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Inland Letters*
1. The rates of postage whea prepaid are as
follows : —
For a letter not above 1 oz. - - Id.
" above 1 oz. but not above 2 oz. lid.
" 2 oz.
" 4 oz. 2d.
" 4 oz.
" 6 oz. 24d.
" 6 oz.
" 8 oz. 3d.
" 8 oz;.
" 10 oz. 3§d.
" 10 oz.
" 12 oz. 4d.
and so on at the rate of ^d. for every additional 2 oz.
2. A letter posted unpaid is chargeable on delivery
â– with double postage ; if insufficiently prepaid, with
double the deficiency.
3. No letter may be above 18 inches in length,
9 inches in width, or 6 inches in depth, unless it
be sent to or from a government office.
All letters containing instruction to the Postmaster
as to the re- direction of letters, should have written
on envelope " Re-direction of Letters ; " such an inti-
mation will cause the letters to be attended to at once.
Inland Nexvspapers.
1. The prepaid postage on every registered inland
newspaper, whether posted singly or with others in
a packet, is one halfpenny ; but a packet containing
two or more registered newspapers is not chargeable
•with a higher rate than would be chargeable on a
book-packet of the same weight.
2. A newspaper or a packet of newspapers posted
unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double postage;
if insufSciently paid, with double the deficiency.
3. Any publication fulfilling the subjoined con-
ditions can, upon payment of an annual fee of 5s.,
be registered at the General Post Office for circula-
tion within the United Kingdom as a newspaper.
a. The publication must consist wholly or in
great part of political or other news, or of articles
relating thereto, or to other current topics, wiih or
•without advertisements.
b. It must be printed and published in the
United Kingdom, and in numbers at intervals of not
more than seven days.
c. The full title and date of publication must be
printed at the top of the first page, and the whole
or part of the title, and the date, at the top of every
subsequent page. This regulation applies also to
" Tables of Contents " and ''Indices."
d. A supplement must consist wholly or in great
part of matter like that of a new^spaper, or of adver-
tisements, printed on a sheet or sheets, or a piece or
pieces of paper put together at some one part of the
newspaper, whether gummed or stitched up with
the newspaper or not ; or it must consist wholly or
in part of engravings, prints, or lithographs illustra-
tive of articles in the paper. It must in every case
be published with the paper, and have its title and
date printed at the top of every page, except that
any page, sheet, or side on which engravings, prints,
or lithographs illustrative of articles in the paper
appear, need not be dated.
4. The title of every newspaper should be espcsed
to view.
5. All publications not so registered are treated as
book packets, and are subject to the rates and regu-
lations of the Book Post.
6. A newspaper, if posted in a cover, must have
such cover open at both ends, so as to admit of the
paper being easily withdi'awn for examination.
7. No newspaper and no cover of a newspaper
may bear anything besides the title of the newspaper,
the names and addresses of the sender and of the
addressee, and a reference to any page of, or place in,
the newspaper to which the attention of the addressee
is directed. f
8. No unregistered publication, and no article (not
being part of the newspaper, or a supplement thereto)
may be posted in, or in the same cover with, the
9. Any newspaper, or packet of newspapers, in
the case of which any of the three last-mentioned
rules is infringed, is chargeable as book-packet, if ad-
missible as such. If not admissible as such, and
under 8 oz. in weight, it is chargeable as a letter
packet; if over 8 oz., it is transferred to the Parcel
Post and charged a fine of Id. in addition to any defi-
cient parcel postage.
10. A packet of registered newspapers must not
•weigh above 14 lbs., or exceed 2 feet in length, 1
foot in width, or 1 in depth.
Inland Booh Post.
1. The prepaid postage of a book-packet is ^d.
for every 2 oz. or part of 2 oz. If it be posted un-
paid the charge is double that amount ; if partly paid,
double the deficiency.
2. The expression "book-packet" means a packet
which contains one or more of the following articles
or documents, that is to say: —
a. Any matter wholly printed on paper or some
substance ordinarily used for printing.
h. Books and other publications or works of a
literary character, and any other written or printed
matter not being in the nature of a letter (on paper
or on some substance ordinarily used for writing or
c. Sketches, drawings, paintings, photographs, and
engravings on paper or on some substance ordinarilv
used for the purpose, provided it is not a brittle o
esceptionall}' fragile substance.
d. Maps, plans, and charts on paper or some
other substance ordinarily used for the purpose, pro-
vided it is not a brittle or exceptionally fragile sub-
e. The binding or mounting of any article herein-
befoi-e described, provided such binding or mounting
be of a kind ordinarily used for the purpose, be not
made of glass or any brittle or exceptionally fragile
substance, and be transmitted in the same packet
with the article in respect of which it is used.
The following documents, whether containing matter
in the nature of a letter or not, provided they respect-
ively conform to the foUowmg conditions: —
* Inland letters, parcels, or other postal packets are
those which pass bet^veen places in the United Kingdom
including the Isle of Man, the Orkney, Shetland, Scillv'
and Channel Islands. " '
t In order that no failure may occur in the delivery of
neiv'spapers through the covers becoming detached, it is
recommended that the addresses be written on exposed
parts of the newspapers themselves as well as on the

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