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Arch. H. Donald, 1885
H. A. Roxburgh, LL.B.
Alex. M'Grigor,
J. S. Galbraith, B.L.,
H. B. Fyfe, B.L.,
David Todd,
A. Millar Bannatyne,
Jas. Maclay, LL B.,
James Aitken,
John T. T. Brown,
William G. Black,
John Brownlie,
William Barrie,
Thomas J. G. Boyes
William Cochran.
Samuel M. Carrick,
Robert Carswell,
Archd. Craig, LL B.,
John Downie,
James Donaldson,
R. Murray Dunlop,
Stuart Fouhs,
Archibald Ferguson,
Robert Frame,
William P. Fullerton,
William Gillies,
Robert Guy,
John Gibb,
George Gillespie,
William C. Johnston
James Kirkland,
John Miller,
John Muir,
Robert Meldrum,
Peter B. M'Nab,'
James Macdonald,
Charles J. MacLean,
John M'Lachlan,
Thomas M'Lelland,
John M'Connachie, 1887
James 0. Macniven, "
Thomas MacQuaker, "
John Macintyre, "
John Mackinnon, "
Andrew Mackay, "
G. F. Newlands, LL.B., "
John L. Oatts, "
John A. D. Risk, "
Alexander Russell, "
Robert G. Ross, "
William B. Shand, "
William Shaw, "
William Strang, "
John M. Threshie, "
John Wark, "
Tiiomas Weir, "
Peter Gardner, W.S. "
William W. Grieve, "
John Martin, "
G. W. T. Robertson, "
Allan M'Lean, "
Jas. Findlay, M.A., "
C. E.Beokett,LL,B., "
D. Maclachlan, B.L. 1888
Alex. M'Laren, "
George Neilson, "
Geo. H. Robb, M.A., "
John G. Sewell, "
John Harvie, "
James L. Crawford, "
James R. Orr, "
F. L.Morrison, LL.B. "
John S. Lang, "
A. M. Mitchell. LL.B. "
D.M'C.MaiT, LL.B. 1889
Jas. Fleming,LL.B., "
A. A. Mitchell, LL.B."
D. D. Binnie, LL.B., "
J. G. Stevenson, "
Jas. Glen, M.A., "
R. J. Cunliff, LL,B.,1889
Wm. Anderson, LL.B"
H. F. Lowndes, B.L.,"
J. B. Douglas, M.A.,"
Geo. W. Ban-as, «
Jas. W. Purvis, "
Jas. S. CaiTick, 1890
David Inglis, "
James Smith, "
Alan E.ClappertoD, B.L."
Wm. D. Stewart, "
James B. Kidston "
Alex. Brownlie, "
H.C.Hamilton,LL.B. "
Jas. R. Chaloers, 1891
R. Clement Boyd, "
Jas. H. Edmiston, "
John Jubb, "
William Baird, "
Thos. Stark Brown, "
Thomas Gilfillan, "
Hugh Herron, "
Alex. Kennedy, "
Wm, B. Paterson, "
A. C. Black, "
Angus Campbell, "■
Henry S. Carruthers "
W.J. Mitchell, M. A,,
B.L. "
Henry Barr, B.L., 1892
Andw. Henderson, "
J. S. Knox, "
Jas. John Thomson, "
Wellstood A. Watt,
LL.B., "
M. Boyd Auld, "
John Arthur Brown, "
J. Leiper Gemmill, "
John Turner, , _ 1893
Robt. Scott Stewart,1893
Robt. Barr Stewart, "
John Arthur Thom, "
Geo. A. D. Kirkland, "
David U. Dickie,
M.A., B.L.,
James Orr, "
Thos. D. Torrance, "
James S. Fulton, 1894
Hugh D.D.Chalmers, "
James A, M'Leish, "
John Hurll, B.L., "
Wm. James Begg, "
George Gray, jun., "
John Grove, Jan., "
Daniel Mackenzie, "
Joseph Shaughnessy,"
Arch D. Wyllie, "
Robert Bird, 1895
H. B. Neave, "
J. W. Stuart, M.A., "
Robert Barr, "
Robert Gullen, "
J. M. Mackechnie, "
For noting and Protesting
Bills, from and after 1st
January, 1876 : —
' S. d.
Bill under £30, . .26
£30 and under £100 3
£100 " £200 4
£200 and upwards . 5
s. d.
Bill under £25 . .30
£25 and under £100 5 6
Above £100 ... 7 6
Was founded by Mr. George Baillie, writer in Glasgow, who divested himself in his lifetime of his whole
fortune (£18,000), which with its accumulations during twenty-one years from 11th November, 1863, he
appointed to be applied to the erection and endowment of an Institution in Glasgow, to be called " BaOlie's
Institution," having for its objects, 1st, To aid the self-culture of the operative classes by means of free public
libraries ; and 2nd, The instruction of their children in unsectarian schools. The former of these, however,
according to his du'ection, is alone proceeded with, as there is not a sufficiency of funds for both. The Dean,
Council, and Clerk of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow were appointed perpetual preceptor, patrons, and
directors of the institution, which was incorporated by royal charter, dated March 18, 1867. A scheme was
afterwards prepared, under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act, 1882, for the administration of
the trust, which was submitted to the Scotch Education Department, and was approved of by Her Majesty
in Council. By it the Governing Body was increased to twelve, who are elected by various public bodies.
A free public library and reading room were opened at 48 Miller Street, on 29th September, 1887. —
Chamberlain, Thomas Stout, 178 St. Vincent Street; librarian, William Simpson.

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