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which are not actually patterns or samples, cannot
be forwarded by Pattern Post.
2. No article liable to custom duties can be sent
as a sample or pattern.
3. The rates of postage, â– which must be prepaid,
will be found at p 'ge 14.
4. Patterns or samples, when practicable, must be
sent in covers open at the ends, and in such a
manner as to be easy of examination.* But samples
of seeds, drugs, and such like articles, which cannot
be sent in covers of this kind, may be posted enclosed
in boxes, or in bags of linen or other material, fastened
in such a manner that they may be readily opened.
5. There must be no writing or printing upon
or in any sample packet for non-Union countries,
except the address of the person for whom it is in-
tended, the address of the sender, a trade mark or
number, the price of the articles, the weight or size,
and the quantity to be disposed of, or such as may
be necessary to indicate the place of origin or the
nature of the merchandise. A sample packet for a
country in the Postal Union may contain, besides
these particulars, any Printed Papers; and, if the
rate applicable to Commercial Papers be paid, it
may also contain Commercial Papers.
6. Samples of saleable value must not be sent to
any foreign country, or to any of the British Pos-
sessions which are comnrised in the Postal Union.
Samples of eider down, raw or thread silk, woollen or
goats' hair thread, vanilla, or isinglass, are considered
to fall under this rule if they weigh more than three
7. Such articles as scissors, knives, razors, forks,
steel pens, nails, kej's, watch machinerj', metal
tubing, pieces of metal or ore, provided that they be
packed and guarded in so secure a manner as to
afford complete protection to the contents of the
mail bags and to the oflBcers of the Post OfiSce,
while at the same time they may be easily ex-
amined, may be sent as samples to places aljroad.
Liquids, glass, anything of a greasy nature, explo-
sives, indigo, and powders of all kinds are absolutely
8. The limit of weight is not the same to all
countries. For particulars, see page 14.
9. A packet of patterns or samples sent to any
place comprised in the Postal Union must not exceed
12 inches in length, 8 in width, or 4 in depth. If,
however, the packet be in the form of a roll the
limit of size will be 12 inches in length and 6 inches
in diameter. Tbe size of a packet fur a non-Union
country or colony is limited to 24 inches in length
and 12 inches in width or depth.
Foreign Post Cards.
Single and Eeply Post Cards are transmissible to
all parts of the world, except St. Helena, to which
island single cards only can be sent. Single cards
are issued with impressed stamps of Id., and Reply
Cards bearing stamps of the value of Id. on each
Inland Post Cards are also transmissible abroad
if the additional postage required is supplied by
means of postage stamps affixed to the cards.
Nothing must appear on the front of a Post Card
but the stamps required for postage, postal directions
* Jn order to secure the return of Pattern Packets
•which cannot be delivered, the names and addresses of
the senders should be printed or written outside; thus,
"From of ."
(such as " Eegistered," " Acknowledgment of De-
livery," &c.), the name and address of the i-ecipient
in writing or on a gummed label not exceeding in
size 2 inches by f inch, and the name and address
of the sender indicated in writing, or by means of a
stamp, or any typographical process. Nothing what-
ever may be attached to a post card except adhesive
postage stamps, or an address label as described
above. Nor may the card be folded, cut, or other-
wise altered.
Post cards not in accordance with the regulations
are treated as insufficiently paid letters.
Post cards of one country are not available as
such if posted in another country. If so posted
they are charged as unpaid letters.
Priiiate Post Cards.
Private Post Cards bearing adhesive stamps of the
value of One Penny, and Private Reply Post Cards with
Penny adhf'sive stamps on each half, may also be sent
as Post Cards to places abroad. They must be of
the same size and substance ss the Official Cards
(Inland or Foreign). Such Cards, single and double
alike, must have the words " Post Card" printed on
them without the Royal Aims. The reply halves
must bear in print the words " Post Card — Great
Britain and Ireland," and "Reply."
Letters/or Non- Commissioned Officers, Soldiers,
and Seamen in Her Majesty's Service.
1. Non-commissioned officers, schoolmasters,
schoolmistresses, private soldiers, seamen, writers
in Her j\Iajesty's Navy, whether serving on sea or
land, in a British Possession or Foreign Country,
the Cape Mounted Rifles, and enrolled pensioners
in Canada, can send and receive prepaid letters
not exceeding the weight of half an ounce for a
postage of Id.; but if any such letters have to pass
through a foreign country they are subject, in
addition, to the foreign postage, whatever that may
be. Thus the postage to the undermentioned
countries (including the British charge of one penny)
is as follows : —
To or from — s. d.
Australia,*Ceylon,*HongKong,*Straits") „ ^
Settlements, India,* &c., via Brindisi)
Mauritius, by French Packet . 2|
Chili, Peru, or any other place iu the\
Sou\h FaciSiC, via, Southampton a?id> 2
Panama . . . . .)
When sent by private ship, such letters are in
addition liable to the Captain's gratuity.
2. The person claiming the privilege must at the
time be actually employed in the service of Her
Majesty, and must not be either a commissioned
officer or warrant officer in the army, or assistant
engineer, gunner, boatswain, or carpenter in the navy;
the privilege not extending to these officers.
3. The name of the soldier or seaman, with his
class or description, must appear in the direction;
and the officer having the command must sign his
name, and specify the ship or regiment, corps or
detachment, to which the soldier or seaman belongs;
the name of the ship or regiment being entered in
full. The foregoing particulars must be given in
one of the following forms : —
* The postage to these countries, if posted in time to
leave London on Thursday morning, is Id. only.

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