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' Doherty, Richard (at Thomas Macnair's, 27 St.
i Vincent place), ho. Blairmile, Balmore.
Docherty, Thomas (of G. Docberty & Co.), Belmont
cottage, Easterhill st., Tollcross.
©ocherty, Wm., boot and shoe maker, 123 Parliamen-
tary road; ho. 208 do.
Docherty, Wm., butcher, 324 Garscube rd. ; house,
1 Raglan st.
Docherty, Maggie T., purveyor of milk, 39 Dorset
street ; ho., 37 do.
DOCKER "Etroa^ varnish, japan,and colour manufac-
turers, Icknield Port Road, Birmingham ; repre-
sentative, John Bird, 164 Cambridge drive.
DOCTOR, John, grain and provision merchant, Cross,
Doctor, John (at Neilson, Shaw, & Macgregor's), house,
39 Garturk street, GovanhilL
Doctor, Wm., marine engineer, 204 Dumbarton road,
Doctor, Mrs. Helen, fruiterer, 84 and 86 Dumbarton
rd., Partick; ho. 204 do.
DODD, David, traveller (at R. H. Arnott's), 104
Gairbraid avenue, Maryhill.
Dodd, John, jun., clerk and storekeeper, 68 Bath
street; ho. 106 Renfrew st.
Dodd, Jos., tennis and raquet bat mannfr., 55
Renfrew st.
Dodd, R. T., photographer, specialitie Rembrandt-
esque busts; out-door photography of eveiy descrip-
tion ; 65 Janoaica St.; ho. 60 M'Gulloch st, Pollok-
Dodd, Thomas J., principal surveyor to Lloyd's regis-
ter of shipping, 342 Argyle St.; ho. 16 Leslie rd.
Dodd, William, cooper, 17 School wynd ; ho. 142
Main st., Anderston.
DODDRELL, Arthur R. (of Doddrell Brothers); ho.
117 Blythswood drive.
Doddrell Brothers, general commission agents, 11
Bothwell street.
DODDS, Alex., G.P.O.; ho. 28 Grafton st.
Dodds, James, broker, 35 Stevenson street ; house,
10 Monteith row.
Dodds, James, commission agent, 27 Union street;
residence, Calderhaugh, Lochwinnoch.
Dodds, J. R., F.E.LS., head-master. Queen Mary
Street Public School, house, Moorfield, Lenzie.
Dodds, John, quarry master, sand quarries, Germis-
ton; ho. 228 Meadowpark st.
Dodds, John, chimney sweeper, 32 Langlands rd.
Dods, WiUiam, hatter, hosier, glover, and shirt
maker, 13 and 15 St. George's road ; ho. Mansion
House drive, Springboig, Shettleston.
Dodds, Misses M. & H., dressmakers and hosiers,
351 Parliamentary rd.; ho. 1 Grafton sq.
Dog and Cat Home, Craigton, Ibrox ; office, 28
Bath street.
Dog Owners' Defence Union of Scotland ; secy, and
treas., D. Alexander, 82 West Nile st.
DOHERTY.— See Docherty.
DOIG, Alexander, grocer and tea merchant, 89 So.
Wellington st., and branches ; house, Blythswood,
Doig, Charles, collector for Dunoon Convalescent
Homes, 4 Hanover st. ; house 25 Prmce's st.,
Doig, David (of Sinclair & Doig), ho. St. Lawrence,
Doig, James R. (at A. & J. Inglis', 64 Warroch st.),
ho. 4 Carnarvon st.
Doig, J., boot and shoe manufactm'er, 244 Dum-
barton road; house, 276 do.
Doig, J., dairy, 174 Rutherglen rd.; ho. 149 do.
Doig, Robert, veterinary horseshoer, 42 Tureen st.;
ho. 18 New street, Calton.
Doig, Thomas, house painter and decorator, 261
Gairbraid St.; ho. 37 Kelvinside avenue.
Doig, Wm., tinplate, zinc worker, and smith, and
manufacturer of zinc and iron chimney cans and
pipes, 32 King st., s.s. ; ho. 5 Winton terrace,
Doig, Wm. 12 Melrose gardens.
DOLAN, Wm., cartage contractor, 47 Dale st., s.s.;
ho. 95 Kjigst., s.s.
DOLEMAN, H. B., optician, 172 West Regent st.
DOLLAR, George (of G. & W. Dollar), house, 31
Reidvale st.
Dollar, G. & W., tinsmiths and gasfitters, 137 High
Dollar, William (of G. & W. Dollar), ho. 150 Allison
street, Govanhill.
Dollar, Misses, 243 Bath street.
Dollar, H. & J. W., milliners and dressmakers, 138
Holland street.
DOMECQ, Peter, & Co., sherry shippers, Xerex de
la Frontera ; agent, Archd. Macmillan, 4 West
Nile St.
"Domestic," "Raymond," " Grover and Baker,"
and other sewing machines, Mrs. Brown, 24ft
Sauchiehall st.
Dominion Express Co. Parcels, money, &c. sent to
Canada, 67 St Vincent st.
Dominion Line, passengers' booking office, 83
Buchanan st.
Dominion Line, passengers' booking office for Canada
and United States, Moses Buchanan, agent, 75
Buchanan street.
Dominion Line, passengers' ticket office to Canada
and United States, 67 St Vincent st.
DON, Alex, plumber and gasfitter, 10 N. Claremont
st. ; ho. 195 Buccleuch st.
Don, John M 'Galium, Inland Revenue, George st. ;
ho. 24 North Frederick st.
Don, John, manufrs' agent, 52 St. Enoch square.
Don, Peter B., wine and ppirit merchant, 13 Com-
mercial road, s.s.
Don, Wm., manufacturers' agent, 52 St. Enoch sq. ;
ho. Dorisduan, Uddingston.
Don, Wm. & John, & Co., flax and jute spinners,
mills, Dundee ; linen and jute manufacturers, fac-
tories, Forfar, 101 St. Vincent st.
Don, Mrs., housekeeper, inland revenue office, 280
George st.
DONAGHEY, Frank, hairdresser, 184 Crown st.
Donachie, Geo., wood-carver, 15 Ritchie st. ; house,
32 Caledonia rd.
Donaphy, James, teacher of music and violin, 2 Hill
St. CranstonhLlI.
Donaghy, Peter, machinery merchant and cotton and
woollen waste merchant, 16, 18 Kirk street,
Calton ; house, 6 Monteith row.
Donachie, Richard, slater and plasterer, 13 Eglinton
street ; ho. 62 Florence st.
Donaghy & Smith, wood merchants, 50 LambhUl st.
DONALD, Alex., EamsclifF, Sherbrooke avenue,
Pollokshields, W.
Donald, Alex, (of Donald, Binnie, & Tennent, 93 W.
Regent St.), writer and notary public; house, 18
Afton ores.

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