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Clinical Medicine, James Hinshelwood, M.A., M.D.
Engineering, A. B. Dobbie, B.Sc, and James D. Mackinnon.
English Language and Literature, John Morgan Connor, M.A.
Naval Architecture, William Stevenson.
Hebrew, Thomas Weir, B.D.
Natural History, James Rankin, B.Sc.
Botany, J. C. Willis, M.A., and W. H. Lang, B.Sc.
Physiology, D. Eraser Harrifi, B.Sc, M.B.
Pathology, L. R. Sutherland, M.B.
Muirhead Demonstrator of Physiology, William Snodgrass, M.A., M.B.
"Young" Assistant in Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Alexander Dobbie, B.Sc.
Arnott and Thomson Demonstrator in Physics, J. T. Bottomley, M.A., D.Sc, F.R.S.
William Baxter Demonstrator in Geology, Robert Buchanan, B.Sc.
W. P. Dickson, D.D., curator of Library; James Lymburn, librarian; Hill and Hoggan, factors of
the University; Brown, Fleming, and Murra)', C.A., auditors; William Stewart, D.D., Clerk of Senate- W.
Innes Addison, Assistant Clerk ; James Coutte, M.A., Registrar of the General Council ; Arch. Craio-, LL.B.
156 St. Vincent Street, clerk of general council; L. M'Pherson, janitor ; David Stewart, master of works*
Bliss J. A. Galloway, secretary, at Queen Margaret College.
HuNTBRiAN Museum and Library. — J. Young, M.D., keeper ; John Young, F.G.S., LL.D., under-keeper;
William H, Teacher, M.A., M.B., CM., under-keeper in Pathological Department.
N.B. — Degrees in Ai'ts, Science, and Medicine being now open to women on the same conditions as to
men, classes for the instruction of women students, conducted by professors and by lecturers and other
teachers appointed by the University Court, are held at Queen Margaret College, which is now the women's
department of the University.
Humanity — Professor and assistants.
English Language and Literature — Professor
and assistant.
French Language and Literature — J. A. L. Kunz,
German Language and Literature — Ales. Tille,
M.A., Ph.D.
Logic and Metaphysics — Professor and assistant.
Moral Philosophy — Professor and assistant.
Political Economy — Wm. Smart, M.A., LL.D.
Mathematics — Professor and assistants.
Natural Philosophy— James Blyth, M.A., F.R.S.E.
Ciiemistry — Thomas Gray, B.Sc.
Zoology — Professor and assistants.
Botany — Professor and assistants.
Anatomy— Thomas H. Bryce, M.A., M.B., CM.
Anatomy Demonstrator — J. Hogarth Pringle, M.B.
Physiology — Professor and Muirhead demonstrator.
Materia Medica— C. 0. Hawthorne, M.B., CM.
Pathology — J. Lindsay Steven, M.D.
Surgery — William J. Fleming, M.D.
Practice of Medicine — J. Wallace Anderson.M.D.
Midwifery and GynEecology — Professor and assist.
Principal — George C. M. Douglas, D.D., Appointed 1875.
Apologetic and New Testament Exegesis,. ..Alexander B. Bruce, D.D., 32 Hamilton Park Terrace, 1875
Systematic and Pastoral Theology, James Smith Candllsh, D.D., 6 Ashton Terrace, 1872
Divinity and Church History Thomas M. Lindsay, D.D., 37 Westbourne Gardens, 1872
Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis George Adam Smith, M.A., D.D., 21 Sardinia Terrace, 1892
Natm-al Science, Rev. Henry Drummond, F.R.S.E., 1884
Evangelistic Theology, —
Clerk of senate and principal librarian, James S. Candlish, D.D. ; treasurer, Henry Roxburgh, Esq., 150
St. Vincent Street ; sub-librarian, James Cameron ; janitor, David Clark.
Robert King, Preses ; Sir J. N. Cuthbertson, Dr.
John Pirie, Jas. G. Rodger, Sir Donald Matheson,
K.C.B., David MacBrayne, jun., Jas. M'Lennan, Dr.
David Ross, Walter A. Clark, Rev. Dr. Donald Mac-
leod, James Templeton, Dr. David Murray, and P.
J. Mackie, directors; R. Hope Robertson, 58
St. Vincent street, treasurer and secretary. H.
K. Millar, officer. Entrance fee — £2 2s. for a
gentleman and £1 Is, for a lady, in full of all
future payments. The society grants Evening
and Day Class Scholai-ships for higher education in
secondary schools in the city, also bursaries for the
V/est of Scotland Technical College, and for Arts and
Medical Classes in the University of Glasgow. It
likewise grants aid to pupils desiring instruction in
the evening classes in the Board Schools of the city.
Those eligible are students of Highland descent,
whose circumstances appear to the Managers to
require assistance.

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