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49 Paterson, Wm. chemist
67 Dunbar. Morrison
65 Welsh, Mrs John
147 Beveridge, Wm.
179 Smith, Hugh
187 "White, J.
193 Paton, Alex
199 Gumming, James
62 Smith, Laurence
60 Allan, John
46 Dunbar, Morrison
Benfield Lane. 11.
9 Forsyth, R. W.
22 BrysoD, John
14 Morrison, P. R.
Benfield Street-
1 to 123 and 2 to 128, No. 11.
Other Nos. 16.
1-11 Forsyth, R. W. ontGtter, &c.
13 Cranston's Tea Rooms, Ltd.
15 Lochhead, James, & Co.
Govan & Co.
Davidson, Alex.
Lloyd, Attrie, & SmitL
Lawrie, Frank
Young & Rocheste?
Sloan, Wm.
17 Argyle Rubber Co.
19 Smith, John, & Son
21 Lockh.irt's Tea Rooms
23 Thomson, W. B.
25 Anderson, Andrew A,
25AThomson, Norman M,
25BAnderson Brothers
• St. Vincent street intersects
27 Anderson, Thos. B.
29,31 Counell, James & Sons
33 Jenkins, James, & Son
Buchanan, J. & J.
Edmiston & Mitchells
Marshall & M Lachlan
Webster, Steel, & Co.
M'Dowall, Robert, writer
Stewart, John, engraver
Macpherson, Donald
Best, Timothy, iron mercht.
Paterson, Wm. B.
Schneider, C. & Co.
Fine Art Gallery
Lament, Lewis R.
Lament & Macquisten
35 Thomson, David, tea mercht.
37 Forsyth & Son, bootmakers
Manson. Ales.
43 Bell, John C , tobacconist
45 Miller, David S.
Gow, Harrison, & Co.
Miller Brothers
Cargill's, Ltd.
Ewing, William & Co.
African Lakes Corp., Ltd.
Bone, James
Blah-, Wm. & Co.
Coulson, A. H.
Milne, Wm. & Co.
Burmali (The) Oil Co., Ltd.
West George street intersects
53 Tharsis Sulphur and Copper
Co. Limited
West Eetient lane intersects
61 Moody C. (the New Art Gal.)
63 Hart, Thomas
Leslie, James Orr
M'Gregor, H.
Anderson, G. M.
Macdonald, F.
Bell, John Henry
Wyllie, James
65 Hilhard, W. B. & Sons, cutlers
67 The Herbuline Manuf. Co.;
J. M'Conni-chy, manager
The Travelling Hoardings Co.
Macdougall & Brown
Murgatroyd, Walker, & Mac-
Corkindale, accountants
The Cork Puncture Preventer
G9 Maclachlan, John, restaurant
71 Prudential A«sur. Co., Ltd.:
Green, Geo. inspector
Stevenson, Wm. supt.
Philip, Andw., do.
Matthews, Wm., do.
M'Clure, T., do.
Barkley, M., do.
Hunter, Edvv., do.
Marshall, Jno., do.
B'own, G. M. , do.
Murray, J. j\I., do.
Greenlees, J., chief clerk
73 Mackie, Gt-orge, chemist
75 The Willcox & Gibbs Sewing
Machine Company
77 More, Jas. practical optician
79 Connell, W. W., hosier
Bath lane intnrsects
81 Scottish Temperance Life
Insurance Co., Ltd.; Adam
K. Rodger, manager ;
Maclaren Leys, secy.
83 Dempsier, G. C. & Son
Glasgow Window Cleanin g Co.
Glasgow Carpet Bnating Co.
Shearer, A. C, printer
Drysdale, J. P.
Spalding, Alex.
Mason, James S. S.
85 Ross, Alex.
87 Irving, T.
Mackay, David
Bath street intersects
89 Stirling, Robert M.
95 Mr.-*. Blair's Te.op. Hotel
97 Piokerton, A. D.
99 Hay, Samuel, piano, maker
Sauchirhail lane intersects
101 Rentield street U. P. Church
Sauchiehall street intersects
117 Sharp, Wm., spirit merchant
Renfrew lane intersects
119 M'Phail, Hugh
121 Kidd, Mrs.
Renfrew street intersects
131 Orr, Francis, & Sous
133 Wilkie, Jas. & Co., printers
Fulton, J.
133, 135 Lambprton, H. & Co.
141 M'Dowall, H.
145 Galbraith, John, spirit mer.
Rutherford lane here
147 Renfield Laundry, Mrs.
149 Faccenda, A.
151 Lennox, Henry, plumber
165 Forrester, Mrs., sale shop
167 Lowe, Miss K.
159 Phillips, John G., & Co.,,
163 Campbell, J. B.
Grant, W. C. & G.
165 Morrow, Mrs.
167, 169 Brash & Sons
171 M 'Carroll, John, fruiterer
173 M'Anulty, P., spirit mercli,
Cowcaddens street here
174 Hume, Robert, chemist
172 Martin, Andrew, pawnbroker
166 Dobbie, James
164 Bankier & Co., painters
158 Hatrick, W. & B.
156 Smith, Wm.
154 Morriscm, Wra.
150 Alexander, F. R.
Milthorp, G. & F.
148 Glasgow Equitable Loan Co.
146 Rankin. William, printer
140 M'AUister, A.
138 Kincaid, Malcolm
Tait, Jas & Co.
136, 138 Lumsden, Jas. & Son
134 Nutter, John, engineer
N>ipier & Wilks
Gibbs Piano Store
132 Burnside, John
130 Johnstone, Jas. & Son
Renfrew street intersects
128AWarden & Inglis
128 M'Laren & Sons
O&ces of British Balcer, Con-
fectioner, and Purveyor ;
Oils, Colours, Drysalteries
Journal; telephone No. 3897
126a, 126b The Antitropic Co.
126 Allan & Ferguson
Mackay, Donald, & Co.
W^ilson, W. St. Clair
Johnston, Peter
Calder, John, & Co.
124AHender^on, J. & Co.
124 Cowan & Drysdale
Renfrew lane intersects
122 Hannaft, Joseph
120 Royalty Theatre
118a Forbes, Alex.
118 Gebelmaon, G. F. W.
116 Miller, John, stationer; tele-
phone No. 3364
Sauchieliall street intersects
112 British Li. .en Co. Bank
Laidlaw, J. P. agent
108 Wohlsemnth, B.
Glasgow Net, Bag, and Ham-
mock Manufacturing Co»
Young, A. B., L.D.S.
Jack, Miss

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