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(For lv<t of Managers, Medical Officers, and other particulars, see page 155 in the Appendix).
I. The Western Infirmary was opened in the beginning of November, 1874, with 200 beds,
but by the munificence of the late Mr. John Freeland of Nice, the accommodation was increased
to 400 beds at a cost of £40,000. The new addition was opened in 1881, and was at once made
available to the public.
II. During the year (ending 31st October, 1894) 48,420 visits were made to the Dispensary
by out-door patients. The number of patients treated in the wards was 4175.
The cost for maintenance during the past year was £21,447 Is. Od.; and as .the ordinary income
from all sources during the same period was only £16,479 5s. Id. the necessity for new and
increased support will readily be seen. The liberal spirit, however, in which all classes of the
community have hitherto supported the Institution gives the Managers confidence in believe
ing that the appeal which they now make will meet with a prompt and generous response.
III. The Managers take the liberty of drawing attention to the subjoined Form of Bequest, in
the hope that from this source they may be enabled gradually to accumulate a special fund from
the investment of which, in so far as it is not required for contingencies, a considerable sup-
plementary revenue may in time be derived.
I of do hereby leave to the Western
Infikmaky of Glasgow, free of legacy duty and charges, a Legacy of* pounds
sterling, which I authorise and direct my Executors to pay to the Treasurer or Secretary thereof for the
time being, npon his receipt, which shall be a sufficient discharge.
Dated at Glasgow, this* day of Eighteen Hundred and
Ninety years.
{Testator's Signature).
• Sum and Date to be expressed in words, not in figures.
Funds are required and earnestly solicited for the upkeep of the Infirmary; all Annual
Contributions and Donations sent to the Subscribers will be thankfully received and duly
JAMES GRAHAM, LL.D., Hon. Treasurer.
Western Infirmary Office,
126 Buchanan Street, Gi-asgow.
Apnl, 1895.

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