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H j Barrowfield Place, French street. 1.
Ik Barrowfield Street, off Avenue st, Bridgeton. 2.
Ij Bartholomew Street, off Dalmarnock road. 1.
Eg Bath Crescent, Bath street, near West end. 9.
F g Bath Lane, Bath street to Sauchiehall st. 7.
F g Bath Street, from Buchanan st. to North st. ; to
Pitt st. 7 ; fr. Pitt st, to North street, 9.
Fg Bath St. La., f. W. Nile st. to Blythswood sq. 7.
F k Batson Street, off Aikenhead road. 11.
E I Battle Place, Langside. 16.
E I Battlefield, Mount Florida. 16.
E m Battlefield Av.,f. Battlefield rd. to River Cart. 16.
E I Battlefield Crescent, Mount Florida. 16.
E I Battlefield Gardens, Battlefield road, 16.
E I Battlefield Road, Langside to Cathcart road. 16.
G h Bazaar, Candleriggs. 5.
B d Beaconsfield Rd., off Great Western road. 15.
Bg Beaconsfield Square, Helen street, Govan. 20.
F k Beaufort Gardens, Allison St., Govanhill. 12.
Fk Beaufort Place and Terrace, Govanhill. 12.
D e Beauly Ter., Montgomerie st., Kelvinside. 17.
Beaumont Gate, Albion street, Dowanhill.
Ej Beaumont Ter., Herriet st., Pollokshields. 13.
F i Bedford Lane, from Main st. to Surrey st. 12.
E g Bedford PI., 158 to 172 Renfrew st., Garneth'l. 7.
F i Bedford Row, f. Bedford lane to Duomorest. 12.
F i Bedford Street, fr. Surrey st. to Eglintonst. 12.
He Bedlay Street, off Petershill road. 3.
B i Beech Avenue, Bellahouston. 19.
Ij Beechgrove Street, fr. Strathclyde st. to Wood-
hall street. 1.
A d Beechwood Drive, off Crow rd., Broomhill. 15.
Beechwood Drive, Tollcross.
Ij Beechwood Place, Dalmarnock road. 1.
D I Beechwood Terrace, Albert road, LaQgside. 16
Beechwood Terrace, Shettleston.
T j Beechwood Terrace, 799 Dalmarnock rd. 1.
1) g Belch Place, corner of Elderslie street, 10.
D d Belfort Street, off Gairbraid street. 17.
D e Belgrave Place, Wilson street, Hillhead. 15.
Eg Belgrave St., fr. St. Vincent st. to Kent rd. 9.
D e Belgrave Ter., Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 15.
C e Belhaven Crescent, Westbourne gardens. 15.
Eg Belhaven Place, fr. Scotia pi. to Newton st. 9.
€ e Belhaven Ter., Gt. Western rd., Kelvinside. 15.
G h Bell Street, from Candleriggs to High street. 5.
H j Bell Street, Bridgeton, off Ann street. 1.
H i Bell St., Calton, f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st. 4.
/ Bell Street, Whiteinch. 15.
D f Bell Terrace, Bank st. and Gt. George st. 15.
K i Bella Place, Van st, Parkhead. 2.
B i Bellahouston Terrace, Paisley Road. 20.
B i Bellahouston, Villas, east side of Dambreck
road, south of G. and P. Railway. 19.
B i Bellahouston, Villas, north of G. and P. Rail-
way, from west of Bellahouston church road
to Ibrox Station. 20.
F k Belleisle Gardens, Dixon's aven., Govanhill. 12.
F k Belleisle Place, Allison Street. 12.
F k Bellisle St , fr. Allison st. to Dixon avenue. 12.
F k Belleisle Terrace, Annette street, Govanhill. 12.
Bf BeUevue Place, off Garngadhill. 3.
H d Bellevue Ter., off Balgray Hill, Springburn. 3.
Bellevue Terrace, Cathcart, 16.
F k Bellevue Terrace, Garturk St., Govanhill. 16.
/ h Bellfield Place, Thomson st., off Duke st. 3.
Ih Bellfield Street, f. Gallowgate to N.B. Railway,
and f. Reidvale st. to Duke st. 3.
/ h Bellfield Terrace, 348 to 354 Duke street. 3.
ff h Bellgrove Street, fr. Gallowgate to Duke st, 3.
C d Bellahaugh Rd., off Kirklee rd., Kelvinside. 15.
Ej Belmar Terrace, Pollokshields. 13.
D e Belmont Cres., off Belmont si,, Hillhead. 15.
I) e Belmont Gardens, 2 Belmont street. 15.
D e Belmont Place, Gt. Western road. 15
ff c Belmont Road. Balgrayhili, Sprinsburn. 3.
D e Belmont St., off Gt. Western rd., Hillhead. 15.
D e Belmont Ter., Gt. Western road, Hillhead. 15.
K j Belvidere, London road. 1.
K i Belvidere Avenue. 2.
Bengal Lane, Pollokshaws. 21.
C I Bengal Street, Pollokshaws. .21.
A d Benmore Street, off 162 Balgrayhili. 3.
/ h Bennie Terrace, 33 to 41 Wbitevale street. 2.
F h Bennie's Court, 285 Argyle street. 7.
D g Bentinck Street, off Kelvingrove street. 9.
Ee Benviaw Street, f. Firhill rd. to Murano st. 17.
B d Renview Ter., 129 to 147 Balgray road. 3.
H I Berelands Place, off Burnhill St., Rutherglen.
E g Berkeley Street, off North street. 9.
Eg Berkeley Terrace, Berkeley st., off North st. 9.
Dj Berlin Place, Pollokshields. 13.
Dj Berlin Terrace, Leven street, Pollokshields. 13.
/ i Bernard St., Bridgeton. 1.
Berryknowe Road, Govan. 20.
Gj Bilbao Street, off Rutherglen road. 11.
D d Bilsland Drive, off Gairbraid st., Maryhill. 17.
H i Binnie PL, f. Monteith row to G. Hamilton st. 4.
Ej Birnam Ter., Cadder street, Pollokshields. 16.
E k Birnam Ten-ace, Maybank st., Crosshill. 16.
Birnam Terrace, off Craigton road. 20.
Ff Bishop PI., no. end of Bishop st., P. Dundas. 6.
E e Bishop Place, off Firhill road. 8.
A d Bishop's Road, off Crow road., Broomhill. 15.
E h Bishop St., Main st., And., to St. Vine. st. 10.
Fj Bishop Street, Port Dundas, f. Garscadden st.
to Forth st. 6.
G g Black Street, off Parliamentary road. 6.
D h Blackburn Street, off Paisley road. 19.
H i Blackfaulds Place, off Canning St., Calton. 4.
C g Blackie Street, off Old Dumbarton rd. 10.
H i Blair St., from Tobago st. to Cumberland st. 4.
Cf Blantyre Street, off Old Dumbarton road. 10,
A d Blenheim Drive, off Crow road. 15.
H d Blenheim Street, off 500 Springburn road. 3.
ff g Blind Asylum, Castle street. 3.
If Blochairn Rd., east, off Garngad rd. 3.
Df Bloomfield Place, Hillhead. 15.
A h Bloomfield Place, Govan. 20.
/ h Bluevale St., fr. Railway to Duke st. 2.
Df Blythswood Drive, f. Gt. Western rd. to South
Woodside road. 9.
E j Blythswood Gardens, W. Princes street. 9.
Ef Blythswood Place, cor. Dunearn st. and Great
Western road. 9.
E g Blythswood Sq., west end of W. George st. 7.
Eg Blythswood Ter., 102 to 138 Bothwell street. 7.
Ti Boden Street, off London road. 1.
F I Bolton Drive, Mount Florida. 16.
F k Bonnington Gars., Dixon avenue, Govanhill. 12
D m Bonnington Terrace, Colquhoun street. 16.
F k Bonnington Ter.. Garturk st., Govanhill. 12.
Bonnytoun Terrace, Drive road, Govan. 20.
Gf Borron Street, Port Dundas. 6.
D e Boswell Ter., Queen Margaret dr., Kelv'side. 17.
C e Botanic Gardens, Great Western rd. 15.
E g Bothwell Circus, west end of Bothwell st. 10.
Eg Bothwell La.,f. W. Campbell st. to Mains st. 7.

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