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Glasgow Juvenile Delinquency Directors' Board ;
clerk, E.Simpson Macharg, C.A.,//era?tZ buildings
■69 Buchanan street ; treasurer, James Drummond,
C.A., 58 Bath street.
•Glasgow Juvenile Foresters' Societj, 116 Renfrew
street ; John Brown, secy.
Glasgow Landlords Association, Ltd.; James
Wilson, C.A., secretary, 26 Rentield st.
■Glasgow Lead and Colom" Works, 86 to 48 M'Alpine
street aiid Ruchill wharf, near Mai-yhill.
■•Glasgow Lecture Association, hon. joint secretaries,
Robert L. Bremner, M.A., B.L., and Farquhar
Macrae, M.B. ; office, 11 West Regent street.
Glasgow Licensed Trade Defence Association, Stewart
Murray, secy., 13 Dixon street.
Glasgow and Liverpool Xtoyal Steam-Packet
Co., M. Langlands & Sons, agents, 123 Hope st.
Glasgow and Liverpool Steamers; Henry
Lamont & Co., 70 Wellington street.
Glasgow Lock Hospital, 41 Rottenrow ; William
Gibb, superintendent ; ho. 39 Rottenrow.
Glasgow Locomotive Works, Aitkenhead rd., Govanhill.
Glasgow Lodging House Gospel Union, 20 King st.,
city; secretary, John Wilson.
Glasgow and London Clothiers, Ltd., 51, 53, 55,
57, 69, 61, and 63 Argyle st.
Glasgow and London Steamers, via Granton, 109
Hope street ; Robert Sinclair, agent.
Glasgow and Londonderry Steam Packet office ;
Alex. A. Laird & Co., agents, 52 Robertson st.
Glasgow Magdalene Institution, 17 Stirling road ; R.
W. Sinclair, secy. ; Miss Burrell, matron.
Crlasgow and Manchester Steamers, M.
Langlands & Sons, agents, 123 Hope st.
Glasgow Musonic Hall Co., Ltd.; Robt. E. Smith,
C.A., 212 West George st., secretary.
Glasgow Master Weights' Association ; James L.
Selkirk, C.A., 64 W. Regent street, secretary and
Glasgow Maternity Hospital, 37 N. Portland street ;
Miss Agnes W. Britten, matron.
Gla.sgow Meat Co., 32 Great Western road; H. W.
Drew, manager.
Glasgow Meat Market Co., Ltd., Moore st.; secretary,
David T. Colquhoun, writer, 158 St. Vincent st.
Glasgow Meat Market Co., Ltd., 35 Moore st.
Glasgow Medical Journal^ printed and published by
Aiex. Maodougall, 68 Mitchell st.
Glasgow Medical Missionary Society, 113 and 123
Moncur street, Calton, and 6 and 14 Oxford street,
■ s.s. ; superintendents, Geo. Muir Connor, M.B., CM.
and Dr. Templeton.
Glasgow Mercantile Association for the pro-
tection of trade; Martin & Barrie, law agents, 97
Buchanan street.
Glasgow Merino Spinning Co., Ltd., worsted spinners
• and twisters, 8 Baltic street, Bridgeton ; office,
113 Virginia pi.
Glasgow Metallic Works, manufacturers of
tanks, oil drums, kegs, canisters, and packages of
■ every description in tin, sheet iron, zinc, and other
metals,23 N.Wallace st.,Parliamentary rd. — See Ad.
in App.
Glasgow Murchison Gold Mines Development Co.,
■ Ltd., in liquidation ; registered office, Gresham
• House, 45 West Nile street; Wm. D. Cairney,
C.A., Liquidator.
Glasgow (The) Mutual Shipping Investment Associ-
ation, Ltd., 70 Wellincrton street.
Glasgow New Apothecaries' Co., wholesale and retail
druggists, 57, 59 Glassfordst.; Wm. Greig, manager.
Glasgow {The) Observer office, 52 N. Frederick st. ;
C. Diamond, proprietor.
Glasgow Oilskin Co., oilskin manufacturers, 73 Vir-
ginia street.
Glasgow Tacking Case Makers Association ; James
L. Selkirk, C.A., secretary and treasurer, 64 West
Regent street.
Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway, head offices,
14 Bridge street.
Glasgow Paper Box Co., makers of plain and
fancy boxes for all purposes, draper's stock boxes,
pattern card books, &c., 136 and 138 George st. ;
factory, 85 Candleriggs, and 100 Brunswick st
Glasgow Paper Mills, 50 IW'Neil street, Stewart & Sons.
Glasgow Parcel Delivery Co., carriers to all
parts of the city and suburbs, 120 Union street
and 17 Miller street.
Glasgow Parliamentary Deviating Associa-
tion, Christian Institute, 70 Bothwoll street.
Glasgow Patent Moulders' Blacking Co.,
ironfouuders' blacking manufacturers, 31
Biskop street, Port-Dundas. The only
patentees of the patent moulders' black-
ing, so well known all over the world
as the best for all classes of work.
Glasgow Patents Company, Ltd., engineers,
makers of the Edmiston feed-water Filter ; the
" Electrogen," for preventing corrosion and scale in
boilers ; Von Esson's boiler tube cleaner ; Mudd's
tail shaft preserver, &c.; office and warehouse, 23
Hope St.; works, KinningPark; Wm. J. H. Adam,
Glasgow Patents Co. (Ltd.), sole makers of
"Electroid" Composition, for preventing corrosion
and fouling of ships' bottoms, quick-drying En-
ameline for ironfounders, paints and colours of
every description ; office and warehouse, 23 Hope
St.; works, Kinning Park.
Glasgow (The) Patent Water Tube Safety Boiler
Syndicate Co.; Wm. Rigg, secy., 93 Hope st.
Glasgow Pawnbroking Co., pawnbrokers, 3 Bath st.
Glasgow Pipe Manufactory, clay tobacco pipe
manufacturers, 18 Charles st., St. RoUox.
Glasgow (The) Plate Glass Co., manufacturers
of rolled plate, cathedral and patent ornamental
glass, Glasgow Glass Works, Firhill, Garscube rd.
Glasgow Portland Cement Co., Ltd., Portland cement
manufacturers; registered office, 16 Bothwell st.;
works, Dawsholm, Maryhill; secy., Alex. Patrick.
Glasgow and Port-Rush Steam-Packet office;
Alex. A. Laird & Co., agents, 52 Robertson st.
Glasgow Pottery, Staflbrd St., Port-Dundas.
Glasgow Property Circular, 65 Bath street.
Glasgow Public Dispensary, 54 Dundas street, city.
Glasgow Publishing Co., Ltd., newspaper proprie-
tors; registered office, 122 Wellington street; secy,
and treas. C. Byrne, wi'iter.
Glasgow (The) Railway Engineering Co., Helen st,
Glasgow Railway Switch and Crossing Works, 381
Pollokshaws road.
Glasgow and Ramsey (Isle of Man) royal mail
steamers; Henry Lamont, agent, 70 Wellington
Glasgow Rate and Salvage Association of the Fire
Insurance Offices; William Postdown, secy., 37
and 41 North Albion street

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