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Dixon & Corbitt, and E. S. New-
all & Co. Ltd. (late E. S. Newall
& Co.), office, 28 W. Nile st ;
rigaing- lofts and warehouse, 76
and 78 Hydepark st
Dumbarton Rope Works Co. 114
Frew, Bowie, & Co. 40 Kyle street,
Debbie's loan
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co.
York buildings, 9 York street
Gourock Eopework Co., 9 Black-
burn street
Govan (The) Rope and Sail Co.
(Lim ) ; office and works, Helen
St. Govan
Haggle Bros. Gateshead-on-Tyne;
agent, Wm. M'Laren, 134 St.
Vincent street
Haggle, D. H. & G. (for ships'
purposes), Wearmouth Rope-
works, Sunderland; agent for
Clyde, P. R. Morrison, 14 Ren-
field lane
Haggle, D. H. & G., Wearmouth
Rope Works, Sunderland; agent,
James Hugh, 101 St. Vincent
Haggle, R. Hood & Son ; works,
Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Glasgow
office, Robert Currie, agent
for Scotland, 61 Bath Ktreet.
Branch stores — London, Cardiff,
Hull, North Shields, Newcastle-
on-Tyne (head office). Speci-
alities — Manufacture of maailla
and coir ropes, Russian and
sisal ropes, sisal packing cords,
iron and steel wire ropes for
standing and runniog riggiog;
flexible steel hawsers and tow-
lines (guaranteed up to Lloyd's
tests), with coir springs and
appliances, lij^htning conductors
and wire cords of all kinds, ex-
port orders bave special care,
flat and round hemp, manilla
and wire ropes for mines and
other purposes, indents caref'illy
attended to. Registered tele-
graphic addresses are: — Head
office, " Haggle," Newcastle-on-
Tyne. Branches, " Haggle,"
London ; '' Haggle," Hull ;
"Haggle," Cardiff; "Haggle,"
Glasgow ; " Haggie," North
Henderson, Chas. & Co. agents for
Rylands Bros. Ltd. Warrington ;
9 York buildings, York st
Jenkins, James, & Son, 33 Renfield
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. (mer-
chants), 129 Trongate ; Clutha
Works, Plantation
M'Nab, P. 134 St. Vincent st
Main, A. & J. & Co. Clydesdale
Ironworks, Possilpark ; town
office, 54 Gordon st
Meighan, J. & Son,62-64Clydest.
Munro, A. & Co. 362 Dumbarton
Newall, R. S. & Co. office, 28 W.
Nile st ; rigging loft and ware-
house, 76 and 78 Hydepark st
NewaU, R. S. & Son, Ltd, 19 Royal
Exchange square ; warehouse,
Greenbank st. Mavisbaok quay
Reid Brothers, 67 St. Enoch sq
Riddell, Wm. & Co., 164 Trongate
and 636 Springfield rd. Parkhead
Rowat, Alex. & Co. (patent flexible
flat boist ropes), 25 Candle-
riggs. — ^ee Adv. in App
Russell Bros., 30 Gordon st
Ry lands Brothers, Ld. Warrington;
agents, Caas. Henderson & Co.
9 York Buildings, York st
Seton, Jas. & Co. box 11, Royal
Smith, G. B. & Co. wire fencing,
netting, &c. 61 West Regent st.
Smith, Thos. & Wm. (of Newcastle-
on-Tyue), agent, Jas. 0. Brown,
19 Waterloo st
Stewart, H. & C. 6 Windsor gar-
dens, Musselburgh
Stewart, Jas. T. 79 W. Regent st
Stewart, Thomas and John, & Co.
55 Anderston quay
Stevenson, John (wire fencing
nettiog), 114 Waterloo st
Thomson, A. & Co., hemp, Glasgow
Rope Works, Shettleston ; office
and warehouse, 58 West Howard
Wilson, William & Alex. 151 Can-
ning St. Bridgeton cross
Anderson & Munro, wire gauze
blind, 136 Bothwell at
Asylum for the Blind. 100 Castle
Birmingham Battery Metal Comp.,
Birmingham, brass and copper ;
agent, Jas. Ritchie, 131 Hope st
Bolton, Tbos. & Sons (brass and
copper), Oakamoor Mills, near
Cheadle, Staffordshire ; and
Birmingham, Wm. Clark & Co.,
45 Hope st. sole agents
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Lim.), (nett-
ing), 47 and 49 St. Enoch
sq. aod Eclipse works, Peters-
hill road
Brodie, Jas. & Co. Great Eastern
Wire Works, Gt. Eastern rd
Bryden, John, & Sons, wire gauze
blind, 60 Renfield st
Bryden, Wm. & Son (wire gauze
blind), 300 St. Vincent st. and
55 George st. Edinburgh ; tele-
phone No. 1072
Christie, Geo , Limited, 51 to 57
Ladywell st
Coasland, A. & Co. (weavers),
37 Hunter st
Gousland, A. & Son, 3 Mitchell st ;
works, 28 York street
Croggon & Co. galvanised wire and
fenciijg, 7 John st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Roberta
son st
Dobbie, W. L. & Co.; agents for
John Rofters, Belfast, manufac-
turers of wire- cloth and wire-
work of all kinds, 53 Waterloo
Docberty, G. & Co. 125 Brook st.
Fleming, P. & R. & Go. fences and
gates, 29 Argyle st. and 1
Dowanhill pi. ; works, Kelvin st.
Glasgow Iron and Brass Wire Co.
9 York street.
Harford & Bristol Brass Co. Keyn-
sham, brass and copper ; agent,
Peter Smith, 4 West Regent st
Henderson, Charles, & Co. 9 York
buildings, York street
Johnson, J. Y., office for patents
115 St. Vincent st. Handbook,
" Hints to Inventors," gratis
Leitch, Arch. A., 113 Stockwellst
M'Cormick & Campbell, 132 Stob-
cross st
M'Cormick & Milh, 81 Dale st.
M'Donald, Roht.(in all its branches,
wire brushes, bird cage, &c.), 45
Union St.; wks. 28 to 32 Thistle
st. s.s.
M'Glashan, John, & Co. tinned
botthng wu-e, Albany Works,
Catherine lane, 100 Stirling rd
M'Taggart, Jas. 368 Gallowgate
Main, A. & J. & Co. Clydesdale
Ironworks, Possil park; town
office, 54 Gordon st
Meighan, James, 62, 64 Clyde st.,
Mint (The), Birmingham, Limtd.
(brass and copper wire), agent,
D. H. Barrie, 115 Waterloo st
Munro, A. & Co. mattress and
bottling, 362 Dumbarton road
Neadham, John, & Sons (speciality
wire rods), 46, 48 W. Howard st
Nichols, Jo9eph,& Son , Birmingham ,
wu-e cloth and mattresses; agts.
W. B. & J. Bain, 93 Holm st
North British Wire Manufacturing
Co. 71 West Nile st
Overend, J. & E., 184 North st
Eaosford, 0. & Co. wholesale bed-
ding and spring mattress manu-
facturers, 95 St. James rd
Reid, Wm. 114 Candleriggs
Rennie, Juo. birds' cages, 35 Nel-
son St. city — See Ad. in Ap.
Riddell, Wm. & Co. drawers and
weavers, 164 Trongate and 636
Springfield road

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