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M'Queen, Peter, 478 Gt. Western
road, Hillhead
M'Rae, D. 16 Mains street, and
34 Sauchiehall st
MacSorley, Philip, 72 Maitland st.
and 1 Spring place, Crossmyloof
M'Sorley, Ptiiip, 131 Garngad rd
Macveigh, P. 150 Gallowgate
M'Vey, H. 28 Pollokshaws rd
M'Vey, Thos. 70 Renfield street
M'Vicar, Don. 219 High st
M'William, And. 18 Maxwell st
M'William, J. & J. (wholesale), 38
Queen st
M'William, Miss H. 88 Whitevale
Maitland, Jas. 103 Maitland st
Malcolm, John, 4 Carlton court
Mallon, Hugh, 309 Hope st. and
24 Royal arcade
Maltman, John, 39 Well rd
Manson, Mrs. Margt. 91 Water-
loo street
Manuel & Webster, 137 Buchan.st
Marcbant, Chas. 377 Argyle st
Marr, G. D. 81 Stirling road
Marr, Wm. 36, 38 Nelson st. city
Marshall, Alex. 77 Grove st
Marshall, James, .5 M'Lean st
Marshall, Jas. 235 to 239 Cam-
bridge st
Marshall, John, 146 St. Vincent st
Marahall, M'Ewen, & Co. (whole-
sale), 146 St. Vincent st
Martin, Alex. J. 81 Main st. s.s.
Martin, And. 10 Anderston quay
Martin, Mrs. 100 Old Kelvin-
haugh road
Mason, John, 88 King st. s.s.
Masterton, J. 483 St. George's rd.
Mather, John, & Son. 147 Queen st
Mayo, Patk,& Co, 12 Hanover st
Meek, Mrs. T. 43 Wallace st. s.s
Meikle, John, 24 Portugal st,
Meikle, John, jun. 255 Rutherglen
Meikle, John, jun. 128 Paisley rd.
Meikle, Peter, 44 Grove st
Meikle & Ross, 168 Dumbarton rd.
and branches
Melling, J. 26 Grace st
Menzies, Duncan, 22 Canal street,
Menzies, Duncan, & Co. 41 Hous-
ton st
Menzies, J. L. 98 Eglinton st
Menzies, James (wholesale), 68
Bath st
Menzies, Mrs. James, 33 Nelson
street, s.s.
Middleton, J. D. 464 Paisley road
Miller, Hugh, 87 and 89 Cumber-
land St., s.s.
Miller, Hugh G. 442 Rutherglen rd
Miller, James, 68 Norfolk street
Miller, Jas., 43 Stockwell st
Miller, Jas. F. 87a Main st. And
Miller, Wm. 2 So. Shamrock st
Millar, Wm. 80 Gloucester st
Miller, Mrs. Helen, 714 Govan rd
Milroy, Andrew, 10 Pollokshaws
Mitchell, Alex. B. 420, 422 St.
George's road
Mitchell, And. 4 Byars road
Mitchell, Jas. 63 Dale st. Trades.
Mitchell, Jas. 146 Parliamentary
Mitchell, Malcolm, 44 Watt st
Mitchell, Wm. 142, 144 West
street, s>. s.
Mitchell, William, 291 Main street,
Bridget on
Monney, P. 274 Mathieson st
Morrison, C. & Sous, 139a St.
Vincent street
Morrison, M. 21 Wilson st
Morrison, Robt. 77 Finnieston st
Morrison, Rodk. 350 Dumbarton
Morrison, Wm. 62 Glassford st., 26
Main St., Anderston, and 105
Main St., s.s.
Morrison, Wm. 364 Rutherglen rd
Morrison, Mrs. James, 6 Duke st
Morton, Jas. 739 London rd
Morton, Wm. J. W. 21 Dixon av.
Govanhill, and branches
Morton, Janet, 13, 63 Richard st
Muir, And. M.97, 99 Trongate
Muir, G. 125 N. Dalmarnock road
Muir, Jos. 114 Shamrock st. W.
Muirhead, D. 58 Anderson street,
Muirhead, James, 439 New Kep-
pochhill road, and 380 Spring-
burn road
Mulholland, Titus, 418 Parlia-
mentary road
Mulholland, Wm. 16 Tarbet st
Munn, Mrs. M. 2 Gairbraid st
Munro, H. 24 Stockwell place
Munro, Ross T. 212 Stirling road
Munro, R. T. 113 Springburn rd
Murdoch, Alex. & Co. brokers.
74 Wellington street
Murdoch, J. F. 345, 349 Sauchie-
hall street
Murdoch, Wm. 40 Paisley road, W.
Murray, Daniel, 40 Kinning street
Murray, D. 206 Broomielaw
Murray, Edward, 207 Thistle st. s.s
Murray, Geo. 46 John Knox st
Murray, James, & Sons, brokers,
45 Oswald 8t
Murray, John, & Son, 617 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Murray, R. G. 89 Stockwell st
Myles, James, 171 and 173 Deb-
bie's loan
Napier, W. 7 High street
Neeson, P. 52 King st. city
Neil, Cornelius, 516 Cathcart rd
Neil, Thos. 76 Nithsdale rd
Neilson, Wm. 31 S. Portland st
Neilson, Mrs. J. 106 Oxford street
Neish, Geo. P. 36 William st
Neish, John, 102 Norfolk st
Newton, Jas. & Sons, 3.t9 Spring-
burn read, and branches
Newton, Janet B. 126 Parlia-
mentary road
Nicholson, John S. 129 West
Graham street
Nicholls, John, 354 Main street,
Nicol, Geo. M., 25 Caledonia rd
Niven, John, 32 Cleveland street
Nixon, Thos. 204 Broomielaw
Norris, Michael A. 9 Taylor st
Noon, David, 74 Stockwell st
Ogston, Geo. H., 386 and 388 St,
Vincent st
O'Hara, John, 140 London rd
Oliver, Wm. 66 Ardgowan st
Orr, J. K. & D. (brokers), 2&
Waterloo st
Orr, John, Kent street
Orr, Wm. 467 Gallowgate
Osborne Whisky Co. 12 Hanove?
Park, William, 147 Elderslie st
and 81 King St., Tradeston
Park, Mrs. Martha, 96 Hospital st
Park, Mrs. W. 572 RuthergleE
Parker, A, & J. 354 No. Wood-
side road
Parker, Wm. H. 155 Graeme st.
Paterson, A. L. & Co. 258 Albert
road, Pollokshields
Paterson, Jas. 642 Duke st
Paterson, Jno. 569 Govan rd. and
43 Albert st. Govan
Paterson, John, 5 Monkland st
Paterson, Peter, jun , 111 High st
PatoD, Thoi. 119 Norfolk st
Patrick, Hugh, 176 Broomielaw,
99 Paisley rd. W., and 7 Shuttle
Paxton, M. 199 Argyle st.
Peacock, John, 629Gar8cnbe rd
Pearce, C. W. & Co. 206 West
George st
Peden, Jas. (wholesale, and tonic
bitter manufacturer), 246 West
George st
Peden, Robt. & Co. 168 Sauchie-
hall st
Penman, Jas., 55 M'Neil st
Penman, J. 4 Stonefield ter
Perry, T. 221 Main st. Bridgeton,
and 88 Parliamentary rd
Peters, John, 59 and 61 George st.
and branches
Pettigrew, Bruce, 180 Kelvinhangb
Pettigrew, John, 54 Muslin st
Pincock, Samuel, 159 James' st.
Pirie, Thos. A, 346 St. Vincent st
Pollock, John, 112 Canning st
Porter, D. 68 Centre street
Porter, Margt. 4 Kirkpatrick st
Power, W. H. 40 King st. city, and

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