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Macdonald, John K. (The Singer Manufacturing Co.,
Kilbowie), ho. 4 Hillend gardens. Particlchill.
Macdonald, J. N. (of Wm. Stu-ling & Sons), res.
Eedholm, Renton, Dumbartonshire.
M'Donald, John, fiesher, 203 Paisley road, west ; ho.
190 M'Lean street.
Macdonald, John, & Son, coal masters, 18 Renfield
St.; depots, Cal. Ey., St. Eollox, \v., and Maryhill;
North British Ely. , Haghill, Duke st.
Macdonald, J. S., wine and spirit merchant, 248 High
St., and 490 Gallowgate ; house, 67 Oswald st.
Macdonald, John, superintendent of Mission to Out-
door BHnd, 4 Bath st. ; ho. 36 WUlowbank st.
MacDonald, John, consulting engineer, 146 W. Eegent
street; ho., Barnfauld, Neilston ; telegrams, "Con-
sulting''; telephone No. 298.
Macdonald, John (of John Poynter, Son, & Mac-
donalds), ho., 173 Nithsdale road.
MacDonald, John (Clydesdale Bank, Ltd.), ho. 419
Victoria rd.
Macdonald, John, manufacturers' agent, 44 Hutche-
son street ; ho. 29 Burubank gardens.
M'Donald, John, spirit merchant, 18 W. Campbell st.;
ho. 3 Leven st.
M'Donald, John, stationer and newsagent, 183 Kil-
marnock road.
M'Donald, John, spirit merchant, 327 So. Wellington
St. ; ho. 381 So. Cumberland st.
M'Donald, John, florist, Laurelbank [Nursery, Shaw-
M'Donald, Jon. grocer, 610 Eatherglen rd. ; ho. 612 do.
MacDonald, John C, pawnbroker, 20 Glebe st. and
269 Stirling road ; ho. 125 Onslow Jr.
M'Donald, John R., piano tuner, 35 Gardner street,
M'Donald, John, principal officer (School Board
offices), house, 145 Buccleuch street.
M'Donald, John (office of Public Works), house,
2 York terrace, Shettleston.
M'Donald, Dr. John, surgeon, 267 Duke st. ; house,
25 Eoslea drive.
M'Donald, John, pastry baker, 269 Argyll st. ; ho.
27 Hope st.
M'Donald, John, H.M. Customs; ho. 46 Dundas st. s.s.
M'Donald, John, contractor. 43 North st. ; ho. 1195
Dumbarton road.
M'Donald, John, grain merchant, 612a Gallowgate ;
ho. 180 Comelypark st.
Macdonald, John, butcher, 25 Cambridge street.
MacDonald, J. D.,«& Co., underclothing manufacturers,
44 Hutcheson st. ; ho. 29 Burnbank gardens.
M'Donald, Joseph, butcher, 427 Victoria road ; ho.,
676 Cathcart road.
M'Donald, Joseph (at Wellpark Brewery), ho. 27
Onslow drive.
M'Donald, Joseph, spirit dealer, 134, 136 Dalmarnock
road; ho. 3 Graham st.
Macdonald & Kirkland, writers, 103 Bath street.
M'Donald & M'Farlane, dress and mantle makers,
179 Shamrock st,, west ; ho. 135 Hill st.
M'Donald & M'Hardie, stay and corset manufacturers.
24 George square and 16 St. Vincent lane.
Macdonald & Macmillan, Lmtd., wholesale and export
confectioners and preserve manufacturers, 46
Hill St., E.
Macdonald, M. D., manager (Grant, Somerville &
Co.), ho. 1 Eegent st., Eutherglen.
Macdonald & Morrison, tea merchants, 65 Oswald st.
M'Donald & Niven, brickbuilders, 23 Thistle St., s.s.
M'Donald, Neil C, M.B., CM., physician and sur-
geon, 282 Cumberland st. ; ho. 396 Caledonia rd.
Macdonald, Norman, A. Mus.,T.C.L., teacher of music
and singing, 113 St. George's road.
M'Donald, Patrick, grocer, 12 South Shamrock st.
M'Donald, Peter, wine merchant, 3 Carlton pi.
M'Donald, Peler, Eenton dairv, 31 Parnie St.; house,
16 do.
M'Donald, Peter, & Co., rectifiers and wine merchants;
4 Carlton pi. ; ho. Armadale, 3 Carlton pi.
M'Donald, Peter, & Co., cork and glass merchants,
4 Carlton pi. ; ho. 3 do.
Macdonald, Peter, secy. (Eobt. Addie & Sons Col-
lieries, Limited), ho. Greenholm, Langloan
MacDonald, Ranald W., clerk and deputy supt. (Board
of Trade, &c., Offices), ho. 70 Cambridge drive.
M'Donald, Eichard Thomson, 2 Edelweiss ter.
m'Douald, Robert, manufacturer of all kinds of
wire work and wire-cloth for engineers, ship-
builders, ironfounders, starch manufacturers, dis-
tillers, sugar refiners, chemical works, and water-
works, 45 Union street ; works, 28 to 32 Thistle
street, S.S.
M'Donald, Robert, manufacturer of shutter
panels, and wire lattice for protecting roof-lights
and churches, &c., 45 Union street ; works, 28 to
32 Thistle street, s.s.
M'Donald, Robert, manufacturer of wire riddles
and sieves, and every description of wire brushes,
for ironfounders, &c., 45 Union street; works, 28
to 32 Thistle street, s.s.; ho. 14 South Apsley pi.
Macdonald, Eobert, wine merchant, 37 Marquis st. ;
house, 18 Whitevale st.
Macdonald, Eobert, traveller (at John Ure & Son's);
house, 1 Eugby ter., Broughty Ferry.
Macdonald, E., commission agent, 51 Miller st. ; ho.
10 Castle gardens, Cathcart.
Macdonald, Eoderick, G.P.O., 13 Pembroke street.
Macdonald, Roderick, 218 Great Western road.
M'Donald, Eoderick, jun., provision merchant, 72
Hamilton street, Govan ; ho. 1 Margaret dr. do.
M'Donald, Eonald, house factor, 53 Charles St., St»
M'Donald, Ronald, & Co., 68 Spiers Wharf.
Macdonald, R., chemist and druggist, 258 Dumbar-
ton road.
M'Donald, Ronald R., burgh and sheriff officer, 12
St. Vincent pi.; ho. SarahvUle, Springboig,
Macdonald, Ronald, restaurateur, 116 West Nile st.;
ho. 124 West Nile st.
M'Donald, S. & H., plain and fancy paper box
makers, 70 Brunswick street.
M'Donald, S. Y., 6 Ibrox pi.
Macdonald, Smith & Co., writers and notaries public,
100 West Regent street.
MacDonald, Thomas, 113 St. George's rd.
Macdonald, Thomas, wholesale provision merchant,
39 Port-Dundas road; telephone No. 1022; ho.
Mulberry cottage, Annfield rd.
M'Donald, Thomas, butcher, Moore Street Slaughter
House; house, 401 Gallowgate.
M'Donald, Thomas, consulting engineer, 55 Bath st.;
ho. Bonaly, Clynder.
Macdonald, T., writer, 29 Nicholson st.
M'Donald & Wallace, manafacturers' agents, 51 Bu-
chanan St.
Macdonald, Walter (Macdonald & Macmillan, Ld.), ho.
Gowanlea, Craigpark.

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