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Carlton, Mrs Mary Jane, 58 Green
St. Gallon
Carltoai Vintners' Co. 43 Adelphi
Carlton Vintners' Co. 85 Queen st.
Carruth, Archd. 157 Queen st
Cassidy, Felix, 67 Carrick st
Cassidy, M. 489 Gallowgate
Cassidy, P. 361 Gallowgate
Cathcart, Jame?, & Co. 185 West
George street
Christie, Stewart W. 33 Cowcad-
dens st
Chrystal, Bell, & Co. 721 Great
Western road, Hillhead
Chrystal, Kobt. & Sees, 1 Charing
Clancy, P. 47, 49 New street,
Clark, Arclid. 663 Dalmarnock rd
and 402 Now road, Parkhead
Clark, G. 222 Springburn rd
Clark, Robert, 36 Jackson st
Clelaud, John M. 141, 143 St.
George's road
Clement, John, 154 Darnley st
Cochran, A. C, 182 Trongate and
26 Glassford st
Cochran, Joseph, 64 Farliam. rd
Cockburn & Campbell, 88 Gor-
don st
Cockburn & Co. 36 Royal Exchange
Collins, E. S., 37 Robertson st
Colvin, Chas. 464 Gallowgate
Connochie, D. 130a E. Milton st
Connachie, P. & S. J. 32 Cook st.
and branches
Connaught Royal Irish Whisky,
sole proprietors, Greenlees Bros.
12 Hanover st
Connolly, John, 83 Stirling st.
Cook, Jas. 162 Woodlands rd
Cook, James, 13 Charing cross
Cook, James, 84 and 86 W. Nile
Cooke, Thomas, 84 Gloucester st
Cook, Wm. jun. 391 Gallowgate
Corrigan, Patrick, 230 Broomielaw
Coubrough, Mrs M., 351 Dumbar-
ton rd
Cowan, J. M. 281 New City road
Cowan, John, 2 Ronald st. and 83
Taylor street
Craig, Jas. 96 Paisley rd. W.
Craig, Jas. & Son, 135 W. George
Craig, Wm. 36 Pollok street, 60
Eglinton street, and 17 Norfolk
Craig, Mrs. Agnes, 170 Houston st
Crawford, And. 267 Rutherglen rd
Crawford, D. & Son, Ltd. 81 Queen
Crawford, Hugh, 129 Crown st
Crawford, Thos. W., 68S Pollok-
shaws road
Creighton, Jas. 39 Wallacegrove pi
and 105 Albert rd. Pollokshields
Crichton, G. 352 Townmillrd
Crichton, J. G., 9 Bridge st.
Crichton, John W. 30 Stockwell st
Crookshanks, J. 0. 59 Wallace st.
and 187 Centre st. s.s.
Crosgrove, T. 110 Broomielaw and
Crozier, John, 3 Clyde st., and 51
Watar st., Port-Dundas
Gumming, Colin, 67 London st
Gumming, Robt. 56 West sc. s.s.
and branches
Cummings, C. 409 Parliamentary
road, 67 London st. and 111
Castle street
Currie, John, 18 Kelvingrove st
Dalgleish, Peter, 48 Rose st. s.s.
Dalrymple, Geo. 461, 463 Great
Eastern road, Parkhead
Davidson, John & Co. (brokers),
255 St. Vincent st
Davidson, Mrs John, 42 Millroad st
Davidson, Mra. E. 24 Lancetield
Dawson, John, 653 Gallowgate
Dawson, Peter, 88 Great Clyde st
Dean, Geo. 22 Hozier st. Partick
Dean, John, 107, 109 Stockwell st
Denholm, Wm. M. 695 N. City rd
Dewar, Alex. 71 and 73 Cam-
bridge street
Dewar, J. H. 47 Rose st. Garnet-
hill, 190 St. George's road, and
160 Main st. Anderstou
Dewar, John, 3 Ronald st
Dewar, Robert, 436 St Vincent st
Dickson, Andrew, 1 Shields ter
Dickson, W. & J. 200 S. Cum-
berland st
Dingwall, Alex. 159 Bridgegate
Doherty, D. 513,615 Dalmarnock
Don, Geo. 7 Green st
Donald, Chas. & Co. (shippers),
92 Dunlop st
Donald, William, 242 North
Woodside rd
Donaldson, Jos. (wholesale and ex-
pott), 53 Bell St. city
Doolan, Wm. 37 Armour st
Douglas, Archie C. 1G8 Saltmarket
Douglas, D. M. 67 Dale street
Douglas, Jas. R. 70 Hospital st.
and 179 Trongate
Douglas, Jas. R. 12 St. Enoch sq
Dove, John, 57 Pitt st
Douglas, John C. 1 Ritchie st
Dow, A. 49, 51 Candleriggs
Dow, Samuel, wholesale, 70 Great
Clyde street
Downie, Alex. 184 North st
Downie, Neil, 537 Eglinton street
Downie, T. 129 St. George's road
Downie, Mrs. Jane, 763 Gallowgate
Drake, John, 16 Braid st. and 80
Crossburn st
Dryburgh, Wm. 73 Ingram st and
264 Parliamentary rd
Drysdale, Jas. 2 St. James street,
Drysdale, John, 6 Cornwall st
Duff, Chas. 100 Renfield st.
Duffy, P. 55 Port-Dundas rd
Dunbar, John, 21, 23 Candleriggs
Dunbar, M. 429 Gallowgate
Dunbar, Richd. 29 Catherine st
Dunbar, Richd. 235 Dumbarton
rd. Partick
Duncan, Ja9. 200 Paisley rd. W.
Duncan, John, 30 Main st. Coat-
Duncan, W 678 Gallowgate
Duncan, Wm. 43 West Bothwell st
Dunlop, J. D. & J. 402 Garscube rd
Dunn, Charles J. 7 Carrick st
Dunn, Jas. 370 Crown st
Dunn, R. 1 Northburn street
Dunn & Wingate, 370 Crown st
Duthie, Geo. 200 Main st. Gorbals
Duthie, Jas. 21 Adelphi st. s.s.
Dykes, Jas. 71 Crown st
Eadie, John, 69 Eglinton st. and
84 Caledonia rd
Eadie, Robert, 962 and 964 Pol-
lokshaws road
Edmiston, Gray, 44 Jamaica st.
and 5 Ann st
Elder & Steven, 87 W. Scotland
Ellison, Robt. 58 Renfield st
Erskine, Jas. 316 Argyle st
Ewen, Mrs. C, 217 Cambridge
Ewing, John & Co. 210 Argyle
Farmer, Geo. H. 615 Gt. Eastern rd
Farmer, Wm. & Son, 1 Rokeby ter
Farrell, Jas. 158 Dumbarton road,
Fergus, Andrew, 145 Eglinton st.
and 62, 64 Gt. Western rd
Ferguson, A. 4G4 St. George's rd
Ferguson, Alex. & Co. brokers,
106, 108 W. Regent st
Ferguson & Forrester, 36 Buchanan
Ferguson, J. & A. (wholesale), 67
Union street
Ferguson, Jas. 61 and 62 Ander-
ston quay and branches
Ferguson, Mrs. C. 26 Carmichael
St. Govan
Ferguson, Mrs Grace, 1 Canal st.,
Ferguson, Mrs. Thos. 56 J Dale st.
Ferguson, Mrs. W. 62 Argyle st
Findl.ay, Robt. 110 Dumbarton rd
Findlayson, Colin P. 82 North st
Fisken, Wm. 59 Hope st. and 45
Norfolk street
Fleming, Wm. 162 West st. s.s.
Flett, Jas. 262 Dumbarton road,

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