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and posted as late letters) may be kept back until
the next despatch or delivery.
The conditions on which private cards are impressed
with a halfpenny stamp can be ascertained at the
Office of Inland Revenue.
It will be seen from the foregoing rules, that
there is no legal way of sending a letter, other
than a circular letter, through the post for a postage
of a halfpenny, except by means of a post card.
A certain number of persons seem to imagine that
if envelopes are left unfastened, letters may be en-
closed in them and sent for a postage of a halfpenny
only. It is desirable, therefore, to point out that the
proper postage upon all written letters (which are
not written on post cards) is one penny, whether they
be open or closed, and that letters posted contrary to
this rule are hable to an additional charge of one
penny (i.e., double the deficient postage) on delivery.
Large numbers of letters, not being circular letters,
are from time to time found in halfpenny wrappers,
contrary to the express provisions of the book post ;
and as the officers of the department are instructed
to surcharge all such letters with additional postage,
it will save not only trouble to the Post Office but
annoyance to the public, if care be taken always to
pay letter postage for letters other than circular
letters, unless they be written or printed on post cards.
Trade Patterns and Samples of Merchandise may
be sent between places in the United Kingdom at the
following rates of postage : —
For a packet not more than 4 oz. ,, . . Id.
Above 4 oz. but not more than 6 oz. , . 1-Jd.
Above 6 oz. but not more than 8 oz. . . 2d.
No packet must exceed 8 oz. in weight. The
limits of size are 12 in. by 8 in. by 4 in. If either
of these conditions be infringed the packet will not
be forwarded, but wOl be returned to the sender. A
pattern packet posted wholly unpaid will be charged
with double postage, and a packet insufficiently paid
will be charged with double the deficiency.
The post is intended for the transmission of bona-
■fide Trade Patterns and Samples of Merchandise,
and packets may consist only of such Patterns and
Samples, with or without any printed matter which
is admissible by Book Post. No article sent for sale,
or in execution of an order (however small the quan-
tity), nor otherwise than as a trade sample or pattern,
will under any circumstances be admissible ; and if
any such packet be posted prepaid at the pattern
rate only, it will be charged with double the deficient
postage, at the letter-rate, together with a fine of 6d.
Patterns and samples must be sent in wrappers
(marked "Pattern Post" or "Sample Post'') open at
the ends, or in an unfastened envelope, and must be
so packed that they may, to the satisfaction of the
Postmaster-General or his Officers, be easily withdrawn
for examination ; but samples of seeds, flour, drugs,
and such like articles, which cannot be sent in open
covers, may be enclosed in boxes admitting of easy
examination, or in bags of linen, or other material,
fastened at the neck. Closed bags, even if transparent,
will not be allowed. In all cases where the require-
ments in regard to the mode of enclosure are not
complied ^^■ith, the packet will be charged with double
the deficient postage, at the letter-rate.
It is obligatory that the name, address, and trade
of the sender be in all cases printed or conspicu-
ously stamped on the outside of the wrapper, or on
the label. If this ritle be not complied with, the
packet will be chai'ged double the deficient postage,
at the letter-rate.
When returned to the trader or firm by whom they
are originally sent, patterns will be allowed to pass
at pattern-rates, if one of the following conditions be
complied with : —
a. They may be returned in the original wrapper,
the written address being carefully erased, and the
words " Returned Patterns " or " Retm-ned to," being
prefixed to the printed or stamped address of the
trader, in large and legible characters.
b. Or, a reversible wrapper may be used, having
the trader's name, address, and trade, and the head-
ing " Returned Patterns " printed or stamped on the
reverse side.
c. Or, they may be returned in a fresh wrapper,
bearing the printed or stamped . address, &c., and
heading above described.
A packet which contains any writing which would
not be admissible by Book Post will be charged at
the letter rate.
No glass bottle, or glass in any fonn, maybe sent ;
no explosive, liquid, semi-liquid, or greasy matter,
nor powders of any kind which may stain or do other
damage ; nor any living creature.
Patterns of scissors, knives, razors, and other sharp
articles, must be so packed and guarded as to com-
pletely prevent injury to the other contents of the
mail bags, or to the officers etcployed, but the
packets must at the same time admit of easy ex-
amination. When these requirements are not com-
plied with, the packet will be stopped.
When necessary for securing the due transmission
or delivery of letters, patterns and samples may
be kept back for the succeeding despatch or delivery.
Parcels not exceeding 11 lbs. in weight are ac-
cepted at all Post Offices for transmission by the
Inland Parcel Post under the following general con-
ditions in regard to weights, dimensions, and rates of
postage, viz. : ■ —
The rates of postage for Parcels are — s. d.
Not exceeding 1 lb. in weight, - - 3
Exceeding 1 lb., and not exceeding 2 lbs.,- 4^
" 2 lbs., " 3 " - 6
" 3 " " 4 " - 11
" 4 " " 5 " - 9
" 5 " " 6 " - 101
" 6 " " 7 " - 1
" 7 " " 8 " - 1 li
" 8 " " 9 " - 1 3
" 9 " " 10 " - 1 4J
" 10 " " 11 " - 1 6
Dimensions. — The dimensions allowed for an In-
land Postal Parcel are — ilasimum length, 3 feet
6 inches ; maximum length and girth combined, 6 feet.
Examples. — A parcel measuring 3 feet 6 inches in
its longest dimensions may measure as much as 2 feet
6 inches in gu-th, i.e., around its thickest part ; or —
a shorter parcel may be thicker ; e.ff. if measuring no
more than 3 feet in length, it may measm'e as much
as 3 feet in girth, i.e. around its thickest part.

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