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M'Ara, A. ; office, 65 Morrison st;
telephone No. 1500. — See Ad.
in Appendix
Martin, John, & Co. 82 to 92
Clarence street, s.s.; office, 53
Waterloo st
Monson, John, & Son, Central
Stores, 25 and 28 Jackson st. ;
office, 133 Argyle st
Nisbet, John, & Co., dealers in
London-washfd, Irish, and Paris
whiting, 60 Duniop sv. and 19
to 23 Arden st. ; telephone No.
Somerville, Jas., 60 Dunlop st
Thomson, Jas. A. 13 Commerce st
Wilson, Edwd. jun. & Co. 29
Jackson st
Bayley, Jos. 100 John street
Blackwood, John, & Sons, Spring-
field Bleach Works, Springfield
rd ; orders left a.t Mille.' & Co.
70 Glassford st
Houston, John, 93 Caudleriggs
King, Edward, 100 Brunswick st
Scott, John, 16 Campbellfield st
American Ship Windlass Co.; agts.
Douglas, Dick & Co. 11 Both-
well street
Clarke, Chapman, & Co. Limited,
Gateshead- on-Tyu e (patent) ;
represen. W. A. Kinghoin, 81 St.
Vincent st
Emerson, Walker & Thompson
Bros., Ltd.; agent, Captain A.
Smith, 12 York st
Harfield & Co. London; agents,
C. Henderson & Co. 9 York
buildings, York st
Henderson, Chas. & Co. agents for
Harfield & Co. 9 York buildings,
York st
MacLellan, P. & W. Ltd. 129
Trongate; Clutba Works, Plan.
Macnab, P. and winches, 134 St.
Vincent street
Napier Bros. Ltd., 100 Hydepark st
Raid, Thos. & Sons, Thread st.,
Paisley — See Adv. in Ap.
Eobson, Wilson & Co. 116, 118
West Nile st
Donald & M'Pherson, 8 Bath st
Henderson, John, & Son, General
te^^minus Paisley rd toll. — See
name., A Iphabetical section
RoUason's Wind Motor Co. Ltd. ;
agents, Doddrell Bros. 11 Both-
well street
Bryden, John, & Sons, 60 Ren-
field st
Bryden, Wm. & Son, 800 St.
Vincent St. also at 55 George st.
Hutchieson, Jas., wire gauze, Hol-
land cloth, Spanish blmds, and
spring roller sunshades, 247
W. Geo. St.; telephone 4647
Black, Geo., 150 North st
Caldwell, Joho, 132 Bain st
City Window Cleaning Co. 96 W.
Regent st
Elvin, Andw. jun. 148 Stirling rd
Glasgow Window Cleaning Co. 83
Rentield street
Kidd, James S. 13 N. St. Mungo st
Kirkpatrick, A. & Co. 377 Byars
National Window & Office Cleaning
Co. 102 Bath st
Scottish Window Cleaning Co. Ltd.
registered office, 108 Bothwell st
Watson, H. 178 North street
Wine and Spirit Merchants' Agency
" List and Handbook of the Wine
and Spirit Trade," new edition
1895-6, for wine merchants,
spirit grocers, spirit dealers,
distillers, blenders, &e.; includes
an " Index of Whisky Brands "
(copyright), containing over
1000 registered brands, with
proprietorship, strongly bound,
205 pages ; price, by post, 3s 9d;
full circular of contents on
application, M. & J. M. Sheridan,
71 Eastcheap, London, E.C.
Abbott, Wm. 118 London street
Adam, Thomas, 17, 19 Surrey st
Adam, Wm., 443 Eutherglen rd
Adam, Mrs. E., 188 Harmony
row, Govan
Adams, D., 96 West NOe st. and
151 Queen street
Adams, James, 9, 11 Castle st
Adams, Wm. 97 Norfolk st
Aird, Wm. 29 Port-Dundas rd
Aitken, Hugh, 319 Dumbarton rd.
Aitken, Jno. 358 Dumbarton road
Aitken, John, 135 Crookston st
Aitken, S. 262 N. Woodside road
and 217 Duke st
Aitken, T. 447 Gallowgate
Aitken, Wm. 475 New Keppochhill
Aitken, Wm. 1 E. Market st. and
98 East John street
Alexander, Jas. 55 King st. s.s.
Algie, John, 245 Hospital st. and
53 Cathcart street
Algie, Wm. 75 and 77 Main st.
Aoderston, and 41 and 43 Old
Dumbarton rd
Allan, John, 12 Westmuir street,
Allan, L., 6 Bank street, Port-
Allan, R. Ferry rd. Head Tavern,
Allan, William, 514 Govan road,
Allison, Jas. 38 Shuttle street
Allison, W. 1 N. Woodaide rd
Alston, J. 163 Caledonia rd
Anderson, Alex. 157 St. George's rd
Anderson, Alex. 382 Argyle st
Anderson, Arthur, 27 Hyndland st
Anderson, D. 26 Bedford st
Anderson, Jas. 259 Kenmure st
Anderson, John, 342 Cumberland st
Anderson, John, 65 Tobago street
Anderson, M. 48 Gallowgate and
99 Candleriggs
Anderson & Mossman, 4 Peel st.
Anderson, Nicol, & Co. 31 St.
Enoch sq
Anderson, Robert, 21 Gardner st
Anderson, Robt. 18 S. Woodside rd
Anderson, Robt. 166 Ruiherglen rd
Anderson & Shaw, 53 to 57 Morri-
son st and20to24Dundasst. s.s.
Anderson, Wm. 498 Spri.gburn rd
Anderson, Wm. 317 Loudon rd
Anderson, Wm. & Son (wholesale),
174 Wesi George street
Anderson, W. & A., 193, 195
Paisley road, west
Anderson, Mrs. Eliza, 190 Pollok-
shaws rd
Anderson, Mrs. James, 1 and 3
Cathcart street
Andrews, Wno. 97 Roitenrow
Angus, Andrew, & Co., proprietors
of the Utopia Scotch Whisky,
registered, 15 Graeme st
Annan, Wm. 1 BroomhiU st. and
101 E. Milton st
Arbuckle, Mrs. Wm. 119 Canning
street •■
Armour, Robt. 130 Kin.? st. Calton
Armour, Wm. 130-132 Broad st.
Mile end, and 47 Main street,
Armour, Wm. 138 Watt street
Armour, Mrs. C. 43 King street
and 68-70 Stevenson st. Calton
Arnnstrong, George, 39, 41 Rae-
berry street
Armstrong, Robt. (wholesale), 86
Dalhousie st
Arthur, Alex. 260 High st
Auchterlonie, David, 182 London
Auchterlonie, Wm. 222 Dalmar-
nock road
Aylmer, Henry, 158 Main street
and 55 Struthers street
Aylmer, M. 24 Kerr st

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