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M'Culloi'h, Jas., jun., assistant manager (United
Alkali Co., Ltd.), ho. 303 Parliamentary road.
M'Culloch, Rev. James D., Hope street Free Gaelic
Church; house, 272 St. Vincent street.
M'Culloch, John, 56 Aytoun rd., Pollokshields.
M'Culloch, John, grocer and wine merchant, 492 St.
George's road, and 129 West Graham St.; house,
52 Cromwell street.
M'Culloch, John, family grocer, 360 Duke st.; ho.
Haughbank, Broomhouse.
M'Culloch, John, fish merchant and poulterer, 667
New City rd.
M'Culloch, John (at London and Glasgow Engineer-
ing Co.), ho. 334 Dumbarton rd.
M'Culloch, John, organizer. West of Scotland Liberal
Unionist Association, 93 Hope street ; ho. 94 Main
St., s.s.
M'Culloch, John, traveller (at Slessrs. James Miller
& Co., Ltd., Stobcross Rivet, Bolt, and Nut
Works, Coatbridge), ho. 385 Victoria rd.. Crossbill.
M'Cullocti & Keir, portmanteau makers, 67 Oswald
M'Culloch, Malcolm, wine and spirit merchant, 109
Argyle st. and 13 Maxwell st.; ho. 15 Newark dr.
M'Culloch, Matthew, coalmaster (of Woodmuir
Colliery Co., Ltd.), ho. 9 West Princes street.
M'Culloch, Matthew, grocer, 91 Walkinshaw street;
house, 287 London road.
M'CuUocIi, Moses, & Co., ironfounders and
smiths, Cumberland Foundry, 168 Gallowgate.
M'Culloch, P., cabinetmaker, 48 French St.; ho. 211
Greenhead street.
M'Culloch, Richd. (of Geo. & Richd. M'Culloch,
accountants), ho. 8 May ter., ]\Iount Florida.
M'Culloch, Robt., boot and shoe maker, 17 Niihsdale
M'Culloch, Robert, cashier to the Scottish Amicable
Life Assurance Society ; ho. 74 Cambridge drive.
M'Culloch, Robert, dairy, 111 Caledonia road; house,
124 do.
M'Culloch, Robert S., church officer, Wardlaw Con-
gregational Church ; ho. 22 Brandou st.
M'Culloch, S. & W., wholesale grocers, tea and wine
merchants, 357 Argyle St., and 41 York st.
M'CuUocli & Sons, bird and animal preservers, 166
Sauchiehall street, entrance by Wellington arcade.
M'Culloch, Thos., watchmaker and jeweller, 7 Main
street, Coatbridge; ho. 56 Bank street, do.
M'Culloch, Thos. S. (at Kelly & Co.'s), ho. 30 Roslea
drive, Dennistoun.
M'Culluch, Thomas, 40 Ronald st.
M'Culloch, Wm., generalstore, 19 Kent rd.; ho. 21 do.
M'Culloch, William, collector of Govan Combination
Poor and School Rates, 7 Carlton place ; house,
Rosny, Cambuslang.
M'Culloch, Mrs. Alex. P., milliner, 194 Byars road ;
ho. 219 do.
M'Culloch, Mrs A. H., 85 Gloucester st.
M'Culloch, Mrs., fruiterer, 24 Stirling rd.
M'Culloch, Miss Annie, grocer, 96 Oxford street.
M'Culloch, Miss Sarah, dressmaker and milliner, 42
Main street, Maryhill.
M'Culloch, Misses, dress and mantle makers, 4 Car-
narvon street.
M'Culloch, Agnes, dairy, 23 Glebe st.
M'CUNE, Alex., bookseller and stationer, 36 Orr
MACCUNN, R. C. (of Thos. Jack & Co.), ho. 138
Darnley street.
M'Cunn, ,Tohn, licensed grocer, 242 Dumbarton rd-i
ho. 238 Berkeley street.
M'CURRACH, Jas. M.,com. agent, 93 Hope st.
M'CURTAIN, James, 64 Kelbourne st.
M'CUSKER, Jas., produce and commission merchant,
Melville court, 132 Trongate ; ho. Hope villa,
M'CUTCHEON, A., 32 Myrtle park. Crossbill
M'Cutcheon, John, foreman smith (at Wm. Paterson
& Son's, 65 Pitt street), ho. 128 West street.
M'DAID, James, wine and spirit merchant, 98 Glebe
St. ; ho. 32 Grafton street.
M'Dade, James, & Co., fancy boxmakers, 71 Hutche-
son street ; ho. 20 Salisbury street, s.s.
M'Dade, Mrs., furniture dealer, 68 Dalinarnock road ;
ho. 92 Canning street.
M'DAVITT, Mrs., general dealer, 153 Houston st.
M'DERMID, Alex., & Son, general smiths and tool
makers, contractors, causewayers, quarriers, and
stonebreakers' tools, 128 Drygate ; house, 129
Bellfield street.
MacUiarmid, A. (of MacDiarmid & Co.), ho. Brae-
head, Renfrew.
M'Diarmid, Archd., wine and spirit merchant, 11
M'Alpine st., and 113 Kent road.
M'Dermid, Archd., cashier (Kesson & Campbell), ho.
24 Whitehill street.
MacDiarmid & Co , aerated water manufacturers,
86 Helen street, Govan.
M'Dermid, Duncan, milliner, draper, hatter, hosier,
and clothier, 658 to 668 Gallowgate, 254 Great
Eastern road, and 1 and 3 Dalmarnock street,
BI'Diarmid, Finlay, & Co., bottlers of J. & R.
Tennent's ales and porters, Bass' beer and Guin-
ness' stout, and aerated water manufacturers. City
of Glasgow Botthng Stores, 42 and 44 Renfrew
St.; telephone No. 4681.
M'Diarmid, Henry, house factor, 315 London rd.
M'Diarmid, Hugh, clothier, 79 Robertson st. ; ho.
30 Steven st.
Macdiarniid, John, warehouseman (of Baillie & Mac-
diarmid), ho. Kersland, Shawlands.
M'Diarmid, John, 394 Duke street.
M'Dermid, Malcohn, chandler, 55 Shuttle street ; ho.
23 George st.
M'Daii-mid, M. B., boot and shoe warehouse, 80
Elderslie street.
Macdiarmid, Mrs. Allan, Marston, Dundonald rd.
M'Demiid, Mrs., grocer, 104 Canning street.
M'Diarmid, Miss, costumier, dress and mantlemaker,
5 Hill St., Garnethill.
M'DERMONT, James, baker, 65 Ahercromby st.; ho.
25 James st., Bridgeton.
M'Dermont, John, grocer and provision merchant,
365 Springburn road; ho. 76 Home street.
M'Dermont, William (at W. Norman Scott's), ho. 127
Greenhead street.
M'DERIVIOTT, J. B., ship and engine - room
furnisher; india-rubber asbestos, and gutta-percha
manufacturer; office, 11 Bothwell st; ho. 48
Slinard rd., Crossmyloof.
Macdermott, J. B., chemical broker, oil and colour
merchant, 11 Bothwell st.
M'Dermott. John, manager, 378 Gallowgate ; house,
108 Wellpark terrace.
M'Dermott, Neil, fruiterer, 160 Rutherglen road.
M'Dermott, Neil, warehouseman (John Fraser & Son),
ho. 65 Rose street, s.s.

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