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Richmond, David (iron) City Tnbe
Works and Brassfoundry, 35
Rose St. Hutchesontown
Richmond, David, & Co. lap-
welded iron and steel boiler
tubes, &c. North British Tube
Works, Brooraloan rd. Govan
Ritchie & Whiteman, brazed and
seamless brass and copper tubes,
116 St. Vincent st
Shaw, John, & Co., Maryhill Iron
Works, Maryhill
Stewart, Andrew & James, &
Clydesdale, Ltd., 41 Oswald St.
Sturock, Wm. 95 Bath st
Sun Tube Works, Coatbridge; office
41 Oswald st
Taylor, And., malleable iron tubes
for gas, water, and steam, 47
Oswald st
The Credenda Tube Co. Ltd.
Smethwick, Birmingham; patent
seamless steel tubes; sole agent,
Neil M-Vicar, 342 Argyle st
The Manchester Steel Nut and
Tube Co. Ltd., solid drawn steel
tubes, round or hexagon ; agent,
F. H. Blackwood, 41 Ann st.
Thomson, Wm. & Co. makers of
Thomson & Dudgeon's expanders,
pulley blocks, &c. (beware of
spurious imitations), 57 Smith
St. Kinning park
Tradesf on Tube Co. 48 Wallace st.
Union Tube Co. , Coatbridge
Vivian H. H. & Co., Ltd., Birming-
ham; C. Dunderdale & Son,
agents, 119 St. Vincent st
Watson, Gow & Co. Lilybank road
Wilkes, John, Sons, & Mapplebeck,
Birmingham ; agent, Alexander
Blair, 163 West George st
Wilkes, J. Sons,& Mapplebeck, Ld.;
agents, Chas. Henderson & Co.,
9 York buildings, York st
Wilson, Jas. & Sons, Coatbridge ;
works, Coatbridge
Wilson, John, & Son, Ltd. (iron),
Gorbals Tube Works, 3 Oxford st
Asylum for the Blind, 100 Castle st
Cousland, Ales. & Son, 3 Mitchell
M'Corkindale, A. & Sons, 182
Broomielaw & 11 James Watt st
M'Donald, Robt. 45 Union street;
works, 28 to 32 Thistle st. s.s.
and Clutba Works, Plantation
Motherwell, Wm. 32 Portman st
Riddell, W. & Co. lf)4 Trongate,
and 636 Springfield rd. Parkhead
Rowat, A. & Co. 25 Canrileriggs. —
See Advt. in Appendix
Taylor & Miller, 261 Argvle st
Taylor, Wui. & Co. 11 Wood lane
Thomson, R. B. & Co. 38 Stockwell
Allen, W. H. & Co. London and
Bedford ; agents, Chas. Hender-
Fon & Co. 9 York buildings,
York st
Coutts, Muir & Co. " The Victor,"
140 Bath st
Henderson, Chas. & Co. agents for
W. H. Allen & Co. London and
Bedford, 9 York buildings, York
Hill, Thos. & Co. 12 to 30 Spout-
mouth, Gallowgate
M'Donald, John, Bridge Turbine
Works, PoUokshaws
MacLellan,P. & W. Ld.(merchants),
129 Trongate, Clutba Works,
Vermont st. Plantation
Mavor & Coulson, merchants, 57
W. Nile street
Turnbull, John, jun. M.I.]\I.E.
F.A.I. 18 Blythswood sq
Cockburn Turkish Baths, 137
Bath street
Murdoch & Cameron, builders of
slow combustion hypocast fur-
naces for healing Turkish and
Russian baths, Progressive Wks.
50 Charles st
Ross, Jas. (baths heated by slow
combustion hypocast furnace),
554, 556 Gallowgate
Alexander, Wm. & Co. Helen st.
Barry, George, & Co. 48 Paterson
street, s.s.
Brown, D. (wood and iron), 21
John Street lane, Bridgeton
Brown, H., cabinet, 278 Scotland
Brown, John (wood), 18 ^Milton In
Burley, Bennet B. (wood), 9
Watson st
Burley, Robt. & Sons, Ltd., wood,
Fairlie st. Govan
Carlaw, David & Sons (iron), 81
Dunlop st
Carlaw, W. (wood), 60 Waterloo st
Clarkson Bros, (iron and brass), 8
and 12 Little Hamilton st. and
95 High John street
Craig, John (wood), 94 Paterson st
Crawford, P. & A., wood, Thistle
Works, Paisley
Crockart, R. & J. S. (wood), 21
Richard street
Dron & Lawson, iron, 59 Elliot st
Ferguson, D. & G., wood, 55 Duke
street I
Florence, Robt. & Son (wood), Elm-
bank lane. North si 1
Gibson, Wm. & Co. wood and iron,
106 Trongate, and Silvan Works,
187 Broad street, Mile-end
Hamilton, T. & J. (wood), 42 To-
bago st
Hill, James (wood), 24 Craignes-
tock st
Laing, James (wood), 36 Aber-
cora st
Lam-ie, R. G. (ivory and wood), 63
John St. city
M'Farlane Bros, iron, 10 Hyde-
park street. — See Advt. in App,
M'HatBe,Wm. & Son, 178 Maxwell
M'Intosh, J. & J. 24 Surrey st.
M'Kenzie& Co. (wood), 90 Kin-
ning street s.s
M'Naughtan, E. (wood), 38 Thistle
street, s.s.
M'Phuu, J. P. & Co. (wood), 38
and 40 Mill street, Bridgeton
Manson, A. & Sod, 163 Grame st
Mathieson, Alex. & Sons, Lmtd.,
Saracen Tool Works, 13 Eass
Campbell street
Maxwell, James, & Son, 123
Gloucester street
Moncur, John (wood), 25 Soho st
Mowat & Mdlar, Greeuhaagh
Saw Mills, Drumoyne rd. Govan
Nelmes, Henry & Co. billiard ball,
121, 127 Wellington st
Percival, T. F., & Co., wood, 60
Henrietta st
Robertson, Robt.wood, 1-9 Cumber-
land street. Gallon
Rogersou, Thos. & Lawson, wood,
240 Carntyne rd
Ross, C. (wood), 57 Montrose st
Russell, Wm. (wood), 163 Graeme
Smith, Hugh (wood), 164 West
Graham st
Stirrat, D. & Son, wood and iron,
established 1783, 132 to 138
Port-Dundas road ; telephone
No. 3971
Strachan, J. H. & Son (wood), 17
Shamrock street, w
Taylor, T. (ivory), 60 Montrose st.
and 2 Richmond st
Thomson, David, wood, 63 Stir-
ling St. Cowcaddens
Thompson, Robt. B. & Co. im-
porters of Swedisti wood, turned
or in blocks, 47 E. Howard st
Thomson, Wm., importer of spools,
bobbins, tubes, skewers, &c. for
thread and spinning mills, 101
St Vincent st
Turnbull, Jas. (wood), 22 Elliot st
Watt, John (wood), 75 Port st
Carlaw, D. & Sons, 81 Danlop

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