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Instituted 1822.
The objects of the Society are to assist, by way of
bursaries or otherwise, in the education of young
persons belonging to the Clan Gregor and bearing
one or other of the Clan names and recommended
by a member of the Society ; to relieve necessitous
and deserving persons belonging to the Clan Gregor
and not in receipt of parochial relief ; and to collect
and publish ancient or interesting documents or
articles on interesting events connected vpith, and to
compile an authentic history of the Clan, and of the
different families belonging to it. The Society is
non-political and non-sectarian, and both ladies and
gentlemen are eligible as members.
The membership is of two classes, viz. : — (1) Life
Members, who shall make a single payment of £5 os.
or upwards; and (2) Ordinary Members, who shall
make an annual payment of, at least, 5s. In addition,
ladies and gentlemen who are in any way connected
with, or friendly to the Clan, or who may make
donations, or be otherwise serviceable to the Clan,
may become honorary members of the Society with
the privilege of recommending applicants.
Office-bearers for 1895 — Hereditary Patron, Sir
Malcolm MacGregor, of MacGregor, Bart., Edinchip,
Locbearnhead ; president, Atholl MacGregor, Esq.,
Eastwood, Dunkeld; vice-presidents, Jas. MacGregor,
Esq. (MacGregor, Gow & Co.), London ; Rev. Charles
MacGregor, D.D.,LadyYester's, Edinburgh; treasurer,
Malcolm MacGregor, Esq., S.S.C, 21 South Castle
St., Edinburgh; secretary, Alex. M'Grigor, Esq.,
writer, 172 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.
Headquarters, 101 St. Vincent Street.
OfBce-bearers for 1894-95 :— Chief, The Right
Hon. the Earl of Seafield; president, James Grant,
Esq., 2 Ann Street, Hillhead; vice-presidents, Lieut.-
Colonel A. B. Grant, 7 Athole Gardens, Glasgow,
Sir Ludovic J. Grant, Bart., of Dalvey ; Hector
Grant, Esq., Lenzie; secretary, A. W. Grant, Esq.,
S.S.C, 101 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow; treasurer,
Francis W. Grant, Esq., 127 Shamrock St., Glasgow;
clan pipers, Duncan Grant, Esq., Wemyss Bay, and
â– Charles Grant, Govan.
The objects of the society are — (1) To assist in
the higher education of the children of members of
the clan; (2) to give relief to necessitous persons
belonging to the clan ; (3) to promote social inter-
course, and (4) to collect ancient clan records and
other documents. The society is non-political and
Glasgow and West of Scotland Branch.
Associated for the encouragement of education, the
collecting and preserving of records and traditions
relating to the history of the clan, the rendering of
assistance to deserving clansmen, and the cultivation
of social intercourse among the members, &c.
Chief — Lochiel. Chieftains — Sir Chas. A. Cameron
M.D., F.R.C.S.L, Dublin ; Allan Cameron (Lundavra)
Dublin; Allan G Cameron, Barcaldine Castle, Ledaig.
President, Nicol Cameron, J. P., Pollokshaws ; secre-
tary, Donald C. Cameron, 65 Lumsden Street, Over-
rewton; treasurer, John B. Cameron, C.E., 111
Union Street. Bard — John Cameron, Tigh-a-phuirt,
The Association consists of persons beating the
surname of Mackintosh, Macpherson, Davidson, Mac-
gillivray, Gow, Gillies, Macqueen, Farquharson, Shaw,,
Cattanach, JIacbean, Macphail, Crerar, Noble, Gillespie,
and Clark, and is non-political and non- sectarian.
The objects of the Association are (1) the fostering
of Clan sentiment ; (2) the cultivation of friendly
intercourse among the members; (3) the rendering
of assistance to deserving clansmen ; (4) the collecting-
and preserving of records and traditions bearing on
the history of the clan ; and (5) the encouraging of
Highland arts and industries. The Association con-
sists of three classes of members, viz. : — Life members,
who shall make one payment of not less than £5 5s. ;
hon. members, who shall pay an annual subscription
of £1 Is., and who shall be entitled on payment of
six consecutive yearly subscriptions to became life
members ; and ordinary members, who shall pay an
annual subscription of 2s. 6d.
Office-bearers for 1894-95. — Chief, the JIackintosh
of Mackintosh ; hon. presidents, Chas. Eraser Mackin-
tosh, Esq.. Alexander Mackintosh Mackintosh, Esq.,
Leonard Gow, Esq., Walter Shaw, Esq., Wm. Shaw,
Esq., Edward Macbean, Esq. ; president, William
Mackintosh, Esq. ; vice-presidents, David E. Clark,
Esq., William L. Shaw, Esq. ; treasurer, D. Mackin-
tosh, Sun Fire Office, Eenfield Street, Glasgow;
secretary, Wra. G. Davidson, Accountant, 51 West
Regent Street, Glasgovr.
" Siol na Meinnerich."
Objects : — (1) to cultivate the ties of clanship ;
(2) assisted secondary education ; (3) rendering assist-
ance to clansmen requiring such; (4) collecting relics ;
(5) wearing Menzies' tartan; (6) raising bursary
fund to assist clansmen, &c.
Hon. corresponding secretary, D. P. Menzies, F.S. A.
Scot., 257 St. Vincent Street and 30 Bishop Street.
— j
Chief, MacLeod of MacLeod, Dunvegan Castle ;
secretary, Peter Macleod, 175 St. Vincent Street ; hon.
treasurer, John M. MacLeod, C.A., 101 St. Vincent
The objects of the society are— (1) The cultivation
of social intercourse ; (2) the encouragement of edu-
cation, Highland industries, and the collection and
preservation of records and traditions bearing on the
history of the clan ; (3) reviving, preserving, and
promoting the interests of the clau ; (4) the relief of
and rendering assistance, counsel, and moral influence
to deserving clansmen. The society is non-political
and unsectarian.
Instituted 1892.
Chief, Sir Fitzroy Donald MacLean, of Morvern,
Bart. ; treasurer, C. J. MacLean, writer, 115 St.
Vincent Street, Glasgow ; secretary, Donald S. Mac-
Lean, 40 South Portland Street, Glasgow; convener
of financial committee, John MacLean, CO Mitchell
Street, Glasgow.

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