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Avery, W. & T. Ltd. Partick Weigh-
bridge Works, 179 to 185 Dum-
barton rd. Partick
Bennie, Jolin, Star Engine Works,
155 Moncur street
Brash, Dav. & Sons, 169 Eenfield
Davies, Thos. 0. 80 Elcho st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49
Robertson street
Frazer, Alex, all kinds of weighing
apparatus repaired and stamped
in accordance with Act, 1889,
18 N. Portland st
Glasgow Weighing Machine Man-
ufactory (established 1720);
patentees and makers to H.M.
Government foreign railways,
manufacturers of every descrip-
tion of weighing apparatus,
suitable for all commercial pur-
poses, and graduated to any
national standard of weights ;
Alex. Wood & Sods, 8 and 10
Stock well st
HaU, J. & Son, Melrose Works,
Birmingham ; Glasgow office, 72
Waterloo st
Herriot, James, 163 Graeme st.
manufacturer of every descrip-
tion of weighing apparatus,
fitted with modern improve-
ments and graduated to any
national standard of weights;
established over 50 years
Ingram, Chas. 117 Hydepark st
Leith, Cardie & Co. makers of the
improved suspended lever
weighing machiue, 29 Eagles-
ham st
M'Donald & Co. 34 Back wynd
MacLellan,P.&W. Ltd. (merchants)
129 TrODgate ; Clutha works,
Vermorit st. Plantation
Melvin, Thomas, & Sons, St. RoUox
Iron Works, Charles st.; branch
10 Moore st
Needham, John, & Sons, 48 West
Howard st
Pooley, Henry, & Son, patentees
and manufacturers of every
description of weighing ap-
paratus for railways, ironworks,
collieries, mills, warehouses,
farms, &c., 22 Queen st. and
Albion Works, 25 So. Kinning
Robinson, James, 114 Main street,
south side.
Smith, A. & W. & Co. 57 Cook
Smith, Bros. & Co. 71 Park street,
Kinning park
Smith, Hugh, & Co. Possil Engine
Works, Possil road
Spence, David, 40 Stockwell st. ;
works, 41 Robertson lane
The Weighing Machine Makers,
Ltd. 43 Slatefield st
Thomson, W. & Co.patentee and sole
makers of Thomson's suspended
lever weighing machine ; beware
of spurious imitations; 57 Smith
street, Kinning park
Wilson, W. & A. 151 Canning st.
Bridgeton cross
Wood, Alex. & Sons, patentees of
weighing machines, 8 and 10
Stockwell st
Crichton, Geo. 211 Westmuir st.
Henderson, John, & Son (see name
in alphabetical section). General
Terminus, Paisley road toll,
Carlaw, D. & Sons, bevel, spur,
worm, and mortice wheels in
wood, brass, and iron, to any
pitch, cut for the trade, 81 Dun-
lop street
Dron & Lawson, Cranstonhill Tool
Works, 59 Elliot street
Houston & Leitch, 27 William st.
Boyd, Henry, 114 Candleriggs
Graham Brothers, 62 Argyle street
Laurie Bros. 52 W. Howard st
Leckie, Graham, & Co. 116 Union
Rankine, John, 31 Argyle st
TuUis, John, & Son, John street,
Gillie, Mrs. E. 109 Vinegarhill st
Baird, Eobt. 34 Stockwell St.—
See Ad. in App.
Craddock, John C. B., 489
Sauchiehall st. and 21 Argyle
arcade ; connected by telephone
Aim, W. L. & Co. 10 to 14 Both-
well lane
AitchisoD, Archd, agent for Locke,
Blackett & Co. Ltd. 70, 72
Waterloo st
Alexander, Fergnsson, & Co. 38
M'Alpine st
Blacklock& Macarthur, 171 West
St. s.s. ; works, 106 Dale st. s.s.
Brown, Wm. Sons & Co. 22 St.
Enoch sq. and Parkhouse works,
Kinning park
Calder & Armour, 14, 16 Broomie-
Craig & Rose, 85 to 89 Cadogan
Curria & Co. 27 Wellington st. ;
telephone Nos. 544 and 552
Eadie, Archd. & Co. (also red),
Tradeston Paint, Oil, and Grease
Works, 54 Cook st
Forsyth, M'Kechnie, & Co., Hope-
hill road
Fyfe & Jackson, 68, 70 Paterson
Glasgow Patents Co. Ltd. 120 Gt.
Wellington st. ; city office, 11
Boihwell street
Hinshelwood, Thos. & Co. Glen-
park street
Hu-d, Hastie, & Co., Kinning
Park Oil, Paint, and Colour
Works, 73 Park st
Locke, Blackett, & Co. Ld. N'castle-
on-Tyne ; agent. Arch. Aitchison
70 and 72 Waterloo street
M'Gregor, Peter, & Co.; office and
stores, 200, 202 George st
Maclean Bros. 42 York street
M'Neill, James, & Co. 38 French st
Mathews, Maclay, & Manson, 104
Hydepark street '
Mersey (The) White Lead Co. Ltd.,
Warrington ; sole agents for
Scotland, Wm. Lester & Sons,
11 West Regent street
Murray, James, & Co., 31 and 33
Washington street ; warehouse
and office, 8 Anderston quay
Pattullo Bros. 177 Crownpoint rd
Scott, Jas. & John G. Ltd. Crown
Colour Works, 28 Dobbie's loan
Storer, James, & Co. Barrowfield
Oil and Colour Wks. Bridgeton
White Lead (The) Co. Ltd. Cale-
donia Works, Possilpark ; office,
59 St. Vincent st
Aitken, Jas. 69 Osborne st.
Baird, Robt. & Co. 35 Glassford
Cochran, Robt. & Co. No. Wood-
side Mill, and Verreville Pottery,
149 Finnieston street
Craig, W. jun. 26 Carlton com-t
Currie & Co. (telephone Exchange
Nos. 544 and 552), 27 Welling-
ton St. city; stores, 66 to 86 St.
James' st. Kingston, s.s.
Earl of Antrim's Whiting Mills,
Glenarm ; agents,, John Martin
& Co., 53 Waterloo street
Eglinton (The) Chemical Co., Ltd.
(manufs.), 70 Great Clyde st
Forbes & Co. 7, 9, 11, Clyde pi. ;
telephone No. 3623
Forbes, Gee. W. 17 to 21 Port-
Dundas road ; telephone No.
4271 ; telegrams, " Gypsum,
Glasgow "
Jamieson, J. & Co. 13 Commerce

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