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Clyde Chemical Co. 47 Hamilton
street, Govan
Eadie. Arch. & Co. Tradeston
Paint, Oil, and Grease Works, 54
Cook st
Laird, Andw. 32 Brunswick street
Lincolne & Co. 65 N. Wallace st
M'Neill, Jas. & Co , 38 French st
Kobin & Houston, Kinaing park
and Paisley
Storer, Jas. & Co. Barrowfield
Works, Bridgeton
Walker, G. & Son, 48 French st
Fairfield Lauudrj and Carpet Beat-
ing Works. Possilpark, curtain
cleaning, carpet beating, grass
bleaching, J. & J. S. Spronl
M'Connell, R. & Co. 434 New
City road
Strachan, P. 16 Orchard st.Partick
Walton & Co., bedding (hygienic)
factory, 23 St. Andrew's sq. ;
warehouse, 22 Ann st. city
Aird & Thomson, 139 Buchanan st
AlexaLder, Wm. & Son, 109 Bu-
chanan st. and 3 Gordon st
Allison, Andw. 123 Canning st
Anderson, John, 47 Gloucester st
Anderson, Joseph, 8 Dalaiarnock
Anderson, Eobt. & Co. 13 Royal
Exchange place
Bachni, E. Ill Union st
Bacon, James, 3U2 Dumbarton rd
Baird, Robt. (wholesale and ship-
ping), 34 Stockwell st. — See
Adv. in Ap.
Baird, S. & Co. 621 Duke st
Baker, Geo. 774 Govan rd
Ballantyne, Jas. & Son, 52 Vir-
ginia st
Ballantyne, J. M. & Co. 63 Glass-
ford street
Barr, Wm. 4 Govan road
Black, A. & Co. 126 Broomielaw
and 2 York st
Black, Rubt. 174 New City rd
Blaikley, David, 160 and 162 St.
George's road
Boston, A. L. 18a RenBeld st
Brown, A. 10 Argyle arcade
Brown, Ales. 15 Main street,
Brown, Wm. 467 Paisley road
Bruce, J. G. 210 New City rd
Campbell, Andrew, 248 Garscube
Campbell, Thos. 649 Gt. Western
Campbell, Thos. R., 124 Paisley
road. West
Chalmers, Jas. 509 Springburn rd
Chambers & Drinnan, 145^ Great
Hamilton st
Christie, Andw. 27 Clyde place
Clacher, A. 161 Trongate
Clacher, C. G. 22 Argyle st
Colquhoun, Wm. 446 Argyle st
Corbet, J. L. 65 Jamaica st
Corbet, Robt. 362 Gt. Western rd
Corbett, W. 29 Bridge st
Crawford, Thos. & Co., 434 Argyla
Crichton, Jas. 84 Argyle st and
137 Trongate
Cullen & Pollock, 69 Buchanan at
Davis, D. & Son, 12 Gordon st
Dobbie, Alexander, & Son, 44 and
45 Clyde place
Dobbie, Thos. 51 Adelphi st
Donaldson, G. 166 London rd
Dougall, Philip L. 449 St. George's
Douglas, Daniel, 420 Argyle st
Douglas, James, 140 New City rd
Dow, D., 68 Argyle street
Drinnan, Robert, 145^ Gt Hamil-
ton street
Drummond, Geo. & Co. 128 Bu-
chanan st
Drummond, R. 122 Buchanan st
Duke, James, 231 Cambridge st
Duke, John, 154 Dumbarton road
Duncan, Alex. 75 Buchanan st
Dunlop, James, 412 New City rd
Easton, James, 54 Gordon st.
Edward, George, & Sons, 92 Bu-
chanan street
Ellis, M. & Co. 255 Paisley road
Espie, A. T. 8 Eglinton st
Esson, Peter, 4 Royal arcade
Faller, Chas. 19 Howard st
Fehrenbach, Chas. 1.30 South Port-
land st
Fisher, John, & Son, 151 George st
Forrest, Jas. 66 Gt. Hamilton st
Forrest, Robt. B. 20 Union st
Forrest, W. 61 Canning st
Frame, Robt. 15 Queen's crescent,
Eraser, M. 27 St. George's rd
French, Robt. (factor), 118 Tron-
Fyfe, Thomas, 33 Hope st
Gentleman, T. H. 53 Nelson st. s.s
Giffen, John, 129 New City rd
Glasgow Watch and Clock Co.
35 Jamaica st
Gourlay, J. A. 78 N. City road
Grant, Harry, 223 Main street,
Mary hill
Hamilton, A. D. 98 Crookston st
Hamilton, Thos. 175 Stirling rd
Hay, James, 16 Bridge street
Hay, James, jun. 16 Bridge street
Hector, R. L. 50 Mitchell street
Hill, C. J., Coventry ; agent, P. T.
Macaulay, 34 St. Enoch sq
Hillier, F. A. G. & Co., wholesale,
7 York st
Hislop, David W., 3 Argyle arcade
Hood, William, 197 Duke st
Hunter, Eugene, 137 New City rd
Jack, R. 31 Argyle st
Jamieson, Gavin, 377 Springburn
Johnson, J. Y. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st
Johnston & Co., 53 Buchanan st
Johnstone, D. B. 75 Buchanan st
Kerr, John, 287 Byars rd
Kerr & Phillips (French importers),
74 Buchanan street
Ketterer, A. 15 Trongate
Kiddie, D. 1 New City road
King, B. 32 Cowcaddens st
King, James, 328 Cathcart road
Kissell, Jas. 41 Breadalbane st
Laing, J. R. & W. 53, 55 Bruns-
wick street
Lamb & Son, 47 Oswald st
Lament, Alex. 164 Albert road,
Lament & Sons, 50 Albert road
Lang, F. & Son, 42 Broomielaw
Lawson & Co. 85 Buchanan st
Leek, T. L. 74 Charlotte lane
Levy, Jacob, 92 Abbot sford pi
Levy, Victor, & Co. 40 Union st
Lincolne & Co. ' Night Watch-
man's Watcher and Employers'
Time Recorder," 65, 67 North
Wallace street
Logan, W. & W. 72 Buchanan st
Lynch, C. 163 Gallowgate
M'Arthur, John, 4 Argyle arcade
M' Crone & Morrison, 6 Nelson
St. city
M'Crossan, Joseph, & Sons, whole-
sale, 29 Ann st
M'Culloch, Thomas, 7 Main st.
M'Farlane, P. & Sons, 34 Gordon st
M'Gregor, D. & Co. 37, 38 Clyde
place, Glasgow
M'Gregor & Gardner (wholesale),
7 Prince's sq
M'Innes, T. S. & Co. Ltd. all
kinds of clocks for engine rooms
and ship's u"e, 41 Clyde pi
M'Into=h, Jas. D., 553 N. City rd
M'Intosh, Wm. 151 George st
Mackay, C. 74 Main st. Bridgeton
M'Lay, J. & J. 63 Renfield st
M'Rae, Ja'i. 92 Gt. Hamilton st
Macrae. John, 141 Buchanan st.
and 12 Richmond st. — See Advt.
in App.
M' William, J. H. 515 Gallowgate
Mark, James, 97 Union st
Martin, Geo. 420 Victoria rd
Martin, John, 152 J Castle st
Martin, Wm. 260 Sauchiehall st
Miller, Arch. 343 New City road
Millar, David, 801 New City road
Miller, John, 40 Union street
Miller, P. 75 Dundas street

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