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B h Shandon Place, Govan. 20.
Shangie Row, off Possil road, Maryhill. 17.
E h Sharp's Lane, from Main st., Anderston, to Stob-
cross street. 10.
B g Sharp Street, off Holm Street, Govan. 20.
A y Shaw Street, Govan. 20.
H k ShawfieldPk.&Villa,offGla<«gowrd., Rutherglen
C I Shawhill Road, off Pollokshaws road. 21.
CI Shawhill Street, Pollokshaws. 21.
D I Shawlands, Pollokshaws road.
D d Shaw Park Street, off Gairbraid street, 17.
H e Sheppard Street, Springbnrn. 6.
C i Sherbrooke Av., f. Dalziel dr. to Gower st. 14.
D i Shields Place, 232 to 266 St. James' street,
Kinning park 14.
D j Shields Road, from Paisley rd. to Terregles av.
Do., west side. 14.
Do. E. side, from Paisley rd. to Shields
bridge. 14.
Do., do. f. Shields bdge. to Terregles av. 13.
D i Shields Terrace, Kinning park. 14.
D d Slmma St., off Ruchill St., Maryhill. 17.
G h Shuttle Street, f. Ingram st. to George st. 5.
G h Shuttle Street Lane, top of Shuttle street. 5.
J f Siemens Street, off Blochairn rd. 3.
H e Sighthill Cemetery. 6.
G j Silverfir St., f. Elm st. to Caledonia rd. 11.
E i Sih'ergrove Street, off Canning st., Calton. 4.
E e Simpson Street, f. Raeberry st. to Wilton st, 9.
E I Sinclair Drive, from Battlefield road to River
Cart. 16.
IT h Sinclair's Court, 363 Gallowgate. 3.
H i Sister Street, Calton, even Nos. f. 42 upwards,
2 ; other Nos., 4.
Skaethoru Rd., off Bridge st., Maryhill. 17.
D I Skirving Str. , off Kilmarnock rd., Shawlands. 21.
I h Slatefield Street, f. Gallowgate to N.B. Railway,
and f. Reidvale st. to Duke st. 3.
K g Slitmills, Ferry road, Partick. 10.
D I Smeal's Buildings, Pollokshaws. 21.
C I Smith Square, Rutherglen.
B f Smith Street, Hillhead, off Glasgow street. 15.
F j Smith Street, Butterbiggins Road, to Calder st,
Govanhill. 12.
f Smith Street,-Whiteinch. 15.
D i .Smith Street, off Paisley road. 14.
K k Smith Ten-ace, Farrne, Rutherglen.
Fh Smithfield Buildings, foot of Oswald street. 7.
G h Smith's Court, 62 Brunswick street and 53
Candleriggs. 7.
G j Snowdon Street, off Rutherglen road, opposite
Pine street. 11.
E e Society Row, from Garscube rd. to Possil rd. 8.
K h Society Street, Great Eastern road. 2.
/ h Soho Place, off Soho street. 2.
/ h Soho St., Gallowgate to Crownpoint rd. 2.
I) g Somerset Place, Sauchiehall &t., west end. 9.
F I Somerville Drive, Mount Florida. 16.
G h Somerville Place, Monteith row. 4.
e Somerville Place, Scotstoun, Whiteinch.
f Somerville) St.. off Dumbarton rd., Scotfttoun. 15.
L i Sorby St., f. Gt. Eastern rd. to Westmnir st. 2.
G h South Albion St., f. Bell st. to Ingram st. 5.
F k South Annandale St., from Calder st. to Govan-
hill street. 12.
B 7i South Avenue, off Copeland rd., Gnvan. 20.
A d South'nrae Avenue, f. Crow rd. to Scotstounhill
F i South Coburg St., f. Norfolk st. to Bedford st. 12.
f South Cottages, off Squire st., Whiteinch. 15.
South Cromwell Road, fr. Calder st. to Queen's
Drive. 13.
FI South Dean Place, Mount Florida. 16.
F h South Exchange Court, 77 Queen street. 7.
F h South Exchange Place, f. Buchanan street to
Royal Exchange sq. 7.
E i South Kinning PL, f. Paisley rd to Houston st. 14.
A e So. Park Gdns., fr. Crow rd. to Balshagray a v.
Fi South Portland Street, from Carlton place to
Bedford street. 12.
G h South St. Mungo St., f. Gallow. to G. Hamilton
st. East side, 4; west side, 5.
G i South Shamrock St., off Rutherglen rd. 11.
/ South Street, off James' street, Scotstoun. 15.
Fi South Stirling Street, off Bedford street. 12.
G i South Wellington Lane, 341 Govan street. 11.
G i South Wellington PI., ft. of So. Wellington st. 11.
G i Scuth Wellington Street, f. River Clyde south-
wards. 11.
Df South Woodside Road, from Woodlands road to
Park road. 9.
G j South York Street, off Rutherglen road. 11.
G j Southern Necropolis, Caledonia road. 11.
D/ Southpark Terrace, Ann street, Hillhead. 15.
I g Southview Ter., ] 17-149 Onslow drive. 3.
C b Spence Street, off Crosbie st, 17.
F k Spiers' PI., Queen Mary avenue, Crossbill. 16.
Ff Speirs' Wharf, South, Port Dundas rd. to end, 8;
Forth st. to Port Dundas road, 6. North,
2 to 156, 6; all Nos. above 158, 8.
G h Spoutmouth, off Gallowgate. 5.
G h Spreull's Court, 182 Trongate. 7.
G i Spring Lane, off South Wellington street. 11.
C d Spring Gardens, off Montgomerie street. 17.
D I Spring Place, Crossmyloof. 16.
K i Springbank, London road. 2.
E e Springbank St., f. N. City rd. to Firhill rd. 8.
B / Springbnrn Road, fr. Castle st. to Springburn.
East side, 3 ; west side, 6.
Fh Springfield Ct., 69 Queen st.& 58 Bnchanan st. 7.
E h Springfield Lane and Buildings, off Paisley rd.
East side, 13 ; west side, 14.
E h Springfield Place, off Paisley road. 14.
E b Springfield Place, off Garscube road. 9.
G j Springfield Place, South York st. 11.
E h Springfield Quay, off Paisley road. 14.
K j Springfield Road, off Now Dalmarnock road. 1.
Springfield Road, Shettleston.
H e Springfield Terrace, Springfield Lane. 14.
E f Springgrove Place, Grove street, 8.
Ef Springhil! Place, 342 St. George's road. 8.
D k Springhill Ter., Pollokshaws rd., Crossmyloof.16.
C j Springkell Avenue, Polloksbields. 14.
Springvale Place, off Springburn rd. 6.
Squire's Court, Shettleston.
/ Squire Street, Whiteinch. 15.
G f Stafford Street, from Pulteney street, east. 6.
D d Stair Street, off Braeside Street. 17.
F g Standard Buildings, 94 Hope street. 7.
D g Stanhope PI., f. Hill st. to Oak st., Auderst. 10
G g Stanhope St., f. St. James rd. to Parson st. 6.
D h Stanley Buildings, Paisley road, west. 14.
f Stanley Cots., off Dumbarton rd. Whiteinch. 15.
D h Stanley PL, l-ll Stanley St., Paisley road. 14.
Fi Stanley Place, Margaret st., off Eglinton st. 12.
A h Stanley Place, Govan. 20.
Stanley Street, off Craigton road, Govan. 20.
D h Stanley Street, from Kinning park, Paisley rd.,
south. 14.

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