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Stirrat, J. & Co. 199 and 201
Bothwell St
Stirrat, Robert & Co. Thistle Wks.
80, 82 Port-Duudasroad; tele-
phone, 3631; telegrapliic addr.
" Van," Glasgow
Strachan, Jas. 159 Paisley road
Strachan. Wra. 677 New City rd-
Straohan, Win. 19 Mearns street,
Strong, Robert, Halfway House,
^Sutherland, D. C. 20 N. Portland
Sutherland & Leslie, 191 Buccleuch
Sutherland, W. 45 Douglai st
Tait, James, & Co. 140 Henfield st
Taylor, Arch. W. 269- Eglinton
Taylor, C. 43 Dnnchattan st
Temple, John, 90 Nelson st. s.s
Tenipleman, D. 48 P.-Dundas rd
Templeton, M. 79 Cathedral st
Thomson, Jas. 54 Elmbank st
Thomson, Wm. & Son, 64 Elm-
bank street
tTurnbnll, Gideon, Alexandra rd.
TurnbuU, J. 11 David st
TIrquhart, Wm. 8 Rutherford lane
Waddell, J. 75 Allison st. Govanhill
6 Walker & Dick, '258 Paisley rd
Walker, Robert, 150 St. Vincent
Walton, Geo. & Co. 150 and 152
Wellington st. ; workshop, 24
Renfrew st.; telephone No. 274
Wardrop, W., 140 West Graham
Wark, Robt. Eastwood avenue,
Warnocks & Horsburgh, 71 Paris
St. Rutherglen
Watson, David, Auchinloch, Lenzie
Watson, J. Balsbagray, Pariick
Watson & Menzies, 97 and S9
Hopehill rd
SWatt & Wilson, 178 Petershill rd
Waugh, Robert, 87 St. Vincent
Weir, Allan, 56 Bothwell st
Weir, Mat' hew, juu. 20 Douglas
St. Milngavie
White, D. & Co. 37 Eaglesham st
White, John, 57 and 69 Anderson
White, J. & ,L Whitefieldrd. Govan
White, Thomas H. 59 N. Frederick
Whyte, Thos. 12 Cambridge st
WhittoQ, Jas. 4 Buccleuch lane
Williamson, Ales. 9 Grafton st
Wiiliamson Jus. 110 John st
i Wilson , H. & Co. 2 5 John St. Govan
Z/Wiisorj, Hugh, 25 John st. Govan
Wilson, Jan)es, 94 Centre street
Wilson, John G. 87 Dumbarton
Wilson, Robt. 6 Hayburn crescent,
Wilson, Robt. Millbrae rd. Lang-
Wilson, W. 136 Wellington lane
Wood, James, 85 Pitt st
Wyllie, G. & Co. 6 Warwick st
JWyper, Wra. Allison st. Govanhill
Yorston, John, 15 Macfarlane st
Young, Jn. 221 Paisley rd. W.
Those marked n are also
Notaries Public.
Adam, Jas. M'Combie, 51 St.
Vincent st
wAddison, W. Innes, 19 Hartington
Aitken & Gibb, 220 St. Vincent st
nAiken, Jas. M.A. (of Burns,
Aiken, & Co.), 201 W. Geo. st
nAitken, James, 92 St. Vincent st
nAitken, Jas. (of Aitken & Gibb),
220 St. Vincent st
«Aiken, John B. M.A. (of Bums,
Aiken, & Co.), 201 W. Geo. st
Aitkeo, John, 103 W. Regent st
nAikman, C. B. & Thomson,
208 W. George st
wAikman, C. B. (of C. B. Aik-
man & Thomson), 208 West
George street
nAiton, A. H. (of Downie, Alton, &
Alton), 115 St. Vincent st
Alton, Wm. (of Downie, Alton, &
Alton), 115 St. Vincent st
raAlesander, D. M. (of Donaldson,
Alexander, & Kirkland), 97
West Regent st
wAlexander, D. T. 112 Bath st
^Alexander, Jas. (of J. & W.
Alexander & Taylor), 194 W.
George st
wAlesander, John, 44 Hutcheson
Alexander, J. & W. & Taylor,
194 West George st
«Alexander, W. J. (of J. & W.
Alexander & Taylor), 194 W.
George st
Allan, G. F. LL.B. 135 Buchanan
Alston, Richd. (of Milligan &
Alston), 24 Oswald st
Anderson, A. D. 176 St. Vincent st
Anderson, Jas. F. LL.B. (of An-
derson & Pattison)
Anderson, John Locke, 163 St
Vincent sc
Anderson, John, 609 Catbcart rd.
Govanhill, and 103 W. Regent st
reAnderson, Jonath. 179 West
George st
Anderson & M'Kinnon, 179 West
George st
Andersons & Pattison, 137 St.
Vincent street
Anderson, T. A. 170 Hope st
^Anderson, W. B. (of Andersons &
^Anderson, Wra. M.A. LL.B. (of
CunliflF & Anderson), 175 West
George street
wAndrew, Jas. (of Mitchell, John-
stone & Co.'s), 160 W. George
Andrew, John, 7 Berlin pi. Pollok-
Andrew, William (at Bannatyne,
Kirkwood, France, & Co's.)
nAndrew, William Jackson, Bank
buildings, Coatbridge
wAnnan, A. J. B.L. (of W. E. &
A. J. Annan)
Annan, Wm. (of W. E. & A. J.
Annan, W. E. & A. J. 112 W.
Regent street
Armour, Wm. 179 W. George st
Auld, John, 93 W. Regent street
«Auld, M. Boyd, 79 West Regent
reAuld, R. R. 213 W. George st
Babtie & Craig, County buildings,
Baird, Allan F. (of Jameson,
Maclae & Baird), 147 St.
Vincent st
Baird & Stirlmg, 133 St. Vincent
Baird, Wm. 28 Renfield st
Baird, Wm. (of M'Leun, Baird &
Baird, Wm. (of Baird & Stirling),
133 St. Vincent st
Baird, Wm. D. 87 Union st
Baird, Wm. S. 131 Hope st
Baird, Wm. 187 West George st
Ballantine, John F. (of Brock &
Ballantine), 68 Batti st
nBannatyne, And. M. (of Banna-
tyne, Kirkwood, France & Co.)
Bannatyne, James (at Anderson &
M'Kinnon's), 179 W. George st
»Bannatyne, Kirkwood, France &
Co., 145 West George st
wBannatyne, Mark (of Bannatyne,
Kirkwood, France & Co. )
Barclay, Thos. 21 Royal cres.
Barr, Henry (of MoncriefF, Barr,
Paterson, & Co.), 45 W. Georgt-
Barr, Patrick, 51 Bath street
nBarr, Robert, 30 Gordon st
Barr & Scott, 30 Gordon st
Barras, Geo. W. 219 Hope st
Barrie, James (of Martin &Barrie),
97 Buchanan st
wBarrie, Wm. (of Kerr & Barrie),
149 St. Vincent street
?jBeckett, Chas. E. M.A. LL.B. 163
St Vincent st
raBeckett, Wm. M.A. (of Brownlie,
Watson, & Beckett), 225 West
George street
Begg, Wm. J. 150 Hope st

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