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HARBINSON, Wm. (of J. Stranagan & Co.), house,
170 West Princes street.
Hakburg and Vienna Indiarubber Co.; A. C. Jack-
son, agent, 40 St. Enoch sq.
HARCOURT, Alfred (at L. & H. Williams & Co.'s),
ho. 9 Cora Linn ter., Govanhill.
HARD & Austin, plate glass merchants, bevellers and
silverers, and overmantel manufacturers, 167
Holm street.
HARDEN, Acheson, Ltd., handkerchief manufacrs.,
Belfast ; 12 George square.
Harden Star Lewis & Sinclair Co., makers of hand
grenades and all fire appliances; works, Haymarle
road, Peckham ; agent, Robert F. Wilson, 29
Waterloo street.
HARDIE, Alex., & Son, commission merchants,
4 York street ; ho. Rowanlea, Westland drive,
Hardie, A., chandler, 61 Norfolk st. ; ho. 57 do.
Hardie, A. C. (at Wm. Shanks & Co.), 27 Ann st. ;
ho. Belleville, Chrystou.
Hai-die, David (at James Miller, Sons, & Co.'s), ho. b
Melrose st.
Hardie, David, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland
(Lim.), Bridgeton branch ; ho. Thornbank, Falkirk
Hardie, G., smith, 44 Braid St.; ho. 159 Buccleuch
Hardie & Gordon, Levenbank Foundry, Dumbar-
ton, manufacturers of Siemens-Martin steel cast-
ings and ingots ; agents, Morris, Warden & Co., 25
Gordon street.
Hardie & Gordon, brass, iron, and steel founders,
Dalreoch, Dumbarton.
Hardie, H. D., & Co., merchants and drysalters, 24
St. Vincent pi.
Hardie, H. D. (of H. D. Hardie & Co.), house, 30
Montgomerie st.
Hardie, Jas. D. (of R. & J. Irving), ho. 139 Blyths-
wood drive.
Hardy, Jas. North, & Son, tape, ribbon, and small-
ware manufacturers, 76 Virginia street.
Hardy, James E., M.D., physician, 183 Bath street.
Hardy, James M., m-arine engineer, 5 Dalkeith aven.,
Hardie, Jas., & Co., shipbrokers, 11 Bothwell st.
Hardie, John (of J. Hardie & Co.), house, 16 Wal-
mer crescent.
Hardie, John, M.D., 876 Argylest.; ho. 13 Elmbank
Hardie, J., & Co., ship owners and commission agents,
agents for N. Hingley & Sons, Lmtd., anchor and
cable manufacturers, Dudley, 11 Bothwell street.
Hardie, John, wholesale cabinetmaker, upholsterer
and bedding manufacturer, 60 Great Clyde street.
Hardie, John, 77 Queen street; house, Anchor villa,
Hardie, John, coachbuilder, 37 and 39 Cromwell st. ;
ho. 12 do.
Hardie, -J. Keir, editor Labour Leader, 4 West Nile
st. ; bo. Lochmorris, Cumnock.
Hardie, Robert, janitor, High School, 30 Elmbank st.
Hardie, Robt. Montgomery, ]\LA., teacher of elocution,
244 Great Western road.
Hardie, Eobt., cashier (at John Clark, junr., & Co.,
Mile-end), house, 211 Onslow drive.
Hardie, Robert, church officer, St. Stephen's Parish
Church ; house, 44 Cambridge street.
Hardy, Thos., Central station hotel ; ho. 14 Battlefield
gardens, Langside.
Hardie, Thomas D. (at Macphail & Co., Ltd.), ho.
22 Rothesay gardens.
Hardie, Thomas G. (of J. Hardie & Co.), house, 1!>
Afton crescent.
Hardie, Walter, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Elgiia
St.; ho., 160 Albert rd., Pollokshields.
Hardie, W. A. C, 14 Sandyford place.
Hardie, W. Burnet, ham curer, 505 Crown st. ; ho,
11 Regent Park ter.
Hardie, Mrs. A., boot and shoe warehouse, 680 New
City road; ho. 19 Kelvinside gardens.
Hardie, Mrs. J., chandler, 16 Millroad st.
Hardie, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 6 EastoD
terrace ; house, 48 Abbotsford place.
Hardy, Kate, dairy, 17 Parliamentary road
Hardie, Jane, dairy, 317 Garscube road.
Hardie, Mary, grocer, &c., 231 Berkeley st.
HARDIN, John K. (of Hunter, Hardin, & WOson),
house, 109 Whitehill street.
HARDING, C. A., R.N., 3 Bothwell ter., Hillhead.
Harding, H. C. (at Chr. Salvesen & Co.'s, 69 St,
George's place), ho. 1 Hillhead st.
Harding & Messenger, tailors' trimming warehoase-
men, 39 Hope st.
Harding, Samuel, minister. Gospel Temperance-
Mission Church, Plantation ; ho., 7 Firpark ter.
Harding, W. H., manager (at C. L. Reis & Co., 209-
Argyle st.), ho. 123 Buccleuch st.
HARE, John, commission agent, 11 Miller st. ; ho-.
87 Great Hamilton street
Hare, Miss, 27 La Crosse terrace.
Hare Kail Club (The), H. C. Cullen,hon. secy., 196
St. Vincent street.
HARGIN, John, dairyman, 397 S.York st.; ho. 450 do,
HARGREAVES, J. Smith, & Co., buck and Turkish
towel manufacturers, Heywood, Manchester, l?
George square.
HARGROVE, Mrs., 8 Park ten-ace.
HARKINS, J., general dealer, 296 Crown st.
Harkins, P., general dealer, 38 and 40 Possil rd.; he-.
252 Garscube rd.
Harkins, Mrs. Agnes, chandler, 337 Govan st.; ho,
79 South Wellington street.
Harkins, Mrs. P., French polisher, la Carlton pL
HAEKNESS, Alex., clothier, 320 Crown street, and
234 Cumberland street.
Harkness, James, muffin and soda bread baker,
67 Grove st.; ho. 67 do.
Harkness, Thos. (of S.C.W. Society, Shieldhall), ho.,
56 Dundas st., Kingston.
Harkness, William, meat salesman, Meat Market;,
Moore street; ho. 10 Bellgrove street.
HARLEY, David A., organist, 18 Hamilton drive
Harley, Ebenr. (of Wm. Harley & Sons), house, 24
Windsor ter., St. George's road
Harley, George, insurance agent, 214 Paisley rd., W",
Harley, George, 29 Burnbank gardens.
Harley, Geo., master porter. Anchor Line, Stobcross
quay; ho. 232 Paisley rd., W.
Harley, Jas. (of Hutcheson & M'Cathie), house, 124
West Graham street.
Harley, J. B., traveller (Allison & Co.), house, 3f)
Gibson street. I
Harley, Wm., & Sons, fruiterers, florists, and seeds-
men, 369 Sauchiehall street, and 12 Alfred terrace.
Harley, Wm. (of Wm. Harley & Sons), ho., Vinehill,
Harley, Mrs. Catherine, hardware and fancy goods,
107 Dumbarton rd.; ho., 105 do. ■ ■■

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