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M' Arthur, Wm., wood merchant and joiner, 32
Whitehall St.; ho. 65 Waverley gardens.
M'Ai-thur, Wm. J. (of M'Kenzie and M'Ai thur, Govan),
house, 8 Cniigville terrace.
M'Arthur, William, stationer, hardware, and leather
merchant, 2it6 Garscube rd.; ho. 169 Duke St.
M'Arthur, Wm., newsagent and chandler, 167 Duke
St.; ho. 169 do.
M'Arthur, Mrs. Janet, wine and spirit merchant,
Lyle place, Yoker ; ho. Lyle cottage, do.
M'Arthur, Mrs. Wm., spirit dealer, 167 Stirling rd.;
house, 34 Hopetoun place.
M'Arthur, Miss, Servants' Registry, 161 St. George's
rd.; ho. 40 Grove st.
Macarthur, Miss, 57 Gibson st., Hillhead.
M'Arthur, Sarah, fruiterer, 252 Dumbarton road ;
house, 16 Kelvinhaugh street.
MACARTNEY, .las. (of Macneill & Macartney), ho.
Blairlusb, f^alloch.
M'ASLAN.— See M'Auslin.
M'Aslan, William, accountant, house factor and
insurance agent, 58 Bath street ; house, 10
Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
M'AULAY, Alex, (of Macaulay & Mackinlay), ho.
300 Bath St.
M'Aulay, Alex., dairy, 406 London road; house,
471 do.
M'Aulay Bros., drysalters and foreign merchants,
17 Oswald street; telephone No. 4043 ; cash day,
first Friday.
M'Aulay, Dennis, wine and spirit merchant, 140
Nelson st., s.s.
Macaulay, Donald, M.B., CM., 2 Summerfield pi.,
Whiteinch ; ho. 11 Clydeview, Partick.
M'Aulay, Jas. (of M'Aulay Bros.), ho. Ashfield, 17 St.
Andrews drive, Pollokshields.
Macaulay, James (at J. H. Young & Co.'s), ho. 345
Bath street.
Macauley, James (at Maclaren & Sons, 128 Renfield
St.), ho. 81 Shamrock st, W.
Macaulay, James, commercial traveller, ho. 33 Skirv-
ing street, Shavvlands.
Macaulay, John, F.E.I.S., leacher, Annfield School,
Cubie stieet; ho. 2 Clydeview ter., Greenhead.
Macaulay, J. M., hosier, glover, and milliner, 45
St. George's road.
Macaulay, J. M. (of R. & J. M. Macaulay), house,
Bertrohill, Shettleston.
M'Aulay, John,& < lo., wi-ights and builders, 70 Albert
road, Pollokshields, E. ; ho. 26 Bruce road, do.,
M'Aulay, John, provision merchant, 121 Norfolk
street ; house, 63 Abbot sford pi.
Macaulay & Mackinlay, printers, lithographers, and
stationers, 62 Argyle st.
M'Aulay, Neil, fruiterer and confectioner, 72|- Cow-
caddens st. ; ho 131 North Frederick st.
Macaulay, Peter F., manufacturers' agent, 34 St.
Enoch sq. ; res. Oakleigh, Crookston.
M'Aulay, Peter, cashier (Geo. Younger & Co.), ho. 17
St. Andrew's drive.
M'Aulay, Robert, joiner and cabinetmaker, 87 Ren-
frew St.
Macaulay, R, & J. M., house factors and insurance
agents, 21 Bellgrove street. Telephone No. 1443,
M'Aulay, Thomas (of M'Aulay Bros.), ho. Ashfield,
17 St. Andrews drive.
M'Aulay, William, upholsterer and cabinetmaker,
84 and 86 London street ; house, 82 do.
M'Aulay, William, boot maker, 548 Springbura
road ; house, 550 do.
Macaulay, Wm., grocer, 422|^ Parliamentary road ;
ho. 80 Buccleuch street.
Macaulay, Mrs. James, 345 Bath street.
M'Aulay, M. & J., milliners, dress, and mantle-
makers, 410 Nevr City road.
M'AUSLAN, Arch., foreign stamp merchant, 95
Bath St.
M'Ausland, D., tailor and clothier, 6 Breadalbane st.
M'Auslan, George, manager (Jas. Daly & Co.), ho.
311 Onslow drive.
M'Ausland, H. C. & Sons, glove importers and
agents, £ 1 Buchanan st. ; ho. 2 Wellesley place.
M'Ausland, H. C. & Sons, agents for English, Scotch,
and Continental manufacturers, 51 Buchanan st. ;
ho. 2 Wellesley pi.
M'Auslin, James, boot and shoe maker, 120 Crown
St.; ho. 140 Nithsdale road.
M'Ausland, John, chmxh officer. Queen's Park U.P.
Church ; house, 347 Langside road.
M'Auslan, John (at Dickie & Inglis), ho. 38 N. Park
MacAuslan, J. Ure, & Co., architects, property valu-
ators, and surveyors, 58 Renfield st. ; ho. 31 India
M'Auslan, Peter T. (at Dykes & Morton's), house, 18
Skirving street, Shawlands.
M'Auslan, Wm. (of the Springfield Chair Co.), ho.
"2 Clydeview ter.
M'Ausland, Wm. F. (of H. C. M'Ausland & Sons),
ho. 3 Sandyford st.
M'AVOY, P., & Co., wholesale clothiers, 87 Gallow-
gate; ho. 17 Myrtle park. Crossbill.
M'Avoy, Peter (at Coghill's, 4 Ropework lane), house,
540 Gallowgate.
M'BAIN, A, stationer and tobacconist, 482 Springbum
road ; ho. 13 Hopetoun terrace.
M'Bain Bros.,prov, merchs., 144 Stobcross st.; ho. 8
Pembroke St., Anderston.
M'Bain, Edward B., ham curer, provision merchant,
and wholesale grocer, 48 London street. ; house,
Helstonleigh, Bridge of Weir.
M'Bain, Wm. C, house factor, 75 Jamaica st. ; ho.
178 Kenmure street.
M'BAY, John, butter and egg merchant, 39 Elderslie
street; house, 41 do.
MACBEAN, iEneas, 41 Maxwell drive.
M'Bean, Alex., draper, 315 Garscube rd. ; house, 10
Church St., Partick.
MacBean, David, architect (Ofiice of Public Works),
house, 33 Camphill street.
Macbean, Edward, Fullarton House, Tollcross.
Macbean, Edward, & Co., india-rubber, water-
proof, brattice, oil clothing, cover, packing and
tarpaulin manufacturers, 84, 90 Dnnlop st, and 45,
47, and 49 E. Howard st,; factory, Wellington Mills,
Port- Dundas; telegrams, " Diamond," Glasgow, tele-
phone No. 3910; London warehouse, 7 New
Basinghall street. E.G.
MacBean, Jas. & Co., Scotch whisky merchants, 45
Hope street.
M'Bean, John, cabinetmaker, 12 Elmbanklane; ho.
155 North street.
M'Bean, John, G.P.O., 30 Dalmeny street.
M'Bean, Lachlan, & Co., metal brokers and merchants,
65 West Regent street.
M'Bean, Lodovick (of Lachlan M'Bean & Co.), 65
West Regent street.

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