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Stevenson, W. 108 Arpyle st
Stewart, Arclid. & Co. 42-48
Union st.
Swan, Thos. hassock cushions and
carpet sewer, 61 John st. city
Thompson, Eobt. B. & Co. mirrors
for cabinetmakers, 47 E. How-
ard street
Walton & Co. factory, 23 St.
Andrew's sq.; warehouse, 22
Ann St. city
Wylie & Lochhead (Lirad.), 45 Bu-
chanan st
Those marked * ore members of the
Surveyors' Institution, incorporated
hy Koyal Cliarter, 12 Great George
Street, Westminster.
Alexander, Frank R. (printing
machicery, &c.), 1 50 Eenfield bt
Arthur, David, 81 Renfrew st
Baird, Jas. & Co. 58 West Regent
Barbour, H. & Co. 175 Trongate
*Barr, Jas. 221 West George st
Barr, Robt. Box 33, Royal Ex-
Begi^, Tho8. (property), 12 Bell-
grove st
Bennie, J. machinery and adjuster
of insurance claims, 151 Alon-
eur street
*Bmnie,T. (property), 207 Hope st
Bowman Walter, 68 Trongate
Brown, Alex. 102 Burnside st
Brown, T. 193 Eo'.tenrow
*Brown, Wm. 67 Renfield st
*Bryden, R. A. F.R.I.B.A. 212 St.
Vincent st
Buchanan, John (at Robt. M'Tear
& Co.'s), 6 Korth Court, Royal
Buchanan, W. J. 72 Renfield st.
*Burnet, Frank, 69 W. Regent st
Burnet, John (property), 167 St.
Vincent street
Butters, M. W. (of Butters Bros.
& Co., contractors and engineers,
&c. 18 and 20 Waterloo st.)
Cairns, A. A. (property) 192 Hope st
â– Cameron, J. B. & Co. (ships and
machinery), 111 Union st
Cameron, N. & J. W. 121 West
Geo. St. & 109 King st. P'shaws
Chalmers. John, 12 Dixon st
Cherry, Wm. (land), 112 Bath st
Clark & Bell, 212 St. Vincent st
Clarkson, Peter &Wra. (machinery,
and adjusters of insurance claims)
S and 12 Little Hamilton st.
and 95 High John st
Clarkson, Thos. (machinery), 65
Dunlop st
Cochrane, A. M. & Co. 47 Oswald
Collins, Ai-thur, 34 Trongate
•-Copland, Wm. Robert'-on, 146
West Regent street
Cowan, Adam (drapery and fancy
goods), 11 Miller st
Dalglish, R. 178 St. Vincent st
Dansken, A. B. 121 West Geo. st
*Dansken, John, 241 W. George st
Dansken, John, & Purdie, 241 W.
George st •
Davidson, James Inglis (land), 175
W. George st
Davie, John, property, 20 Union st
DennisoD, Wm. (land), 175 Hope st
Dick, D. 98 Sauchiehall street
Dick, Edward, 261 Hope st
Dick, Thos. & Son (property), 43
Eenfield st
Douglas, Campbell, F.R.I.B.A. and
LA. (property), 266 St. Vin-
cent street
Dove, Thos. A. fancy goods and
fire losses, 15-23 St. Andrew sq
Dow, Duncan, 91 Gallowgate
Edmiston, J. & R. 41 West Nile
Findlay. James, jun. (property),
87 Union st
Findlay, John, 24 Grant street
FiDglaud, Wm. property, 545
Govan road, Govan
Fleming, G. Royal Exchange
*Fras8r, Wm. F.S.I (professional
associate), 209 St. Vincent st
Frew, Alex, (land and property),
175 Hope st
Frew, T. (land), 6 Windsor terrace
Gemmell, ^I. (property) 75 Bath st
Goodwin, John, 235 George st
Gossman & Smith, 58 W. Regent st
Gracie, R. 30 Gordon st
Grant, T. M. 100 Hydepark st
Gray, Andrew, 30 Bath st
Gray, D. (plant and machinery),
77 W. Kile st
Gulliland, J. C. (and assessor of
fire losses, of Robert M'Tear &
Co.) Eoyal Exchange salerooms,
6 North Court, Royal Exchange
Hair, Wm. B. (property), 41
Robertson st
Hamilton, John, 137 W. George st
Hamilton, John, LA. (property),
212 St. Vincent st
Henry, Francis, 132 Trongate
Hendry, John, 502 St. Vincent st
Herbertson, John, properly, 85
Bedford st
Herbertson, Henry, & Co. 167 St.
Vincent street
Hill, Thos. & Co. 12 to 30 Spout-
mouth, Gallowgate
*Hill, Thos. Nelson, 140 Bath st
Hutchison & Dixon, 7 W. Nile st
Inglis, Jas. drapery, 168 Castle st
Kay, Thomas, property, 12, 14
Hopetonpl. and 21 Cathedral st
Keith, Duncan, & M'Cloy, 13
W. Eegent st
Kemp, Wm. (shipping and machi-
nery), 101 St. Vincent st
Kerr, Robt. 189 St. Vincent st
Kidd, Peter, 21 Drury st
King, Robert A. & Co. (of plant
and machinery), 54 St. Enoch sq
Kirkwood, John, & Sons (property
and land), 67 West Regent st
Laing, Jn. & Sons, property, 20
Bridge st
*Laing, John, 20 Bridge street
Laird, Geo. H. (property) 10 Ann
St. Bridgeton
Laird, James, 75 W. Nile st
Laird, Jas. & Son, 75 W. Nile st
Laird, John (and assessor of fire
losses), (of Robert M'Tear &
Co.), Royal Exchange Sale
rooms, 6 N. Court, Royal Ex-
Lamb, Thos. & Stewart (property
and fire losses), 220 Parliamen-
tary rd
*Lammie, George, & Son (pro-
perty), 138 Hope street
Liddell, J. & Sons, machinery and
plant, Canal Basin, 316 Dobbie's
loan, Port-Dundas
Lightbody, Thos. 42 Sydney st
Lochhead, Jno. property, 20 Union
Logan, W. & Son (property), 95
Bath st
Logie, Wm. & Co. 6 Union street
M'AusIan, J. Ure & Co. (property),
58 Renfield street
M'Call, S. (property), 5 Balmano
M'Callum, E. (property), 69 Union
St.; branch otiices, 2 Gt. Welling-
ton St. and 661 Govan rd. Govan
M'Chlery, Geo. C. (at Morrison,
Dick, & M'Culloch), 98 Sauchie-
hall st
M'Cloy, J. H. (of Duncan Keith
& M'Cloy, 13 W. Regent st.)
M'CoU Bros. & Co. 102 West Nile
M'Coll, D. R. 102 W. Nile st
M'Dougall & Brown (property),
67 Renfield street
M'Dougall, Robt. M. (distillery and
brewery), 86 Dale st. s.s.
''JI'Dougall, Robt. 67 Renfield st
M'Farlane, W. M. 161 Trongate
M'Gee, Henry P. (property and
land), 15 Henrietta st
M'llwraith, Hugh, 79 Dumbarton
rd. Partick, and 4 Germiston si;
M'Kellar & M'Kellar, 112 Bath
Mackinlay, G. M.F.A. 173 St.
Vincent st
M'Laren, Hart & Co. machinery
and plant, 121 Bishop st. Port-
M'Laren, Thos. & Co. (shipping),
74 Broomielaw
MacLellan, P. & W. Ld. (machinery
and plant), 129 Trongate and
Clutha Works, Plantation
M'Leod, John. 63 Renfield st

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