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Craigie, Miss A., 389 Springbura
De Gabriele, Joseph, 67 Dalhousie
Downes, J. (violin), 517 Sanchie-
hall street — See Advt. in App.
Drummond, T. S., 46 Jane st
Eden, J., 9 Bellgrove street
Elphick, Miss (and singiag), 365
Bath street
Ferguson, Miss, 4 Bellgrove st
Ford, Jane K., 45 Eglinton st
Foster, Miss, 318 Bath cres
Fox, Miss, 35 Woodside quadrant
George, H. W. 100 Buccleuch st
Hall, Mrs., 45 West Graham st
Henry, Adam, 499 Sauchieball st
Jones, Miss M. A. 300 Langside rd
Keith, Miss, 82 Polmadie rd
Kincaid, Miss, 80 North Frederick
Krueger, Madam, 11 Gt. West'nrd
Lamond, D., 16 Holland pi
M' Allan, Miss, 186 Allison st
M'Ewen, Miss C. F., 17 Derby st
M'Lean, Mrs., organ, 34 South
Portland st
Manson, Miss M. 6 Wilton drive
Mercer, Miss, 29 Gr. Western rd
Miller, Carl Heinrich, 10 Corunna
Miller, John, jun. (piariist, accom-
panist, and musical director), 18
Monteith row
Munro, Miss, 14 M'Lennan st
Neilson, Jas. 25 Newhall st
Nicol, Louisa J. 174 New City rd
Patrick, Miss M., 1 W. Prince's st
Peace, A. L. JIus.Doc. Oxou. 2
Queen's terrace, W.
Pollock, Miss Maggie J,, 2 Lang-
side ter. Shawlands
Eay, Miss Emily, 230 Paisley rd. W
Eoss, Miss (and singing), 541
New City rd
Eussell, James, 4 Bellgrove st
Schofield, Miss, 251 Kenmure st.
Scott, Miss C. Y., 38 Keir street,
Seligmann, Julius (and singing),
18 Holyrood cres
Senior, John E. E. 22 Royal cres.
Shields, Geo. 13 Queen's terrace
Stuart, Miss, 1 Queen Margaret
Stuart, Miss, 12 Armadale st
Swanstone, J. R., 2 Belgrave pi.
VoUmer Bros., 244 Buchanan st
Volti, Carl, and violin, 4 South
Portland st
Wallace, E. Craig, 343 Duke st
Whitham, Mrs., 8 Great Kelvin
ter., Bank St., Hillbead
Williams, James, 16 Maxwell road
Wilson, Mrs. D. 122 Holland st
Crawford, Jas., M.A., High School
Hendry, Jas. G,, F.S. S.E.(Lond),
phonography, 36 Cumberland
street, s.s.
Kirkpatrick, R. F.R.H.S. (short-
band), 1 Queen's square, Queen's
M'Intyre, Jas. F.E.LS. Albany
M'Laren, John, Glasgow Academy
Neil, John, sen. 141 George st
Nelson, George, shorthand, 517
Sauchieball st
Ness, Wm. Athenseum
Robie, Jas. (shorthand, typewriting,
&c.), 19 Bute ter., Stratbbungo,
and 11 W. Regent st
Slessor, Wm. Kelvinside Academy
Smith & George, 100 Buccleuch st
Stafford, T. H, 430 Argyle st
Wbiteley, Sjkes (shorthand type-
writing, &c.), 75 Jamaica st
Black, Jas. &, Co. (wood), 10
Gartbland street
Carrick, Jas. G. & Co. (tin) 23
N. Wallace st. Parliamentary rd
M'Haffie & Co., 13 Margaret st.,
High John street
Mann, Summers, & Co. 1, 3 So.
Hanover street
Martin, Alex, (wooden), 24 Hut-
cbeson street
Shields, John (wood), 71 Hutche-
son street or 68 Glassford st
Agnew, F. & Son, 66 W. Howard
Aitken, D. & Co. 433 Garscnbe rd
Algie, Matthew, & Co. 24 Ann st
Algie, Wm. & Co. 97 Waterloo st
Anderson, Jas. & Co. 5 7 Oswald st
Anderson, Robt. J., & Co., 79
Robertson street
Anderson & Shaw, 53 to 57 Morri-
son St. and 20 to 24 Dundasst.
south side
Ashton, A. D. & Co. 22, 24 York
Bain, D. & Co. 13 York st
Ballantine, George, & Sons, 100
Union st
Balloch, Robt. & Co. 131 St. Vin-
cent street
Bayne & Thomson, 228 Buchanan
Bell, Alexander, & Co., 5 Oswald
Bell, David, & Co. 58 Virginia st
Bengal Tea Co. 197 Cowcaddens st
Binriie, Ales, H. 8 Oswa'd st
Birrell, John S., 37, 39, and 43
Rutberglen road
Black Brothers, 402 St Vincent st
Black, P. 76 West Hi)ward st
Blackwood & Co. 38 West Howard
Blackwood, John, 22 Main street,
Blackwood, John, & Co. 57 Oswald
Blair, Campbell, 7 Howard street
Bowie & Finlay, 41 Montrose st
Brown, Duncan lil'E., 326 London
Brown, Hugh, 529 Great Western
road, Hillhead
Brown, James & Thomas, 77, 79
James Watt st
Browne, James (Warren, Cake-
bread, & Co. Ltd. London), 27
Ann street
Brown, John, 32 Norfolk st
Brown, John N. 79 Robertson st
Brown, Lawrie, & Sloan, 45 Dun-
lop street
Brown, Peter, 300 Nuneaton street
and 239 London rosd
Bruce, D. & Co. (wholesale), 65
W. Regent st
Bryce, P. B. 46 Hntcheson street
Budgett, Samuel, & Co., S3 Ann
St. ; agent, R. Barnett
Cameron, Herriot, & Co. 133 Brook
Cameron, Robt. & Co. 17 Oswald st
Campbell, D. A. 259 Bvars rd
Campbell, David, 259 Rutberglen
Campbell, Fred. 766 N. City rd
Campbell & Henry, 75 Argyle st
Campbell, M. 247 and 249 St.
George's rd
Campbell & M'Rae, 89 Argyle st
Carey, C. & E. 605 Duke st
Chalmers, J. & Co., 12 Dixon st
Charteris, John, 61 Jamaica st
Chisholm, S. & Co. 10, 14 York
Christie, R. & J. 8 Findlay street
200 Gallowgate and 178 New
City road
Clark, Alex., 222 Dumbarton rd
Clark, Robt. 72 Waterloo street
Clark, Robt. 118 Stobcross st
ColviU & Co. 60 Trongate
Cochrane, Andrew, 62 Bain st.
and branches
Cochrane & Arnot, 35 Roberston
Cook, Alex. 550 Gallowgate
Cooper & Co. 8-20 Hovrard st. and
Howard court, 36.B Sauchieball
St. and 47 Great Western road,
Cooper, John, 180 Garngad rd
Couper, David, & Co. (wholesale),
79 Robertson street
Cranston, Stuart, & Co. 28 Bu-
chanan st. and 76 Argyle st

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