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or dutiable articles (if any kind, however small the
value, are confiscated in that countr_v.
In Belgium. — Bronze, copper, and nickel coins.
In Liberia. — Gold acd silver articles, except coins.
Letters for Passengers on Board Mail Pachets.
1. Letters for passengers on board the packets for
America calling at Queenstown, the packets for
Canada calling at Londonderry, the packets for the
Cape, &c., and the Royal i\Iail Con'ipanj''s packets
for Brazil, &c., calling at Lisbon, the Peninsular
and Oriental psckets from Brindisi with the mails
for Egypt, India, Australia, China, &c. , and the Orient
packets from Naples with the mails for Australia,
may be posted in any part of the United Kingdom
up to the time at which ordinary registered letters
to go by the same packets are received. They
must be registered, the postage and registration
fee must be fully prepaid, and they must be addressed
to the care of the Commander of the packet.
2. The letters should be addressed thus : " Mr.
■, on board the mail packet for , at
Queenstown, Londonderry, Lisbon, Brindisi, or
Naples, care of the Commander of the packet."
Re- direction.
1. Letters addressed to this country from places
abroad and re-directed here either to a fresh address
in this country or to another country, and also Inland
Letters rc-directed to an address abroad, are sent
forward without any charge for re-direction ; but, if
not prepaid in the first instance a postage which will
have sufficed for their transmission from the first
to the second address they are charged the deficient
2. Letters re- directed after delivery at the first
address, must be reposted not later than the day
(Sundays and public holidays not being counted)
after delivery. Any whicli may appear to have been
opened will be liable to charge as freshly posted unpaid
letters. Whenever thought necessary a receipt may
be required from the addressee of a re-directed letter
at the second address.
3. All re-dnected parcels are chargeable with
fresh postage.
4. All registered letters or packets on being re-
directed must be taken back to the Post Office to be
dealt with as registered, and must not be dropped
into a letter box as ordinary letters or packets.
5. Letters for commissioned officers in the army
or navy on actual service are exempt from any charge
for re-direction. The regulations respecting letters
fornon-commissioned officers and private soldiers and
seamen will be found at page 22.
(j. Letters, &c., returned to the senders that they
may rectify or complete the address are not, when
re-posted, treated as le-directed, but as liable to
fresh postage.
Dimensions. — The dimensions allowed are the same
as for the Inland Parcel Post, with the following
exceptions : —
Canada. — Greatest length, 2 feet; greatest depth
or width, 1 foot. Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Bosnia,
Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,
Herzegovina, Holland, Luxemburg, Madeira, Morocco,
Norway, Novi Bazar, Portugal, Roumania, Servia,
Sweden, and Switzerland. — Limited to 2 feet in any
Algeria. Argentine Republic, Chili, Cochin China,
Corsica, Dutch East Indies, Italy, Madagascar,
Mexico, Portugal (via France), Spain, Tunis, Turkey,
and Uruguay. — Greatest length, 2 feet ; length and
girth combined, 4 feet.
Weight. — No parcel must exceed 7 lbs. in weight,
except where otherwise stated. Parcels for Spain
via France, &h lbs.
Customs Declaration. — Parcels are liable to Cus-
toms regulations, and the sender of each parcel is
required to make a Customs declaration furnishing —
upon a special form or forms provided for the pur-
pose, which can be obtained at any post office — an
accurate statement of the nature and value of the
contents, the date of posting, and other particulars.
The net weight of the various articles contained in a
parcel should, if possible, be stated, and any other
particulars which wou'd facilitate the assessment of
Customs daty. Some foreign administrations require
more than one copy of the Customs declaration form
to be made out. Tlie forms should, when possible,
be filled up in both English and French. Parcels
for foreign countries must in addition be accompanied
by a despatch note, which is supplied at any post
office, and must be filled up by the sender.
Customs Duty. — All parcels are liable to be opened
for Customs examination, and their contents are sub-
ject to Customs duty in the country or colony of
destination. Such duty cannot be prepaid, but is in
each case collected from the addressee on delivery.
In most foreign countries and British colonies the
articles which are not subject to Customs duty on
importation are comparatively few. The post office
can give no information as to the Customs tariff or
procedure of particular countries, nor does it accept
any responsibility for loss, delay, or charges arising
from the Customs regulations to which the contents
of parcels are liable. In addition to Customs duty,
a charge of 6d. per parcel for stamp duty, clearance,
&c., is levied on all dutiable parcels entering the Cape
of Good Hope and NataL This charge is increased
to Is. 6d. in the case of parcels for the Orange Free
State. In Mexico the charge is 5 cents for a parcel
not exceeding 1 lb., and 1 cent for every 4 oz. in
the case of a parcel exceeding 1 lb.
Letters Enclosed in Parcels. — No letter, or com-
munication of the nature of a letter, may be enclosed
in a parcel for any foreign country or for the colonies
of the Cape of Good Hope, Fiji, Jamaica, Mauritius,
Natal, New South Wales, New Zealand, Queensland,
Seychelles, South Australia, Tasmania, Trinidad, Vic-
toria, or Western Australia. The enclosure in a parcel
addressed to any of the other British colonies or pos-
sessions of a letter bearing the same address as the
parcel is not prohibited.
Compensation for Loss or Damage. — Compensa-
tion to an amount not exceeding in some cases 20s.
and in other cases 123. is given for loss or damage
of parcels addressed to foreign countries and to cer-
tain colonies. For particulars apply at any post
Insurance of Foreign ParceZs.— Parcels for the
following countries and British colonies and depen d-
encies not containing money or any article which
is not transmissible by the inland or colonial parcel
post may be insured up to the value of £50 : — Aden,
Antigua, Ascension, Bahamas, Barbadoes, British
Guiana, British Honduras. British North Borneo
(as far as Sandakan), Ceylon, Cyprus, Dominica,

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