fitzsimons, Stephen
NicoU, A.
St. Bernard's PL, Hillhead.
See Great George Street,
St. Bride's Road, Newlands.
Thomson, Andiew, jun.,
Stewart, James, Hatton
St. Clair Street. 17.
13 Thorn, J.
23 Hendry, W. H.
Grant, Thomas
46 M'Kenzie, John B,
40 M»in, James
14 Sleeth, Samuel
12 Boss, Ji.hn
10 Blackball, Mary
St. Enoch SciTiare. 10.
3 Allan, Dick & Buchanan
Goudie, J. T. & Co.
Nurth drive here
5 Glasj;ow & S.-W. Railway,
booking and head oiBces
Midland Railway office
St. Enoch Hotel
Glasgow Tiam. and 'Bus Co.,
Ltd., Cab and Carriage
Hiring Sub Office
25 M'Culloch, James & John
23, 25, 27 Maclachlan, G. & J.
29 Hotel goods entrance
31, 33 Anderson, Nicol, & Co.
35,37 Holms, U illiam & Co.,
N.B. Daily Mail branch
39 Glasgow & S.-W. Railway
inquirv office
41, 43 .-t. Enoch Fish Co.
46 British and Foreign Glass Co.
Ritchie, Willian)
47, 49, Braby, Fred. & Co , Ltd.
61 Pringle, Peter
63 M'Callum J. B.
59-63 Davidson, C. & Sons, Ld.
67 Reid Brothers
Howard street here
64 Scott, A. L. & Son
60 Rosenthal, I.
Oracle, Cyrus
58, 56 Cockburn's Wholesale Drug
54 Littlewood, Thomas
62 Goldie, James, & Son
Murray, J.
Canadian Government Agency
Wylie, Hugh K.
Endemann, W. H.
Lever Bros., Ltd.
NeilsoD, H'iratio
Newton, Robertson & Co.
Gardner, John, & Co.
Cant & Kemp
Cropsley, Arthur M.
MacLellan, John G.
M'Naughton, J. J.
Coull, James
Cameron, D., & Co.
King, Robert A., & Co.
Don, VVm.
Don, John
Greenhill Colliery Co., Ltd.
Robert Young's Trustees
Campbell. W. Lau'cnce & Co.
Wingaie & Johnt-ton
Dickinson, John, & Co. Ltd.
KiugliOrn, A.
Eggar, Charles P.
Duff, Alex.
Church, Wm.. & Co.
Young, James G., jnn.
Paterson, John & Son, Ltd.
Macdougall & Carmichael
Muir, Alex. S.
Leith & Co.
Buchanan & French
Maclure, John G.
Office Towel Supply Co.
Rankine, R.
Bredisholm Colleries, Ltd.
Buist, B. D.
Hodgson, Jack & Co.
Wiugate, James, & Co.
Macgregor, Malcolm, & Co.
O'Brien, Wm.
Yeat's Theatrical Agency
Yeats, R. H. & Co.
Gray, Jas. S.
Hay, Wra. B.
50 Fleming, Agnes
48 Monson, Alex.
44 Wallace & Connell
42 Weir, A. B.
40 American Line United States
Mail Steamers
Malcolm, Andrew
Malcolm, A. & A.
Combat, James W.
Elder, John, & Co.
Graham, Matthew, & Co.
Ronald, Thom>.s
Brown. Duncan
Ogle, E. A.
Martin, "William

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