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or if the first shall not be driven to it, then by the
second, and so on in the order of the line. After
setting down a fare, the Carriage may proceed to the
nearest stand at which there is room.
Arrangement of Carriages at places of Public
Amusement and Assembly.
All Carnages ordered back for a party, at any
place of public amusement or assembly, shall have
the preference of drawing up nearest to the door or
entrance of such place, and shall drive up in the order
in which they arrive. When a party is put down
the Driver shall immediately pass on and not wait
at the door, but take such place as the Police may
direct ; and all Carriages waiting for hire at any such
place shall stand on the opposite side of the street, or
at such other place as the Police may on such occa-
sions direct, for the purpose of preventing confusion.
Every Driver shall, when he receives his License,
be furnished with a Badge by the Eegistrar,
and shall leave Half-a-Crown as security for the
Badge, which smn will be returned when the Badge
is given up. In the event of the Badge being in-
jured while in possession of the Driver, the expenses
of any necessary repairs will be deducted from the
sum deposited.
He shall wear the Badge displayed conspicu-
ously on his left breast above his outer garment,
while on the stand or driving, or otherwise employed
as a Driver, except when engaged at a marriage, or
funeral, or country exctu'sion, or airing, when he may
wear his Badge concealed.
No Driver to lend or permit any other person
to use his License or Badge, or to wear any other
Badge than the one issued to. him by the Registi-ar.
Every Driver who ceases to act, or whose License
shall have been suspended by the Magistrate, or
shall have expired, shall, within three days there-
after, deliver his License and Badge at the ofiice of
the Registrar.
He shall always have with him while on the Stand,
or driving, a copy of the Clauses of the Glasgow
Police Act, 1866, relative to Hackney Carriages and
Drivers; also Bye-laws, and Tables of Fares and
Distances, and Duplicate of Carriage License, and
Reference Ticket, which he will exhibit, on demand,
to any Constable, or to any person who has hired or
used his Carriage, or who is about to do so ; which
Clauses, Bye-laws, or Tables of Distances, with the
Duplicates of Carriage License, he will keep in a tin
case, that they may at all times be clean and legible.
He shall keep his Carnage Lamps lighted, while
driving, after sunset and before sunrise, during the
months of October, November, December, January,
and February.
Every Driver shall be cleanly ,in his person, and
shall, when on the Stand or driving, wear a good
hat, and other good, clean, and respectable clothes,
and shall conduct himself, at all times, in a proper,
civil, and decorous manner.
Driver to deliver Reference Ticket to Hirer of
Every Driver shall tender to the person hiring his
Carriage, when entering the Carriage, a Ticket,
according to the pattern shown in the office of the
Registrar, having printed thereon the number of the
Carriage and of the Driver, the name and address of
the Proprietor, and the following words — " Reference
in case of incivility, loss, or overcharge."
Driver not to stand or Loiter in streets appro-
priated as Public Stands when full number
of Carriages on Stand.
No Driver of any Can-iage shall stand or loiter
with the same in any of the squares, streets, or places
appropriated as Public Stands, at the time when the
full number of Carriages authorised to ply on the
respective Stand shall be thereon, or ia any street or
place not appropriated as a Public Stand, except at
places of public amusement or entertainment, and on
the occasion thereof.
Property accidentally left in any Carriage.
In every case of property being inadvertently left
in any Carriage by any person or persons who may
have hired or used the same, such property shall be
taken and delivered up to the person or persons who
have left the same, and, if not so delivered up, shall,
within twelve hours after the property is found, be
taken in the state in which it was found to the
Central Police OfEce, and there delivered to the
Registrar, with the name of the Owner and Driver,
and number of the Carriage ; the Driver in such case
to be rewarded at the expense of the hirer, which
reward shall be a sum equal to at least Is. 6d. in the
£ left with the Magistrate or Registrar, to be handed
to the Driver if the property is given up without his
Owner or Driver not to Canvass for
No Owner or Driver shall canvass or importune
for employment ; nor shall Carriages be taken from
their station in search of employment, but shall wait
their chance in the order prescribed by Bye-laws 21
and 22, except when taken to places of public
amusement or entertainment.
Drivers not to Smoke.
Drivers shall not smoke when waiting for parties
or when driving, after an objection made by any
person riding in, or upon, any such Carriage.
As to Feeding Horses on Stands.
Horses when on the Stand or anywhere in the
street shall not be fed except with food from a bag
or with hay from the hand, and no hay or oats shall
be kept inside of the Carriage.
Drivers to observe the Proper Rules for Driving.
Drivers shall, on all occasions, be careful to observe
the proper rules for driving and to prevent danger,
obstruction, annoyance, or inconvenience, and shall
be particularly cautious in crowded thoroughfares,
and when turning from one street or passage into
Drivers not to Carry Diseased Persons or Corpses.
No Owner or Driver of a Carriage shall knowingly
carry, or convey thereon or therein, any person aifected
with any infectious or contagious disease, or any
dead body.
Driver not to Drive an Unlicensed Carriage.
No Driver shall knowingly drive, or take charge of
an Unlicensed Carriage while plying for hire or upon
any of the Public Stands of the City.

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