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Glasgow Commercial Association
and Tra'Je Protection Offices,
W. J. Heptou & Co. 101 Union
Hepworth & Co. 85 Queen st
Kemp's Meroantilrf Offices, 22
Eenfield st. ; G. Yv. Chandler,
manager; and at 4G Cannon st.
London, E.C.; and Birmingham,
Bristol; Cardiff, Cork, Leeds,
Liverpool, Manchester, New-
castle - on - Tyne, Kottingham,
Sheffield, Dublin, and Belfast
Stubbs' Mercantile Offices (estab.
1836), for tbe protection of
traders; head office for Scotland,
116 St. Vincent street, Glasgow;
manager, Joseph Tochatti ;
branch offices, 72 Princes street,
Edinburgli, and 84 Commercial
street, Dundee ; Aberdeen, 229
Union St.; chief office, 42 Gres-
ham St. London, E.C.; branch
offices, 3 Princes st. Eegent st.
London, W. Manchester, Liver-
pool, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds,
Sheffield, Newcastle - on - T^ne,
Brighton, Norwich, Portsmouth,
Bradford, Yks. Cardiff, Notting-
hatn, Plymouth, Hull, Swansea,
Dublin, Belfast, Cork, &c. &c.
United Mercantile Agency (The),
Cooper, Craig, & Craig, 92 St.
Vincent street, 145 Ctieapside,
London, E.G. and Edinburgh
Birrell, Geo. & Co. 57 W. Camp-
bell st
Clyde Rubber Works Co. Ltd. (R.
B. Black, secy.) India-rubber
bearing springs, &,c. Clyde street,
Port-Dundas ; telephone No.
27 ; town waiehouse, 76 Broom-
ielaw ; telephone No. 4928
Dubs & Co. (engines), Glasgow
Locomotive Works, Aikenhead rd
Haggle Bros, wire lope, 134 St.
Vracent st
Hurst, Nelson, & Co. Ltd. The
Glasgow Rolling Stock and Plant
Works, Motherwell; registered
office, 27 St. Vincent pi., Glas-
gow ; London office. Mansion
House Chambers, 11 Queen
Victoria st. E.G.
Johnstone, Jas. 115 Bothwell st
MacLellan, P. & W. Lmtd. 129
Trongate, and Clutha Works,
Midland Railway Carriage and
Wagon Co. Ltd.; agent, James
Hugh, 101 St. Vincant st
Tangye's, Ltd. 96 and 98 Hope st
Abbott, Wm, (at Jas. Murray &
Adam, John (at Stephen Mitchell
& Son's)
Adam, W. M. (at Ferguson, Shaw
& Son's)
Agnew, Wm. (at Walton & Co.'s),
22 Ann st
Aiichison, Thos. (Sam. Hannah &
Co.), 8.8 Oxford drive
Aitken, Thos. 301 West Princes
Alexander, James (at Campbell &
Allan, Robt. (at J. Filshill's)
Anderson, James (at Dempster,
Moore, & Co.'s)
Anderson .Jas. S. 145 Buccleuch st
Arthur, Wm. W. (at Geo. Mason
& Go's.)
Bain, John, 49 Oswald street
Baird, Andw. (at Eobt. Mowal's),
143 St. Vincent st
Barr, John (at. M'Farlane, Lang &
Barron, J. 22 Leven st. Pollok-
Baxter, Eobt. (at Wm. Younger &
Go. Ltd.), 61 N. Hanover st
Bayna, James, 184 W. Graham st
Bennett, D. (at E. Brown & Co.'s)
Bennett, J. B. (at John Eich-
mond's), 56 W. Eegent st
Bennett, John, 419 Crown st
Binnie, Walter L. (at White &
Bird, John, 164 Cambridge dr
Black, Arch. 139 W. Graham st
Black, Thomas (at Finlay Bell's)
Blackwood, Alex (at Craig & Rose's)
Boal, James, 20 Armadale st
Borland, David (at Macdonald &
Borland, AVm. (at J. Tullis & Son's)
Boyle, Fred, (at Craig & Eose's)
Brodie, Hugli (at A. Bryce & Co.)
Brodie, Robt. 61 Oswald st
Brough, Peter (at Jas. Murray &
Brown, Ales, (at Willis, Nelson, &
Brown, Don. (at James Davidson
& Co.'s)
Brown, Gavin (at Westlands, Laid-
law & Go.)
Browne, Jobn, 69 Montgomerie st.
Kelvinside, N.
Bruce, Jas. A. (at Hunter, Barr &
Co.'s), 27 Jamaica st
Bryden, Eobert (at Lorimer &
Burks, H. 18 Melrose gardens
Burns, Wm. Barrowfield Pottery
Cairncross, Jas. (at Lorimer &
Cameron, Don. 45 Washington st
Campbell, Andrew (at Smith &
M' Kay's)
Campbell, Hugh C. (at Canning-
ton, Shaw & Co. Ltd.)
Garleton, S. 7 Garthland st
Chalmers, E. S. (at Campbell &
Christie, Jas. 171 Hospital st
Cbristie, Wm. 3 Scotia street
Cogbill, Daniel (at John Baird's,
36 Oswald st)
Clelland, Jas. 3 Langside terrace,
Cochrane, H. (at J. & L. Baird's)
Cochrane, S. P. (at Paterson,
Baxter, & Co.'s)
Corrnack, John, 32 Kelvin drive
Gouper, David L. (at Simpson,
Hunter, & Young's)
Courtney, Chas. 185 Kent rd
Cowden, John M. (at William
M'Ewan & Go. Ltd.)
Craig, And. F. (at Peter Dowie
& Co.'s)
Gran, Jno. 91 N. Hanover st
Crawford, Jas. Orr (at Kobert
Bailoch & Go's.)
Crawford, James, 60 Wilson st
Crawford, John (at M'Gall &
Currie, John (at Oliver Bros., 61
Eobertson st)
Cuthill, Geo. 109 Whitehill st
Dall, Wm. (Jas. Wrigley & Co.
Ltd. 29 John Dalton st. Man-
chester), 105 Kenmure street,
Dawson, Wm. (at John Gray &
Dewar, Duncan (S.Mitchell & Son)
Dick, Wm. (at Mathew Algie &
Donald, R. M. (at Burns & Glover)
Dougal, Eobt., 189 Langside rd
Douglas, A. W. Dalkeith, 158 St.
George's rd
Douglas, Thomas (at Charles
Tennant & Co.'s)
Dowie, J. M. (at Andw. Wallace's,
59 Eobertson st)
Druramond, D. 24 Ann street
Drysdale, Duncan S. (at Jas. Leggat
& Co.'s)
Drysdale, John (at Campbell &
Drysdale, Wm. C. (at Macdonald
& Morrison's)
Duthie, Ales, (at E. Brown &
Co.'s), 45 Washington st
Dykes, J. (at Jas. Gemmill & Co.'s)
Elder, Geo., 49 Jamaica st
Farquhar, Jas. 48 Ovcrnewton sq
Ferguson, Don. F. (at F. & J.
Ferguson, Jas. (at Wm. Younger
& Co. Ltd.) 61 N. Hanover st
Ferguson, Jno. (at Jas. Templeton
& Co.s)
Ferguson, T. T. (at Gumming &
Ferguson, Wm. 53 Morrison st
Fife, A. W. 147 Nitbsdale rd
Finlayson, Geo., 62 Kelvingrove st
Fisher, Jas. (at Marshall&Steven's)

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