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Espie, Jas. erected and maintained,
173a St. Vincent st
Graham, D. & G. (teleplionio No.
81), 134 to 140 Douglas street ;
■ branch, 201 Byars road,
Henley's (W. T.) Telegraph Works
Co. Ltd.; works, No. Woolwich,
London; agent, Alex. Smith,
45 Queen st
Holmes' Telephone, Telegraph, &
- Electric Light Construction As-
sociation, 55 West Campbell st.
Hutcheson, Jas. contractor (tele-
phone No. 4647), 247 West
George st
Mackinnon, Jas. 150-152 James
St. Bridgeton
M'Lellan, A. & Co. agents, 54, 56
Waterloo St. — See Advt. in App.
Mavor & Coulson, 57 W. Nile st
Munro'a Electrical Manufacturing
Co. Ltd.; showrooms and works,
Holland place, St. Vincent st
Patertion & Cooper, 137 W. Regent
. St. ; telegrams, " Patella, Glas-
gow "
Paterson, Wm. & Son, telephones
for warehouses, private houses,
&c., 83 Pitt st
Pollock, James, contractor, 19 6a
St. Vincent st
Ramsay, Wm.& Co. 195^ Argyle st
Smillie, R. D. & Co. 80 Mains
St.; works, &7 W. Campbell st.
and 16 Bothwell lane
The Telegraph Manufactui-ing Co.
Ltd. 30 Hope st
General (The) Electric Co. Ltd. of
London and Manchester, makers
of the " Hunning's cone " tele-
. phone, annunciators, switches,
&c., 196 St. Vincent st
Paterson & Cooper, 137 West
Regent St.; telegrams, "Patella,
Glasgow "
Paterson, Wm. & Son, telephones
for warehouses, private houses,
steamers, yachts, &c. 83 Pitt st
Telegraph (The) Manufacturing Co.
Ltd. 30 Hope st
Argyle Rubber Co. 64 Gordon st
Dodd, Joseph, all kinds of tennis
and raquet bats made, restrung,
and repaired on the shortest
notice, 55 Renfrew st
Spiers & Co., iron or weather-
boaid pavilions, designs, esii-
mates free, 125 W. Regent, st
Bailow, T. C. 103 Bath st.—See
Advt. in Appen.
Gourock Ropework Co. 9 Black-
burn street
M'llwraitb, James, & Co. (for
sale or hire), 9;i W. Regent St.;
works, Broomloan, Govan
Paisley, Peter, 82 to 96 Jamaica st
Baraber, Jas. 124 Buchanan st.
and 20 Argyle arcade
Bamber, Robert S. theatrical wig
maker, by appointment, to the
Glasgow theatres, 104 Renfield
st. and at 12 and 13 Charing
cross mansions
Kenning, Geo. & Son (spangles, foil
papers, laces, &c.), 9 W. Howard
Alexander, Logans, & Co., 78
Miller st
Alexander, R. F. & J. & Co. Ltd.
100 Duke St. and at Neilston
Anderson & Robertson (silk), John
st. ; and factories, Govan
Barbour, W. & Sons, Limd. (linen).
224 Ingram street
Central Agency, 89 Wellington st
Clark, John, jun. & Co. Mile-End
Thread Works
FinlaysoD, Bousfield, & Co. 14
George sq
Hannan, Watson & Co. export, 42
Bath st
Hayes, F. W. & Co. linen, Sea-
patrick Mills, Banbridge, Ire-
land ; agent, Moses Buchanan,
11 Miller st
Johnson, J. Yate, oifice for regis-
tering trade marks, 115 St.
Vincent St.; handbook on regis-
tration gratis
Kenning, Geo. & Son, gold, silver,
and tinsel, for all purposes, 9
W. Howard st. and at London,
Manchester, and Liverpool
Knox, W. & J. 14 Prince's square
Lee Spinning Co. 224 Ingram st
Melville, Geo., agent, 14 Prince's
Selcraig & Co., export, 137 West
Regent st
Stillwell, Edward, & Son, gold,
silver, and tinsel, 5 Madeira
court, 257 Argyle st
Wright & Hall, silk, Leek ; agt.,
Geo. Melville, 14 Prince's sq
Anderson Bros,, 35 Stockwell st
Anderson, R. 46 Jamaica st
Forrest & Son, 355 Argyle 3t
Gardner, John, 45 Canning st
Hunter, Jas. 48 Stockwell st
Macadam, James, 49 Jamaica st
M'Gavigan, J. 62 Argyle st
M'Kinnon, Chas. 22 Argyle st
Malyon, B. 74 Argyle st
Monaghan, E. 7 Argyle st
Mulheron, James, 43 Hospital st
Murray, Chas. G. 115 Sword st
Patent Celluloid Ticket Writing
Co. 126 Cowcaddens st
The Glasgow Numerical Ticket
Prioting and Perforating Co. 52
Ropework lane, off Gt. Clyde st
Tunna, Wm. 116 Raeberry st
Wood, Alex. & Sods, grocers'
Japanned tickets, 8 and 10
Stockwell st
Bennett, John, 26 S. Woodside rd
Carter & Co. 263 Argyle st
Duncan, Jas., 106 W. Campbell st
Edwards, J. C. terra colta, 196 St.
Vincent st
Galbraith & Winton, 129 St. Vin-
cent st
Henderson, J, & Co. merchants,
91 Bothwell st
Henderson, Osbert, 106, 107, 111
Union st
Kean & Wardrop (pairing), 167
Bath st
Lewis, P. 6 W. Russell st
Mackie, Alex. & Co. 124-126 Gt.
Wellington st
Mackie, J. Winton, plain and
ornamental tile work of every
description ; telephone No.
i^bSb; showrooms, 123 West
Regent st
Morrison, W. B. & Son (merchants),
110 West Refient st
Staffordshire Tileries Co. 174 and
176 W. Regent st
Thompson, Robert B. & Co., tiles
of all kinds, plain and orna-
mental, suitable for hearths,
shops, cabinetmakers, &c., 47
E. Howard st
Youden, John, & Co., floors, walls
and mosaics for schools, public
buildings, and general house
decoration ; special designs and
estimates given for shops, ship-
work, &c., 12 Bothwell street;
telephone No. 1278
M'Hutcheon & Co. 82 Lancefield st
Ramsay, Alex. 22 Waterlno st
Youden, John, & Co., sncc«ssors
to Emley & Son, Ltd. (for floors,
walls, &3.), 12 Bothwell street;
works, 152 154 St. Vincent lane
Anderson Brothers, warebouse, 35
Stockwell St.; works, 91 Stock-
well St. ; telephone No. 4749

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