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ij Forfar, Fred. R. (at Craig & Rose's)
Forrest, John M. 6 Whitevale st
Forrester, Gab. (at Ales. Liggat's),
72 Virginia st
Foster, Josh, 25 Jamaica street
Fraser, Alex. (S. Mitchell & Son)
Fraser, W. L. 11 Maxwell st
FullertPii, John (John Ferguson &
Sons), 54 York st
Fulton, e. (at Gorbals Tube Wks.
3 Oxford St.)
Fulton, \Vm., 60 Wilson st
Fyfe, Geo. (at S. Mitchell & Son)!
Galloway, Thos. D. (at Campbell
& Henry's)
Gait, G. S. (at M'Call & Stephen)
Gartshore, G. P. 180 Claythorn st
Gebbie, D. (at Watson & Lawson's)
Geddes, Geo., 37 Finlay drive
Getmnell, Adam, 66 Bucoleuch st
Gibb, James B., 167 St. Vincent st
Gibson, Geo. 20 Arm.adale st
Gibson, Juhn (atH. Mackechnie&
Gibson, Wm. (at Leslie & Hall's),
21 Wilton ter
Gillespie, Robt. 67 Mains st
Gilraour, Wm. (at Wm. M'Ewan&
Co. Ltd.)
Gleg:g, A. R , 81 Somerville drive,
Mount Florida
Govan, John, 130 Kilmarnock rd
Gracie, Jas. (at Smith & M'Kay's)
Grahame, Duncan (Sun Foundry)
Graham, P. B. 48 St. Vincent
Grant, Don. (at W. & J. M'Lin-
Grant, G. 382 Duke st
Grant, Jas. H. 37 Garnethill st
Grant, P. (at Pringle & Criohton's)
Gray, G. C. F. (at S. Chisholm &
Grieve, J. M. Box 12, Royal Excb.
Guild, George G. (at Parker &
Guild, John (at Jas. Shearer &
Co. 55 Robertson st)
Gunn, Jas. (at Taylor & Ferguson,
Gunn, John F. 446 Victoria rd
Gunn, W. 93 to 99 Holm st
Haddow, Adam (of Robert Ballocb
Hall, Richard, 208 Allison street,
Halley, W. J. B. 96 Renfield
Hamilton, Jas. 420 Gallowgafe
Hamilton, John, 49 Oswald street
Hamilton, R. C. (at W. & A.
Hamilton, R. (at Campbell &
Hamilton, Wm. Afton cot. Busby
Harvie, John, oO Hope st
Hatchwell, W. M. (at Davidson,
jun. & Davidson)
Hay, A. J. (at Smith & Sharp's)
Heggie, Jas. 5 Pembroke st
Henderson, John, (atWm. Collins,
Sons & Co. Ltd.)
Henderson, Wm. (at Macdonald &
Hendry, Wm. B. (at Burns &
Hill, John S. 63 St Enoch sq
Hunter, R. 41 Robertson st
Hunter, Wm. (at R. Hunter,
Craig, & Co.'s)
Hutchison, Andw. (at Campbell &
Hutchison, Keith, 33 Virginia st
Hutcheson, T. 24 Centre street,
Inglis, Geo. (at Baird & Steven-
son, 11 Bothwell St.)
Innes, Robt. fat Westlands, Laid-
law & Co.'s)
Irvine Frank, M. (at Smith &
Jackson, Wm. C. (at Jas. Mnrray
& Sons')
Jamieson, Robert M. 5 Annette
Johnstone, J. 4 Kew ga'-dens
Kay, Jas. (at D. & J. Parker's)
Kay, Robt. K. (at John & Charles
Kelly, Walter (at Waterbury Clock
Co.) 121 Stock well st
Kirk, Harry G. (at Arthur &
Laing, David (at Currie, Thomson
& Co.'s)
LambertoD, A. B. 16 Graff on sq
Langmnir, R. G. 123 Shields rd
Langskaill, C. G. 70 Seamour st
Lawson, Wm. (at Gillespie, Sons,
& Co.'s)
Leckie, David F., 67 Cadder st
Lees, Geo. 1.^7 Slateiield street
Lindsay, David (at James Storer
& Co.'s)
Linford, Albert W. (at Bass &
Co.'s, Limited)
Lockbarr, Archd. B. (at John Gray
& Co.'s)
Lyle, C. 24 Whitehill street
Lyon, Jas. A. (at Marr, Downie, &
Macara, Geo. (at Smith & Sharp's)
M'Clew, A. C. S. 230 Great
Western rd
M'Clymont, John (at A. M'Crac-
kon & Co.'s)
M'Culloch, Geo., 346 St George's
M'Donald,D. (at Jno. Richmond's)
M'Donald, Robert (at John Ure &
M'Farlane, David, 152 W. George
Macfarlane, Hugh B., 24 Spring-
field court
M'Gill, Jas. S. 251 Kenmure st
M'Gregor, John (at Jaa. Genimell
& Co.'s)
M'Gregor, John T. (Cochrane &
M'Gregor, John (Fandel, Phillips
& Son, merchants and manu-
facturers, 36-40 Newgate street,
London), 274 Maxwell rd
M'Gregor, R. (at Campbell &
M'Gregor, Thos. (at Whitelaw's,
87 Sydney st.)
M'H wraith, Hugh (S. Hannah &
Co.), 70 Gt, Hamilton street
M'Intyre, Arthur, 8 Lindsay ter.
M'Kellar, And. (at S. Mitchell &
M'Kenzie, R. S. 45 Union st
M'Kinlay, Robert, 63 St. Enoch sq
M'Lachlan, Jas. 109 Craigpark Cr
M'Lean, A. J. 131 St. Vincent st
M'Lean, Duncan C. 222 Paisley rd
BI'Lean, L. 68 St. Vincent cres.
Maclean, Malcolm B. (at M. Algie
& Co.'s)
M'Leod, Geo. 13 Auchentoshan ter
Maclure, Peter, 13 Muirpark St.,
M'Master, F. (at Kidd & Wilson's)
M'Morland, John (at Kidd &
M'Naught, J. 11 Shields rd
M'Naughtan, Wm. (at Bruce &
M'Neil, Jas. 10 Dixon st
M'Neil, John (at Craig & Rose's)
M'Nicol, Daniel, 61 Caledonia rd
M'Nicol, Don. 32 Cromwell st
M'Phee, Jas. 32 Hutcheson st
Mair, Hugh (at Archd. AJIan, 100
Brunswick st)
Malcolm, Peter (at Jas. Davidson
& Co.'s), 12 Wilson st
Manderson, Wm. Orr (at J. Cam-
Marr, Hugh, 40 Princes street,
Miller, John (at Jno. Ure & Son's)
Mills, G. (Dempster, Moore & Co.'s)
Mitchell, Robert (at Arthur &
Co.'s, 78 Queen st)
Mitchell, Wm. A. 3 Carfin street
Morris, John S. 133 Forth street,
Muir, Robt. 40 Eoslea drive
Munro, Arch. 1 34 Anntield st
Naismith, Jas R. 3 Waverley gdns.
Nicol, Chas. (at Lorimer & Clark's)
Nicol, W. 15 4 London street
Nimmo, Blair (at James Gemmell
& Co.'s)
Notman, A. Finlay, 57 Oswald st
Ogilvy, John, 2 Nithsdale drive
Oliver, Geo. (at Hu. Barnett &
Ormiston, J. (at Gumming &
Osborne, John, 452 So. Welling-
ton st

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