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SARTON & Bell, incorporated accountants, house
factors, and insurance managers, 67 Eenfield
street. Telephone No. 6055.
Barton, George, G.P.O.; ho. 98 Raeberry street.
:Barton, Henry, G.P.O. ; ho. 54 Albert rd., Crosshill,
â– Barton, Jas. (of E. & .J. Barton & Co.) ; house, 3
Braid street.
Barton, .Tames, family grocer and wine merchant,
167 Paisley rd., W.
Barton, John, dairyman, 7a Rosehall st. ; ho. 151
New City rd.
Barton, R. (of B. & J. Barton & Co.), ho. 3 Braid st.
Barton, Robert, G. P. 0. ; ho. 23 Albert rd., Crosshill.
Barton, R. & J., & Co., joiners, cabinetmakers, and
upholsterers, 26 Douglas st. ; ho. 3 Braid st.
Barton, William, wool broker, 61 Bishop st., Ander-
ston; ho. 11 Hamilton st., Partick.
Barton, Wm., & Co., hemp and wire rope manufac-
turers, sailmakers and ship chandlers, 55 Clyde pi. ;
works, 301 Scotland street.
Barton, Wm. (of Wm. Barton & Co.), ho. 205 Albsrt
road. Pollokshields.
BASCH & Bamberg, mantle manufacturers, Berlin;
agent, J. Robertson, 11 Maxwell street.
BASH, W., & Co., burglar and fireproof safe and
door makers, 58 Blaekfanlds place.
BASS, Ratcliff & Gretton, Limited, brewers, Burton-
on-Trent ; Royal Exchange square.
BASSETT, John (of Croggon & Co., Ltd.), ho. 16
Craigmore teiTace.
Basset, W. J., postman; ho. 152 Parliamentary rd.
Bass-Crest Brewery, Alloa ; offices, 4 Bath street.
BATE, Richard, cigar importer, 53 Waterloo st. ;
house, 4 Selborne ter.
BATEMAN, C. M., & Co., produce and oil brokers,
5 Madeira court.
BATES, Daniel, commission merchant, 77 Queen st. ;
house, 64 Queen Mary avenue.
Bates, James, grocer and provision merchant, 1181
Dumbarton road, Whiteinch; ho. 2 Auchentorlie
St., do.
Bath Hotel, 162 Batb street; P. Robertson, pro-
Bath St. Insurance Agency, R. Anderson, 95 Bath st.
BATHGATE, Chas. S. (of Robert Stobo & Bathgate),
house, 10 Whitevale street.
Bathgate, George (at Milton Iron Works), house,
8 Queen Margaret place, Kelvinside.
Bathgate, George, newsagent and tobacconist, 361
Dumbarton road. '
Bathgate, George, sole agent for the " Eiffel" Patent
Stair Tread Co., Ltd., Rochdale, 361 Dumbarton
road, City.
Bathgate, H. S., plasterer and cement worker, 540
Duke st. and Greenrigg, Uddingston; ho. North
Mount Vernon.
Bathgate, .Tames (of Henney & Bathgate) ; house,
68 Dunard street.
Bathgate, John, restaurateur, Linthonse Hall, Govan.
Bathgate, Wm., M.A., Her Majesty's inspector of
schools, 13 Westbourne gardens.
Bathville Collieries, Bathgate (James Wood,
Ltd.) ; offices, 28 Royal Exchange square.
BATTERSBY, John, 187 West George st.
BATTISON, Thomas (of Brown & Thomson, 192
St. Vincent st.)
Battison, Wm. L. (of Brown & Thomson, 192 St.
Vincent St.)
Battlefield Road Post Office, 186 B.ittlefield road.
BATTY, Herbert, grocer, 29 Cranston street; ho.
12 Thomson street, Partick.
BAUCHOP, James, grocer and provision merchant,
296 Duke st. and 419 Parliamentary road- house'
131 Annfield street. '
BAUER, G., French and German master, Kelvin-
side Academy; ho. 16 St. Albans terrace
BAUERMEISTER, R, foreign bookseller and pul)-
lisher. 8 West Nile street.
BAVAY, S., teacher of French, 334 St. Vincent st.
BAXENDEN, Thomas, London (braces and belts);
David Taylor, 49 Virginia st., agent.
BAXTER, Alex, (of Paterson, Baxter, & Co.), house,
3 Stanmore road.
Baxter, Andrew, brewer (at Greenhead Brewery), ho
80 Canning street.
Baxter, Andw., iron and steel merchant, Whifflet
Station; res. Rosemount cottage, Coatbrid"-e.
Baxter, A. J., tobacconist, cycle manufacturer and
repairer, 367 and 369 London roid; ho. 11
Sunnybank street.
Baxter, Andrew, jr., brewer, Greenhead Brewery ; ho.
20 James street, Bridgeton.
Baxter & Co., grocers and provisions, 13 Milton st.*
ho. 55 Grove street.
Baxter, David, 184 Pitt street.
Baxter, David, hairdresser, 72a Glassford street ; ho.
91 High street.
Baxter, David, blaes merchant, Kelvinside Blaes
Works, near Great Western Road Station.
Baxter, Duncan, laundry keeper, 183 Shamrock st,
158 Henderson St., and 40 and 42 Bank st
Baxter, Duncan, postman, Govan ; ho. 658 Govan
rd., do.
Baxter, Duncan (of Charles Clydesdale & Co.), ho.
97 M'Aslin street.
Baxter, Edward, spirit merchant, 455 Gallowgate ;
ho. 5 South Wellington street.
Baxter, Geo. H., mechanical engineer, Clyde Naviga-
tion ; ho. Helenslea, Dalmuir.
Baxter, Isaac, stationer and newsagent, 180 North
St.; ho. 229 do.
Baxter, James, hatter and hosier, 42 Dumbarton rd.j
ho. 5 Kirkwood St., Bellahouston.
Baxter, James (of Allan & Baxter), ho. 20 Queen's
crescent, Gathcart.
Baxter, James, & Co., coal and fireclay goods mer-
chants, Railway Station, Govan ; lio. Ettrick villa,
Crossloan road, do.
Baxter, James, dairy keeper, 106 Plantation st.
Baxter, James, missionary, 12 Melrose gardens.
Baxter, John, I.M., measurer, 243 St. Vincent street ;
ho. 10 Roxburgh street, Hillhead.
Baxter, John (Water Office, Engineer's Dept.) ; ho.
31 Dixon avenue.
Baxter, John, spirit merchant, 207 Thistle st., s.s.^
ho. 5 South Wellington st.
Baxter, John, joiner and builder, 20 Catherine St.,
Parliamentary road ; house, 2 Canning place.
Baxter, John, office of Public Works; ho. 137 Slate-
field street.
Baxter, J. H. teacher of music, organist and choir-
master, Plantation Parish Church, 158 Paisley
road, west.
Baxter, P. MacLeod (of M'Kie £ Baxter), ho. 184
Pitt street.
Baxter, Robert L., joiner, shop fitter, and showcase
maker, 197 Pollokshaws rd.; ho. 367 Eglinton st.

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