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E f Burnbank Gardens, Great Western road. 9.
Ff Burnbank Mansions, 419 New City road. 9.
Ef Burnbank PI., 170 to 174 Great Western rd. 9.
E h Burnbank Place, off Drygate. 3.
Ej Burnbank Bow, Rutherglen road. 11.
Ef Burnbank Ter., off Great Western road. 9
B h Burndyke Street, off Govan road, Govan. 20.
E I Burnhill Street, Rutherglen.
F f Burns St., f. Sawmillfield st. to Caithness st. 8
Ff Burnside Buildings, Burnside street 8.
II Burnside Road, off Chapel street, Rutherglen.
Eg Burnside Street, off Duke street. 5.
F f Burnside Street, f. Garscube rd. to Scotia st. 8.
E m Burnstyle Road, fr. Sinclair drive to Carmichael
Place. 16.
G g Bunnell's Lane, from Duke st. to High street. 5.
f Barton Cots., Westland drive, Whiteinch. 15.
Cf Bute Gardens, f . Hillhead st. to Gt. George st. 15.
Bute Lane, off Great George street.
C f Bute Mansions, Hillhead street. 15.
C c Bute Street, Maryhill. 17.
E k Bute Ter., Pollokshaws rd., Strathbungo. 16.
F j Butterbiggins Rd., f. Victoria rd to Cathcartrd. 12
Byres Lane, off Byres road, Partick.
C f Byres Road, fr. Gt. Western rd. to Partick. 15.
F i
D e
£ g
E e
Cadder Street, f. Leslie st. to Maxwell rd.
Cadogan St., from Wellington st. to Pitt st,
Cadzow St., fr. Bothwell st. to Richard st.
Caird Drive, Part ickb ill. 15.
Cairn Roy Ter., Mansion House rd. 16.
Caithness Street, off Garscube road. 8.
Calcutta Place, cor. of Hill and Garnetnill sts. 9.
Calder St., f. Polloksbaws rd. to Victoria rd. 13.
f . Victoria rd. to Cathcart rd. 1 2 . east of that. 1 1.
Calder Terrace, Albert road, Langside. 16.
Caldercuilt Road, Maryhill. 17.
Calderwood Road, Rutherglen.
Calderwood Street, off Parliamentary road. 6.
Caledon Street, off Byars road, Billhead. 15.
Caledonia Rd., fr. Cathcart rd. to Crown st. 12.
Do., f. east side of Crown st. to Rutherglen rd. 11.
Caledonian Central station, Gordon street. 7.
Caledonian Goods Mineral Depot, Cathcart st.
Gorbals. 12.
Caledonian Mansions, Kelvin bridge, Gt. Wes-
tern road. 15.
Caledonian Railway, Buchanan street station,
north of Parliamentary road. 6.
Caledonian Railway, London road station. 1.
Caledonian Station, Eglinton street 13.
Caledonian St., off Charles St., St. Rollox.
Callander Place, Cathcart rd., Govanhill.
Calton Entry, f. Gallowgate to New st. Calt. 4.
Calton Street, Tollcross.
Cambridge Dr., f. Kelvinside gardens E. to Queen
Margaret drive. 17.
Cambridge Lane, f. Cambridge st. to Cowcad. 7.
Cambridge Street, off Sauchiehall street 7.
Cambridge Terrace, Albert rd Pollokshields. 13.
Camden Place, Govan road. 19.
Camden St., f. CumbeiTdst. so. to Kidston st.
Cameron Cottages, Lime st., Whiteinch.
Cameron's Court, 126 Main st., Anderston.
Cameron's Court, 27 North street. 10.
Cameron St. f. Somerville dr. to Garnet ter. 16.
Cameron Street, off Well road. 9.
Camlachie, east end of Gallowjrate, Parkhead. 2.
B h Campania Place, Govan. 20.
G h Campbell Arcade, 74 Trongate& 34 Candleriggs.
G h Campbell's Court, 40 Candleriggs. 5.
E k Campbell Place, Langside Road, Govanhill. 12.
F g Campbell St. (W.), Argyle st. to Sauchieh'l. st. 7.
E h Campbell St. (East), f. Gallowg. to Graeme st. 5.
Campbell Street, Govan. 20.
C e Campbell St., off Church st., Maryhill. 17.
Ih Campbellfield Street, off Gallowgate. 2.
Camperdown Cottages, Scotstoun.
e Camperdown Road, fr. Lennox avenue to Dun-
can avenue, Scotstoun.
E e Camperdown Street, off Garscube road. 9.
E I Camphill Avenue, off Langside avenue. 16.
E k Camphill Drive, off Queen's drive. 16.
B I Camphill Gardens, f. Stevenson drive to Albert
road, Langside. 16.
E I Camphill Quadrant, Camphill avenue. 16.
E k Camphill Street, f. Pollokshaws road to Camp-
hill drive. 16.
Camphill View, 980 Pollokshaws road. 14.
E I Campside Crescent, Cathkin rd., Langside. 16,
E d Campsie St., f. M'Farlane st. to Hillhouse st. 3.
B k Campvale, Crossmyloof. 16
Ff Canal Bank Street, Port Dundas. 6.
Ff Canal Basin, Port Dundas. 8.
F f Canal Street, f. Dobbie's loan to Canal bank. 6.
E i Canal Street, off Eglinton street. 13.
G h Candleriggs, from Trongate to Ingram street
East side, 5 ; west side, 7.
G g Canning Place, off 85 and 91 Stirling road. 6.
E i Canning Street, f. Great Hamilton strset to
Biidgeton cross. 4.
Eg Canning St., f. Nth. st., And., to School wynd.10.
Cannisburn Road, off Main street, Marjhill. 17.
F g Canonbury Ter., 74 to 94 Hill St., Garnethill. 9.
C i Caprera Place, Paisley Road. 14.
F d Carbeth Street, off Bardowie st., Possil. 17.
If Carbrook St., f. Hollybank st. to Kilberry St. 3
A i Cardonald Pk. Ter., halfway Paisley rd.
E g Cardross Street, off Evelyn street. 3.
F k Carfin Street, Govanhill, east of Cathcart road,
11 ; west of do., 12
Ef Carlisle Street, off Springburn road. 6.
B c Carlisle Ter. , Cambridge dr. Kelvinside, N. 17.
Bk Carlowrie ter., Minard road, Crossmyloof. 16.
F h Carlton Court, f.Bridge st.to S. Portland st. 12.
B e Carlton Gardens, Nos. 1 to 7, 17 ; from No. 8
upwards, 9.
Fh Carlton PI., from Buchan st. to Bridge st. 12.
B e Carlton Terrace, Kelvinside, north. 17.
Ej Carlyle Place, top of Eglinton street. 12.
K k Carlyle Terrace, Farme, Rutherglen.
B I Carment Drive and PL off Kilmarnock rd. 21.
El Qarmichael Place, Ledardrd. to Overdale st. 16.
B h Carmichael Street, off Govan road, Govan. 20.
Carmyle Avenue, Mount Vernon.
EJ Carnarvon Street, off St. George's road. 9.
K i Carntyne Place, Great Eastern road. 2.
L h Carntyne Rd., east end of Duke st. South side,
2 ; North side, 3
Carntyne Street. Shettleston.
Caroline Place, North Avenue, Govan. 20.
E h Carrick Street, f. Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 7.
E e Carrickarden Street, off Raeberry street. 9.
f Carriden Place, Whiteinch. 15.
Ef Carrington Street, from Great Western road to
West Princes street. 9.
Ej Carstairs Street, off French St., Bridgeton. 1.

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