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Anderson, P. & W. 64 Douglas st
Anderson, R. & A. 283 i'arlia-
mentary road
Armour, Allan, 65 Jamaica sfc
Arrol's Bridge and Roof Co., Ltd.,
Germiston Works, Petershill rd
An-ol, SirWm.&Co.Ltd. (bridge),
Daimarnock Iron Works, 241
Baltic street
Barlas, Geo. & Co. Rnthven street
Barlas, Moses, 325 N. Woodside
Baxter, Jno. 20 Catherine st. north
Beatson, John, 93 Renfrew st
Bell, Hornsby, & Co. 176 PoUok-
shaws road
Bell, John, & Co., 3 Ingram st.,
Black, J. W. 34 Ronald st
Bogie, Richd. 19 Granville st
Boyd, Jas. & Sons, Macdowall st.
Broadfoot, Hugh, 27 Westmoreland
Broadfoot, J. C. 27 Westmoreland
Brown, Thomas, 193 Rottenrow
Bruce, Robert, Rosebery place,
Buchana i, Chas., 63 Montgomerie
Burns, Robert, 40 Ark lane
Calderwood, Thomas, 300 Langside
Cameron & Dalgleish, Thornlie-
Campbell, P. & A. Campbell st.
Chalmers, David, 54 Bothwell st
Cleland & Robertson, 5 V James st.
Calton and 14J Millroad street
Cochrane, Thomas, 201 St. James'
Coghill, Alex., 223 W. George st
Coghill, John & Son, 44 Aytoun
road, Pollokshields
Collier, Geo. 8 John Carrick st.
Combe, James, & Sons, hot-house,
103 N. Hanover street
Connell, James, 1a So. Coburg st
Connell, Robert, 1a South Coburg
Connell, William, 10 Crossmyloof
buildings, Crossmyloof
Corbet, Robt. & Son, 23 Onslow
Costley, Thomas, 52 Elmbank st
Costley,Wm.&Son,52 Elmbank st
Cowan, William, & Sons, 95
Bishop St. Port-Dundas
Crackston, J. & Son, 121 West
Regent st
Crawford, H. W. & Co. March st
Croggon & Co. Ltd. iron church
and house, 7 John street
Gumming, D. M. yacht and launch,
Blackhill dock, nr. Parkhead
Currie & Thom, 52 Gilmour street
Devlin, John, & Son, 11 Bothwell st
Dick & Benzies, 89 Forth street,
Dick, John, 28 Bath street
Dick, Wra., 28 James st. Calton
Dickie, John, 15 Greenside st.
Dobbie, William, 118 Parson st
Dougan, John, 13 Leven st
Drysdale, John, 242 Crown street
Duncan, Andrew (van and coach).
Halfway-house, Paisley rd
Duncan, James & Sons, 67 Dunard
Eadie, Ales. & Son, 280 Cathcart rd
Eadie, G. 405 Mathieson street
Edmond, Andrew, 153 Raeben-y st
Emery, John, 21 Carmen drive,
Ferguson, Alex. 281 B.ith st
Ferguson & Anderson, 24 Regent
Moray street
Ferrier, J. & W. 37 Stevenson st
Findlay, Ales. & Co. (bridge and
roof), Parkneuk Ironworks,
Motherwell — See Advt. in App.
Findlay, J. & G. 24 Grant street
Findlay, Kobt. M. 37 M'Aslm st
Fireproof Building Co. 35 Bothwell
Fletcher, J. D., 36 Blythswood dr
Fulton, Wm. Hyndland rd. Par-
Gardner, Robt. & Son, 6 Hospital
Gemmell, R. T. horticultural, 408
Eglinton st — See Adv. in App.
Gibb, James, & Son, 115 Smith st
Gibb, Robt. & Sons, 49 Sword st
Gibbon, E., 15 Henrietta place
Gibson, Wm. 2 Wilton mansions
Gilchrist, John, 25 Portland street,
Gilchrist, Robt. & Son, 50 New st.
Gilchrist, Thomas, & Son, 56 Colt
terrace, Coatbridge
Glass, Peter, 200 Hunter street
Goldie, Jas. & Son, 40 St. Enoch
Gordon, Wm., 213 Great Western
road and 162 W. Graham st
3ow, Angus, & Co., 555 Govan rd
Gow, Neil, 10 Otago st. Hillhead
Grant, Cameron, & Curie (jobbing
carts, lorries, vans, and Dobbin
carts), 83 to 99 Kennedy st. ;
telephone No. 3801
Gray, A. & G. 30 Bath st
Gray, Charles, & Son, 18 Paul st
Gray, Jas. & Son (greenhouse), 77
Carrick st
Hamilton, Archd. (brass shop
fronts), 35 Ann st. city
Hamilton, George, Neidpath, Dum-
Hamilton, J. R. (furnaces, &o.)
318 Scotland st
Hamilton, Marr & Co. Govan saw
mills, Robert st
Harris & Sheldon (shop fronts in
brass, &c.), 71 Tureen at
Hemphill, John & Co. 69 Young st
Henderson, Matthew, 4-10 Grant st
Henry, W., 60 Kelvin drive
Herbertson, J. & Sons, 85 Bedf. st
Highet, John & Son, Havelock ter
Hill, George, 118 St. Vincent lane
Hill, John, 89 N. Hanover ft
Hill, Thos. & Co., furnace, 12 to
30 Spoutmouth, Gallowgate
Holmes, John, Sandyfaulds lane
Holmes, Peter, carriage, 335 to
339 St. Vincent st
Hood, A. & Co. Hutchesontown
Saw Mills, Polmadie
Home, David, 56 Belmont st
Houston, Hugh, Maryfield cottage,
Hutchieion & Grant, 52 Gardner st
Hunter, Jas., 346 Langside rd
Iron and Steel Fencing and Build-
ings Co. (iron house), 35 Both-
well st
Jackson, Brown, & Co. 121 Ales-
andra parade
Jardine, J. 24 Park road
Kay, T. & Co. 12,14 Hopeton place
and 21 Cathedral st
Keay, D. A. 106 Eaglesham street
Kemp, Robt. & Sons, Bishopbriggs
Kennedy, Hugh, & Son, 20 Merk-
land st, Partick
Kerr, Geo. & Son, 146 Bothwell st
Kinnear & Moodie, 27 Alesander st
Kirkwood, John, 14 Melville street,
Knox, Ales. & Son, 17-23 George
st, Mile end
Kyle, W. 17 Marquis street
Laird, Geo. & Son, Ann street,
Lamb. Thos. & Stewart, 220 Par-
liamentai-y road
L^^w, James, 162 S. Woodside rd
Leckie, John,& Co., 135 Raeberry
Leishman, Alex. 86 West Campbell
Leslie, John, 429 Dumbarton road,
Lightbody, Wm., 44 Sydney street
Lindsay & Benzie, 162 Byars rd.,
Lindsay, William, 17 M-Aslin st
Louden & Inglis, Laird street^
Coatbridge ; also at Cleland
Love, John, Rockbank, Rutherglen
Lumsden, Kobert, 20 Finlay drive
Lyall, J. 61 Allison st. Govanhill
M'Arthur, John, 89 Leslie street,
M'Arthur, Wm. 20 Merryland st.
M'Anlay, -John, & Co. 70 Albert rd.
Pollokshields, E.
M'Cia, Jn. & Co. 47 Oswald st
M'Call, W. & Sons, 5 Balmano st
M'Callura, D 140 Bothwell st.

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