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M 'II wraith, Jas. & Co.; oiRce, 92
W. Recent St.; works, Broom-
loan, Go van
Macintosh, CLas. & Co. Ltd. 22
St. Enoch square
M'Kay, John C. & Co. 4 York st
MacLellan, George, & Co. (piece
goods and clothing), Glasgow
Kubbcr Works, Maryhill
llacpherson, Dunlop, & Co. Gor-
bals Rubber Works, 150 Main st.
BIuu- & Young, 24 Queen st
Manro, R. & Co , rubber and oil
cloth goods and garments, Kel-
vin Rubber, Waterproof, and
Tarpaulin Works, Partick; office
and warehouse, 195 Argyle st
North British Eubber Co. (Ltd.),
60 Buchanan st
Paterson, Baxter, & Co.flG Freder-
ick street
Eeid & Todd, 56 Glassford st. 73
Wilson St. 8 Renfield st. and 56
Gordon st
Robertson, P. 32 Queen st
Rutherfurd Bros, (oil cloths, tar-
paulins, &c.) 150 Ingram st
Smith, Sons & Murray, Ltd. (whole-
sale), 128 and 134 Ingram st
Somerville & Morrison (oilcloths,
tarpaulins, waggon .ind cart
covers); works, Clyde Factory,
Easttield, Rutherglen
Tarbet, Robt. & Co. 6G8 Eglinton
The Scottish India-rubber Co. 45
Queen st
Thomson, J. C. & Co. lorry, van,
and stack cover makers, 27
Howard st
Thornton & Co. 90 Gordon st
Walker Bros. 65 Jamaica st
Warns, Wm. & Co. Ltd. London ;
agent, G. A. C. M'iNeil, 20
Union st
Wilson, Matheson, & Co. whole-
sale, 42 Glassford st
Achnach & Co.. Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110-112 Commerce s), s.s
Ancoats Vale Rubber Co., Lmd.)
Manchester ; agent, Hugh Lou-
don, 12 Dixon street
Argvle Rubber Co., 64 Gordon st
Brawley, Thos., 104 Park rd. W.
Briggs, Thos. 187 E. George st
Broadhurst & Co. 4 Howard st
Caddell, Andrew R. 33 Paisley rd
Campbell, George, & Co., retail,
33 Jamaica st; wholesale, 108
Argyle street
Campbell, W. H. & Co. 46 Ja-
maica street
Clydesdale Rubber Co. 58 Gordon
St. and 2 and 4 Renfield st
Currie, Tiiomson & Co. (late
Thornt'^n, Currie & Co.), 45
Jamaica st. ; wholesale, 9 How-
ard street
Gartly, John B. & Co. ; office, 13
Dixon st; works, Carmichael st.
Glasgow Oilskin Co., 73 Virginia
Goudie, John N. & Co. 55 Bu-
chanan st
Goudie, J. T. & Co., 149, 151
Argyle st
Gourocii Ropework Co., stack,
lorry, cart quarter covers, tents,
&c., made from "Birkmyre"
Patent Waterproof Cloth, 9
Blackburn st
Heptoii, Bros., 28 St. Enoch sq
Hunter, Barr, & Co. wholesale, 27
Jamaica street
India-rubber (The) Gutta-percha,&
Telegraph Works Co. Ltd. 8 Bu-
chanan St.; works, Silvertown,
London, E.
Johnson, J. Y., office for register-
ing patents, designs, and trade
marks; hand-book, "Hints to
Inventors," gratis; 115 St. Vin-
cent st
Johnson & Macbean (india rubber),
84 Dunlop street ; works, Wel-
lington Mills, Port-Dunda3
Ley land (The) Rubber Co. Ltd. 27
Ann street
Macbean, Edward, & Co. (rubber,
oil, patent compounds, &c ), 84
Dunlop St. ; works, Wellington
Mills, Port-Dundas
M'Dougall, James, & Co. Ill
Union St. and 37 Glassford st
M'llwraith, Jas. & Co. ; office, 92
W. Regent St.; works, Broom-
loan, Govan
Macintosh, Chas. & Co. Ltd. 22
St. Enoch square
MacLellan, George & Co., piece
goods and clothing, Glasgow
Rubber Works, Maryhill
Macpherson, Dunlop, & Co., Gor-
bals Rubber Works, 150 Main st.
Moseley, David, & Sons, 57 Miller
Muir, Young, & Martin, 24 Queen
Munro, E. & Co. Kelvin Rubber,
Waterproof, and Tarpaulin
Works, Partick; offices and
warehouse, 195 Argyle st
North British Rubber Co. Ltd. 60
Buchanan st
Paisley, Peter, 82 to 96 Jamaica
Reid & Todd, 52 to 56 Glassford
St. 73 Wilson st. 8 Renfield st.
and 56 Gordon street
Robertson, P. 32 Queen street
The Northprn Rubber Co.; Retford,
Goudie &Whittet, agents, 60 W.
Howard street
The Scottish India- Rubber Co.
45 Queen street
The Waterproofing, Varnish, and
Wall Decoration Co. Ltd. Barr-
Thomson, J. 0. & Co. 27 Howard st
Thornton & Co. 90 Gordon st
Warne, Wm. & Co. Ltd. London ;
agent, G. A. C. M'Neill, 20
Union St.
Waterproof Repairing Co. 46
Jamaica st
Dotchin, Jas. 411 Sauchiehall st
Brown, David, 2 1 John Street lane,
Davie, N. Silvergrove st. Bridgeton
Gibson, W. & Co. weavers' and
warpers' utensil makers, 106
Trongate, and Silvan Works,
187 Broad st. Mile-end
Hill, James, 24 Craignestock st
Hunter, T. 65 John st. Bridgeton
M'Phun, J. P. & Co. Mill st. Brid'ii
Percival, T. F. & Co. 60 to 70
Henrietta street
Robinson, John, & Co. 38 Clyde
St. Calton
Smith & Christie, 115 to 127
James st. Bridgeton
White, John (weaving and warp-
ing utensil maker), 57 and 59
Anderson st. off Gallowgate
Balderston, Robert, licensed
weigher and official sampler
of all kinds of goods; inward
cargoes or part cargoes received
at ship's side, carefully stowed,
sampled, or weighed, and de-
livered to order ; outward car-
goes or part cargoes weighed &
sampled by a permanent staff of
efficient sworn weighers at
ship's side, and certificates
granted, 63 West Campbell st ;
telephone No. 4765; telegraphic
address, "Weigher."'
Creighton, Wm. C. & Sons, 42 Ro-
bertson st
Forsyth, John, 26 Dale st, s.s
Anderson Brothers, makers of every
description of weighing appara-
tus used in shops, stores, ware-
houses, workshops, docks, and
coal depots; warehouse, 35-
Stockweli st.j works, 91 do.
2R 2

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