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Hon.'preg., Alex. M'Feat,327 Dumbarton Rd., Glas-
gow; president, Jas. Hunter, J.P., 1 Victoria Cross,
Govantiill; vice-president, James Elder, 120 Lang-
lands Road, Govan ; treasurer, J. Campbell, 232 Dum-
barton Ed., Partick; secretary, J. Rowley Orr, writer,
93 West Regent Street; offices, 93 West Regent St.
The objects of the Association are to protect the
just rights and interests of the trade in the full and
free exercise of their business ; and for that pui-pose,
by themselves or a legal agent, to watch and op-
pose any measure or proceeding, parliamentary or
local, which may have an injurious or oppressive
24 George Square.
President, Jas. C. Burns, Esq. ; Committees — 1.
Ocean & Cargo Steamers' Committee, D. Macdoiigall,
Esq , chairman ; Hugh Hogarth, Esq., Robt. Clark,
Esq , J. P. Maclay, Esq., F. C. Gardiner, Esq. ; 2.
Channel and Coasting Steamers' Committee, William
Sloan, Esq., chairman ; James Cuthbert, Esq., W.
Robertson, Esq., E. E. Langlands, Esq.. ; secretary,
NeilsoE Bird, Esq.
Office, 26 Renfield street.
President, ex-Provost Wilson, 38 W. George st. ;
vice-presidents, Alexander Cross, M.P., 19 Hope street,
William Campbell, 12 Bute Mansions. Hillhead ;
law agents, Wilson, Caldwell & Fyfe, 79 West Regent
street ; secretary and auditor, James Wilson, C.A.,
26 Renfield street.
The objects of the Association are : —
(a) To refoi-m existing abuses in the management,
and to promote greater economy in the working of
shipping. (6) To give general and legal advice and
assistance to its Members, (c) To take cognizance
of legislation affecting shipping.
President, Alexander Forbes, 10 Hydepark Street ;,
secretary and treasurer, James L. Selkirk, C.A., 64
West Regent Street.
The objects of this Association are to promote
good feeling among parties engaged in the trade, and
a thorough understanding of what may be required
from time to time in the regulation of prices, and
generally to consider all matters affecting the iaterests
of the trade.
Managers. — The Lord Provost, the Members of
Parliament for the City, the Dean of Guild, the
Deacon- Convener, Dr. W. T. Gairdner, Professor of
Medicine ; Dr. J. Clelaud, Professor of Anatomy ;
Dr. Bruce GofiF, President of the Faculty of Phy-
Ncians and Surgeons ; Dr. John Garey, John
Miller, Prof. John Young, Rev. G. Gibson Gunn,
Dr. J. D. Maclaren, Dr. Robert Perry, Dr. George
R. Mather, and James S. Crawford.
Elected by the General Court — Mat. Pettigrew,
Robert Gourlay, David M'Cowan, Robert Ramsey,
Dr. Archibald Neilson, John Anderson, jun., James
D. Hedderwick, Robert S. Allan, J. P. Maclay, and
Samuel Marks.
Representatives of the Ophthalmic Institution —
George Browne, James Clark, and James Miller.
Dr. A. Robertson, Dr. J. W. Anderson, Dr. John
Dougall, D. C. M'Vail,M.B., and Dr. G. S. Middleton,
physicians ; Mr. H. E. Clark, Dr. D. N. Knox, Dr.
W. J. Fleming, Dr. John Barlow, Dr. James A. Adams ,
Dr. David Newman, and Dr. Q. M'Lennan, surgeons;
Dr. James Stirton, diseases of women; Dr. John
Macintyre, diseases of the throat ; Dr. J. L. Steven,
Dr. James Dunlop, Dr. Alex. Scott, Dr. Charles
Workman, Dr. T. Kirkpatrick Monro, Dr. A. G.
Auld, and Dr. Jas. Paton Boyd, dispensary (or assist-
ant) physicians; Dr. D. M'Kellar Dewar, Dr. J.
Hogarth Pringle, Dr. H. Rutherfurd, Dr. G. R.
Thomson, Dr. J. C. G. DutFus, and Dr. A. N.
M'Gregor, dispensary (or assistant) surgeons ; Dr.
James Luke and Dr. Robert Kent, extra dispensary
(or assistant) surgeons; Dr. James K. Love,
aural surgeon; Dr. Alex. Morton, diseases of the
skin; Dr. Jas. K. Kelly, gynsecologist ; Dr. Hugh
Thomson, vaccinator; Mr. W. Howard Gray, dental
surgeon ; Dr. John Macintyre, electrician ; Dr. R,
FuUerton, diseases of the throat ; Dr. Francis H.
Napier, ophthalmic surgeon ; Dr. J. Lindsay Steven,
pathologist and curator of museum ; Dr. Charles
Workman, assistant to pathologist; Dr. J. C.
Woodburn, honoraiy consulting dental surgeon ; I>,
Crawford, apothecary; Dr. M. Thomas, superinten-
dent; Mrs. Strong, matron; Rev. M. Paterson, chap-
lain; W. Litson, janitor; David M'Cowan, hon.
treasurer; H. Lamond, 93 West Regent Street,
secretary; Jas. Barclay, 88 St Vincent Street, cashier;
H. Lamond, Lang & Co., 93 West Regent Street,
law agents.
Ophthalmic Department, 126 W. Regent Street —
Dr. Francis H. Napier, surgeon ; Dr. A. T. Thomson,
assistant surgeon ; consulting surgeon, Dr. D. N,
41 Rottenrow Street.
Incorporated by seal of cause from the Magistrates
and Town Council, and supported by voluntary
This institution was formed in 1805, for the cure
of unfortunate females. The directors are chosen
annually, and consist of one from the Clergy, one
from the Town Council, one from the Merchants'
House, one from the Trades' House, two from the
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, and sis from
the general body of subscribers.
Dr. James Dunlop and Dr. A. Patterson, acting
surgeons; John Young, secretary, 163 Queen St.;
Eobt. Findlay, treasurer, 146 Buchanan St.; Wm.
Gibb, superintendent.

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