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Edmiston, Kichd., jun., auctioneer and valuator (at
J. & E. Edmiston's), res. Ibrox House, Ibrox.
Edmiston, Eobert (at George MacLellan & Co.'s,
Maryliill), house, 83 Oxford drive.
EDMOND, Andrew, mason and builder, 153 Eae-
berry street.
Edmond, James, reporter, N.B. Daily 3Iail, 51
Prince Edward st.
EDMONDS, Joe, vocalist ; ho. 55 Caledonia road.
Edmonds, Eobt, agent National Bank of Scotland,
Ltd., Anderston Branch ; ho. Mossfield, Greenock
road. Paisley.
EDMONDSON, John B., railway ticket manufacturer,
117 Centre street.
EDMONDSTONE, Alexander, 34 Millbrae crescent,
Edmondstone, Chas. G., manufacturers' agent, 30
Gordon st.
EDWARD, Alex., tailor and clothier, 68 Sauchiehall
st. ; ho. 1 West-end Park st.
Edward, Alexander, janitor, E.G. Training College,
Dundas vale. New City road.
Edwards, Cunliffe, & Co., manufacturers and com-
mission merchants for West African, Zanzibar,
Egyptian, and Algerian markets, 155a St. Vincent
street, and 16 Byrom street, Manchester.
Edward, David (of George Edward & Sons), house,
5 Grosvenor terrace, West.
Edward, George (of Geo. Edward & Sons), house,
5 Grosvenor terrace, W.
Edward, George, & Sons, diamond merchants,
goldsmiths, and silversmiths to Her Majesty the
Queen, and to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, watch,
clock, and chronometer makers to the Admiralty,
92 Buchanan street; telephone No. 1027; tele-
graphic address, "Edward," Glasgow.
Edward, James H. cashier (at C. Davidson & Sons,
Ltd.), house, 97 Byars rd.
Edwards, J. B., Office of Public Works, 64 Coch-
rane street.
Edwards, J. C, Euabon brick, terra-cotta, mosaic,
and encaustic tile manufacturers, 196 St Vincent st.
Edwards, John (of Alex. Harvey & Son), house, 4
Great Western terrace.
Edwards, Joseph, portrait painter, 85 Buchanan st. ;
house, 6 Cameron cottages, Whiteinch.
Edwards, Joseph, & Co., bicycle manufacturers, 52
Park road ; ho. 184 South Woodside road.
Edwards, Joseph (of Campbell, Ferguson, & Moser),
ho. 24 Whitehill street.
Edwards, Macdougal, & Co., commission mer-
chants and agents ; marbles, granites, stone-working
machinery, chilled iron shot and emery for cutting
stone, 180 West Eegent st. ; telephone No. 4,29.
— tSeeAdvt. in App.
Edwards, Wm., baker and confectioner, 297 Great
Western road ; ho. 6 Wilton drive.
Edward, Mrs. George, 11 Parkgrove terrace, W.
EEKHOUT, A. A, (of Eekhout & Co.), ho. Avoca,
Eekhout, B. (of Eekhout & Co.), house, Avoca, Scots-
Eekhout & Co., iron, steel, and general merchants,
88 West Nile street.
Eekhout, W. D. (at Singleton Dunn & Co.), ho.
Avoca, Scotstounhill.
Een-cam Tea Co., tea blenders, 53 Oswald street.
EGGAE, Charles P., engineer and electrician, 52 St.
Enoch square ; ho. 103 Stirling road.
EGGEE, Eev. Joseph S., St. Aloysius College,
EGGLETON, Edward C, attendant,^ Kelvingrove
Museum; ho. 6 Tillie st. i
Eggleten, Jas., preserver of birds and animalsJ
453 St. George's road. |
EGLIN, John, boot factor, 34,Trongate; ho. Sunny-}
side cot., Milton, Campsie.
EGLINTON, E. G., 268 Kenmure street.
Eglinton, Jane, wholesale and retail tobacconist, 66
Stockwell st. ; ho. 50 Charlotte street.
Eglinton (The), Chemical Co., Limited, lessees
of the Glenarm (Irish) .Limestone Quarries and
Lime and Whiting Works, and steamship owners; .
registered office, 70 Great Clyde street; telephone !
No. 693 ; W. J. A. Donald, managing director.
Eglinton (The) Chrome Tanning Co., Ltd., ,
chrome leather tanners, patent chrome leather tyre i
makers ; tannery, 8 Firhill road ; office, 70 Great t
Clyde st. ; telephone No. 693 ; managing director, .
Wm. J. A. Donald.
Eglinton (The) Silica Brick Co., Ltd., special-
ties, patent chrome ore bricks and patent bauxite ■
bricks, Dundyvan Brick Works, Coatbridge ; tele-
phone No. 5 ; office, 70 Great Clyde st. ; telephone '
No. 693 ; managing director and secretary, Wm.
J. A. Donald.
Eglinton Cycle Works, sole agent for Scotland for
the Eadie Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Eedditch, 6
and 31 Victoria rd. and 223 Great Western rd.
Eglinton Iron Works, Kilwinning ; office, 168 West
George street.
EILEBT, William, hairdresser, 220 Kent road; ho.
162 Dumbarton road.
EISTEN, Misses, 28 Belmont street, Hillhead.
Elberfield (The) Farben Fabriken Co., Ltd.,
anilines, alizarines, pharmaceutical chemicals, 42
Bothwell street.
ELCOCK, James (at City Flint Glass Works), ho. 4
Greenvale pi., Cumberland st, west.
ELDEN, Geo. Jas., teacher of the violin, 36 Bank st.,
ELDEE, Alexander, essence of coffee manufacturer,
Edinbm-gh ; agents, D. & J. Parker, 7 Montrose st.
Elder & Cameron, carpet and house furnishing ware-
housemen, 273 Argyle street.
Elder, Charles, I.M., measurer, 212 St. Vincent st.
Elder & Co., iron and steel girder merchants, 50
Galbraith st. Telephone No. 3747 ; telegraphic
address, " Girders," Glasgow.
Elder, David (Clydesdale Bank, Ltd.), house, 13 J
Hampden ten-ace. Mount Florida.
Elder, David W., 8 Harvie street, Paisley rd., west.
Elder, David, portioner, 8 Hampden terrace. Mount;
Elder, George, woollen merchant, 109 Argyle streets
and 7 Croy place; ho. Clifton villa, Kilmalcolm.
Elder, James, gi'ocer and wine merchant, 120 Lang--
lands road ; ho. 118 do.
Elder, James F. (at D. & J. Anderson's, Atlantic
Mills, Bridgeton), ho., 33 Monteith row.
Elder, James, wholesale warehouseman, 22 St. Enoch:
sq. ; house, 8 St. John's road, PoUokshields.
Elder, James G., traveller (at Begg, Kennedy, &'
Harper's), ho. 263 Onslow drive.
Elder, James, boot and shoe warehouse, 320 Euther-
glen road.
Elder, John, butter and egg merchant, 10 Minerva
St.; res. Cranfield house, Whiteinch-

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