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GouEOCK, Union Bank, W. H. Turner
GovAN, Union Bank, D. D. Baird
" Royal Bank, John Rankin
" National Bank, L. H. S. White
" British Linen, J. M'Gregor
Grangemouth, Comnaercial, J. S. Mackay
" Bk. of Scotland, Edw. A. Wood
GKANTON(EdiDb.),... Royal Bank, Thos. Wilkie
Grantown, National Bank, Jas." Macintosh
" Eoyal Bank, D. & J. Grant
" Caledonian Bank, W. Fleming
Greenlaw Royal Bank, John Ford
[Sub branch to Dnn?, open Mon.,
Weds., and Fridays
Gbbenock,... Bank of Scotland, J. M'Gregor
" British Linen Co., J. Glen
" Commercial Bank, J. Tannahill
" do., West End, J. Tannahill
" Clydesdale Bank, John Rodger
" do.. East End, W. Bruce
" National Bank, J. C. Hart
" Royal Bank, D. M. Latham
" do. West-end, A. Tait
" Union Bank, F. G. Bruce
Haddington Bank of Scotland, R. Todrick
" British Linen Co., Fermes &
" Royal Bank, J. & J. D. Watson
Com. Bank, W. Dodds & Son
Halkirk, Caledonian Bank, A. Macrae
Hamilton, Bank of Scotland, J. C. Kay
" Brit. Lin. Co., J. Neilson
" Clydesdale Bank, D. Patrick
" Commercial Bk. , J. C. C. Wilson
" Royal Bk., T. J. & W. A. Dykes
" Union Bank, James Cassels
" Mercantile Bank, 66 Cadzow st.
[Alfred G. Miller
Hawick, British Linen, M. M'Call
" Commercial Bank, G. & J.Oliver
" National Bank, Robert Purdom
" Royal Bank, Walter Hadden
Helensburgh, Bank of Scot., Alex. Breingan
" Union Bank, F. C. Buchanan
" Clydesdale, A. M. M. G. Kidston
Helmsdale British Linen Co., J. J. Hill
HoLYTowN Clydesdale Bank, W. Murdoch
HoPEMAN, Caledonian Bank, sub to Burg-
[head, John Graham
" Town and County Bank, L.
HuNTLT, Town&County, F. E. Watt
" North of Scotland, W. Walker
" Union Bank, G. P. Wilson
Innellan, Clydesdale, Charles Turner
Innerleithen, Bank of Scotland, Thos. Young
Insch,,.... Town & County, J. Bisset
" North of Scot., W.F.G. Dawson
Invbrarat, National Bank, J. Macarthur
" Union Bank, Byng M. Wright
Invergarrt, Caledonian Bank, Geo. Malcolm
Invergokdon, Commercial Bank, M. M'Kenzie
" North of Scot. Alex. Watson
Inveekeithing, Clydesdale Bk., J. D. Wyllie
Inverness, Bank of Scotland, A. F. Steel
" British Linen, T. A. Mackay
" Commercial Bank, J. Mackenzie
" Royal BankjSirH.C.Macandrew
Inverness, National, W. T. Rule & W.
" North of Scot. Bank, T. Kerr
" Town & County, W. Douglas
" Union Bank, Geo. Black
Inveeurt, Town & County, J. Charles
" N. of Scot. Bank, Alex. Smith
" Union Bank, John Low
Irvine, British Linen, A. C. M'Jannet
" Clydesdale Bank, A. Longmuir
" Royal Bank, Alex. Gilmour
" Union Bank, J. Paterson
IsLAY (Bridgend) National Bank, J. Cullen
Jedburgh, Bank of Scotland, W. A. Skead
" British Linen Co., E. R.
" Commercial, Turnbull, Simson
[& Sturrock
" National Bank, W. Mason
" Royal Bank, R. B. Anderson
Johnstone, Royal Bank, Jas. Thomson
" Union Bank, D. A. M'TavisL
" National Bank, W. W. M'Dowall
Keith, Town & County, Thurbum &
" North of Scot., Adam Annacd
" Union Bank, Jas. A. Stephen
Kelso, Bank of Scotland, P. S. Darling
" British Linen, W. 0. Stevenson
" Commercial Bank, A. Stevenson
" National Bank, James Tait
[& D. W. B. Tait
Kemnay, Town & County, A. Petrie
KiLBARCHAN, Clvdesdale, J. M'N. Porteous
Kilbirnie, Clydesdale, J. B. V. Smith
KiLDRUMMY, Town& County, Jas. M'Donald
KiLLiN, Bank of Scot., R. A. Robertson
" Union Bank, John Hunter
Kilmalcolm Royal Bank, J. C. Huie
Kilmarnock, Bank of Scotland, W. Austin
" British Linen, James Frier
" Clydesdale, James Taylor
" Commercial Bank, Alex. Millar
" National Bank, J. B. Wands
" Royal Bank, J. Brockie
" Union Bank, D. C. Gardiner
Kilsyth, Royal Bank, R. J. Graham
" National Bank, J. M'Gilchrist
Kilwinning, Com. Bank, H. King & Sons
" Clydesdale Bank, P. Burns
Kincardine, Union Bank, James Patrick
KiNGHOEN, Sub to Kirkcaldy, British Linen (Tues.
[& Frid,
Kingussie, Brit. Linen Co., A. M'Pherson
" Caledonian, A. Macdougall
Kinross, British Linen Co., W. Wilson
" Clydesdale Bank, T. Steedman
" Royal Bank, John Bogie
KiNTORB, North of Scotland, J. Annand
Kirkcaldy, Bank of Scot., John Rodger
" Brit. Linen Co., W, M. Dow
" Commercial Bank, W.Williamson
" National Bank, J. 'White
" Union Bank, D. C. BeD
Kirkcowan, Com. (Wed. 2 to 4), J. Stroyan
[Agent at Newton Stewart
Kirkcudbright,. ...National, J. Gibson & J.Angus
" Bank of Scotland, E. F. Mure
[and P. J. Wallace

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