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Cumnock, Clydesdale Bank, W. S. Ogilvie
" Royal Bank, A. Brakenridge
CuPAE (Fife), British Linen Co., D. Osborne
" Clydesdale, A. Brakenridge
" Commercial Bank, Robt. Bruce
" National Bk., J. E. Grosset
" Royal Bk. of Scot. , W. Thomson
Dalbeattie, Union Bank, R. W. MacNab
" Commercial, James Little
Dalkeith, Commercial Bank, J. Gray
" Clydesdale Bank, John Craig
" National Bank, Wm. Millar
" Ro. Bk., R. Paterson ; W. Main
Daljially, Commercial, Ales. McArthur
[Agent at Oban (Tues. & Fridays)
Dalmellington,... Royal Bank, John Walker
Dalrt (Ayrshire), . . .Clydesdale, D. M'Cosh
" British Linen Co., A. Paterson
Daley (Kirkcudb,), Union Bank, D. Morrine
Dakvel, Clydesdale Bk,, A. Cameron
[Sub branch to Newmilns
« Union Bank, T. Fleming
Denny,.... Clydesdale Bk., J. F. M'Queen
" Bank of Scot., Jas. S. Davidson
Dingwall, Bank of Scotland, Eobt. Brodie
" Caledonian, Ben. Aird
" National, G. H. Duncan
Dollar, Clydesdale, J. A. Gibson
DoENOCH, Caledonian, C. H. Urquhart
" Town & County, J. Leslie &
[J. Macintosh
Douglas, Com. Bank, John Steedman
DoDNE, Royal Bank of Scot., J. Main
" Union Bank, T. M. Graham
Deymen, Royal Bank, W. Melrose
Dufftown,... Town& County, J. Robertson
" No. of Scot., A. Walkinsbaw
Dumbarton, Clydesdale Bank, W. Buchanan
[& C. i\I. Stevenson
" Commercial, W. G. Robson
" Union, W. Babtie & W. Craig
" British Linen, R. Macfarlan &
[W. B. Thomson
Dumfries, Bank of Scotland, J. Corrie &
[J. Moodie
" British Linen Co., J. Symons
[& J. Carmont
" Commercial, Wm. Primrose
Clydesdale Bk., R. K. Walker
[and John Johnston
" National Bank, D. M'Kettrick
[and J. M'Gill
" Royal Bk., Gordon & Whitelaw
" Union Bank, William Craig
Dunbak, British Linen Co., J.J. Kelly
" Commercial Bank, G. R. Scott
" Bank of Scot., And. M'Millan
Dunblane, Bank of Scotland, J.W. Barty
" Union Bank, Henry B. Rowden
Dundee, ,...„. .Bank of Scotland, F. Speirs
" do. Victoria St., E. Walker
" British Linen, D. Brand
" do. West Port, Jas. Ireland
Clydesdale, F. Tod
" Commercial, Jas. B. Webster
" National Bank, R. Murdoch
[and J. Colville
" do. Hilltown, D. P. Scott
" Royal, Murraygate, J. Welch
Dundee, Royal, King St., R.M.Brodis
" do. W. Port, H. Wyse
" do. Castle St., W. Stewart
" Union Bank, D. Hogarth
" Town & County Bk., J. Low
" North of Scotland, R. Murray
DuNFBEMLiNB, Bk. ofScot., J. W. McK. Brown
" British Linen Co., Thos. Hill
" Commercial, S. Davidson
" National Bank, W. Beveridge
" Royal Bank, John Ross
DuNKELD, Bank of Scot., J. M'Naughton
" Union Bank, Robt. M'Gillewie
DuNLOP (Ayrshire), Clydesdale Bank, T. Laidlaw
[Sub. to Stewarton, open only on Tues. & Thu.
Dunning, Union Bank, M. H. Lawson
Dunoon, , Clydesdale, John Dobie
" British Linen, D. Anderson
" Union Bank, Jas. Stewart and
[A. J. M. Bennett
Duns, Bank of Scotland, John Wright
" British Linen Co., J. Wylie
" Royal Bank, John Ford
DuENO (Pitcaple)....Town & County, Jno. Wight
Dysart, Bank of Scotland, Jas. Herd
Eaglesham, Clydesdale Bk., James Dunlop
[Sub to PoUokshaws, open Tues. and Thurs,
Earlston, Commercial, A. G. Sinclair
East Kilbeidb, Clydesdale, Patrick Riack
East Linton, National Bank, Jonathan Hall
EcCLEFECHAN, Royal Bank, T. Shankland
EcHT,... Town& County, John Clark
Edinbukgh, Bank of Scot., So. Dist., R. B. Mathie
" do. New Town, C. Bruce
" do. Greenside, T. D. Anderson
" do. Morningside, E. W. J. Murray
" do. So. Morningside,P.6uthrie
" do. Stockbridge, J. Gillespie
" do. West End, J. Longmore
" do. Newington, Geo. Slight
" Brit. Lin., Newington, R. Adamson
" do. GeorgeIV.Bridge,W.Melros«
" do. Grassmarket, A. M. Milroy
" do, 3 So. Bridge, Wm. M'Leod
" do. 26Crightonpl.,M.C.Videon
" do. Morningside, H. A. Blyth
*« do. West End, 141 Princes St.,
[W. A. Wyse
" Coram., 42 Grassmarket, Alex. Melvin
'« do. West End, 1 Shandwick
[Place, W. G. Ross
" do. 100 So. Bridge, R. Forsyth
" do. 2 Greenside PI., Gulland&Huia
" do. Haymarket, Jas. Kirkhope
" do. 4 6 'Home Street, Jas. L. Rae
" do. Morningside, Peter Forrest
" do. Nicolson Street, E. E. Smail
« do. Stockbridge, 12 N.W.Cir. PI.,
[Rt. Comrie
" do. Newington, J. T. Pillans
'< do. Southern, 32 Wan-ender Park
[Kd., Andrew Ker
" Clydesdale, George St., J. Greenhill
[& J. Nicholson
" do. Easter Road, J. Riddell
[Sub branch to Leith Walk
" do. High St., Wm. Henderson
" do. West End, W. H. Matthew
«< do. Leith Walk, Jas. Riddell

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