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M'Meeken, Jas. (property and land)
67 Bath street
M'Michael, James (property), 36
Argyle arcade
M'Neil, H. A. 60 Albert drive
MacnicoU & Co. shipping and ma-
chinery, 6 Dixon street
M'Pheely, Philip, Drury Auction
Halls, 11. 13 Drury st
M'Pheely, Thos. & Sons, 11, 13
Drury st
M'Tear, R. & Co. (and assessors
of fire losses), 6 North court,
Eoyal Exchange Sale Kooms,
St. Vincent pi
Madden, H. W. 96 South Portland
Mair, John S. 55 Glassford st
Makins, W. A. (land and property),
79 West Regent st
Marr, John, property, 248 West
George st. and 41 Helen street,
Mayherry, Hugh (property and
land), 128 Hope street
Metcalfe, W. & Sons, 140 London
IMickel, Robt. property and land,
173a St. Vincent st
Lliller, A. L. property, 122 Wel-
lington st
Millar, Wm. & Co. (drapery, &c.),
141 High street
Morrison, Dick, & M'Culloch, 98
Sauchiehall street
Morrison, Jas. (Morrison, Dick, &
M'Culloch), 98 Sauchiehall st
Morton, David Home, Asso. M. Ins.
C.E. M.I.M.E. 95 Bath st
Morton, Robt. shipping, 21 Both-
well st
Morton & Williamson, shipping,
21 Bothwell st
Muir, A. P. 47 Sauchiehall st
*Munro, D. 39 Hope st
Munro, R. D. M.I.M.E, machinery
and plant, 13 Dundas st
Murray, W. G. G. (land and pro-
perty), 93 Hope st
Nelson, D. M. & Sons, Gas Works
plant and apparatus, 68 Bath st
Nicol & Halliday, 12 Trongate
Norman, John (plant and mach-
inery), 131a St. Vincent street.
*Parnie, Jas. F.S.I, (property), 27
Union st
Peat, W. S. 65 Crown street
Penman, John Sandelands, jun.
(M'Call Brothers & Co.) 102 W.
Nile st
Pyle, Jas. & Co. (distillery and
brewing, copper and brass), 38
Elliot st
Ramsay, Joseph, 21 Cromwell st
Reid, Robert, I. M. (property), 203
W. George st
Robertson, James (drapery, with
Thomson, Jackson, Gourlay, &
Taylor), 24 George square
Robertson, Wm. (drapery), 2
Apsley pi
Robson, H. R. 14 Royal cres. W.
Russell, Jas. 193 St. Vincent st
Sale, Henry, Terrace buildings.
Salmon, Jas. & Son, F.R.I.B.A.
and LA. (property), 197 St.
Vincent street
Salmon, Wm. Forrest, F.R.I.B.A.
and LA. property, 197 St. Vin-
cent st
Scott, R. I.M. (property), 115
Wellington st
Sharp & Fairlie, 127 Gt. Hamilton
street and 74 Buchanan st
Sharp, Robt. Sunnyside rd. Coat-
Shaw, R. B. (property), 94, 96
Commerce st
Sherry, Wm. 112 Bath st
Smellie, Geo. (Taylor & Brown),
167 St. Vincent st
*Sraellie, Thos. D. F.S.L 209 St.
Vincent st
Smellie, Thos. D. & Fraser, 209
St. Vincent st
Smith & Christie (machinery and
plant), 115 to 127 James st.
Bri dgeton
Speirs & Knox, 74 Canning st
Stevenson, J. 9 Doune ter
Stewart, A. 47 Maxwell rd
Stewart, Arch. 6 Hamilton street,
Partick, and 27 White st. Govan
Stewart. Jas. & Sons (property),
124 Cambridge st
Stirling, R. G. & Cameron (pro-
perty), 122 Welling' on st
Stobo & Bathgate, Robt. 26 Bell-
grove street
Taylor, Robt. (property), 70 Bath
Templcton, R. 0. 154 Bothwell
Thomson, A. & Turnbull, LA, 122
Wellington street
Thomson, David, LA. (property),
2 W. Regent st
Thomson, Gavin, 43 Renfield st.
Turnbull, Jno. jr. M.I.M.E. F.A.L
18 Blythswood sq
Turnbull, Parnie, & Adam (pro-
perty), 27 Union st
Turnbull, R. LA. 122 Wellington
WaUier, Fraser, & Steele (pro-
perty), 74 Bath street
Watson, John B. machinery, 119
St. Vincent street
*Whyte, Wm. M'Nicol, 103 West
Regent st
Wilkie, Dan. 189 St. Vincent st
Wilson, R. B. property, 34 St.
Enoch square
Young, Jas. G. engineering plant
and machinery, formerly of
Phcenix Ironworks, 194 St.
Vincent st
Young, Thos. (machinery), 58
Renfield st
Young, Thos. plant and machinery,
27 Oswald st
Achnach & Co., Thistle Rubber
Mills, 110, 112 Commerce st. s.s i
Alley & Maclellan, Sentinel Works,
Auld, D. & Sons, reducing valves,
91 Rochester street
Barclay, Jas. 17 Oswald st
Berry, Henry & Co. Leeds ; agents,
Charles Henderson & Co. 9
York buildings, York street
Biggar & Hendry, 84 Maxwell
Brown, Alex. & Co. 30 Carrick st
Cameron, D. & Co., 180 & 188
M'Neil street
Campbell, Geo. & Co. (iodia rub-
ber), retail, 33 Jamaica street ;
wholesale, 108 Argyle st
Clarkson Brothers, City Engine
Works ; all kinds of steam and
hydraulic valves, 8 and 12
Little Hamilton st. and95 High
John st
Clyde (The) Rubber Works Co. Ld.
(R. B. Black, secy.) Clyde street,
Port-Dundas; telephone No.
27; town warehouse, 76 Broom-
ielaw; telephone No. 4928.
Clydesdale (The) Rubber Co. 58
Gordon st. and 2, 4 Renfield st
Cockburn, David, patent safety,
132 M'Neil street
Cockburn G. & Co. (patent safety
and reducing), 24, 26 Sussex st.
Kinning park
Corrugated (The) Metallic Valve
Co. 109 Hope st
Currie, Thomson, & Co. 43, 45,
47 Jamaica st. ; wholesale, 9
Howard st
Dempster, Moore, & Co. 49 Rob-
ertson st
Donald, Jas. T. & Co. Limited, 345
Argyle st
Empire Co., agents, Alex. Brown
& Co. 194 St. Vincent st
France & Morgan (brass). White-
field Brass Works, Govan
Goudie, Jas. T. & Co. india-rubber,
151 Argyle st
Henderson, Chas. & Co. agents for
Henry Berry & Co. Leeds, 9
York buildings, York st
Hill, Thos. & Co. 12 to 30 Spout-
moutb, Gallowgate
India-rubber, Gutia-percha, and
Telegraph Works Co Lmtd. 8
Buchanan St.; wks., Silvertown,
London, E
Johnson, J. Y. office for patents,
115 St. Vincent st. Handbook,
"Hints to Inventors," gratia

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