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Blair, Campbell, & M'Lean, 18
Scotland street, Tradeston
Broughton (The) Copper Co.
Ltd., Manchester, 16 St. Enoch
sq.; Chas. W. Wild, agent
Delta Metal Co., Ltd., 194 St.
Vincent st
Dempster, Moore & Co., 49
Robertson st
Porbes, Addison, & Brown, 12
York st
Hughes, John & Joseph, " Albion "
brands of phosphor, tin, and
bronze, Birmingham ; agents,
Barclay, Mackay & Co., Box
No. 3, Royal Exchange
Leslie & Hall, agents, 48 and 50
Cadogan street
Mackinlay, R. W. & Son, Kinnin^
Park Smelting Works, 110 Gt.
Wellington st
Maclean Bros. 42 York st
M'Nab, Robert (manufacturers'
agent, and importer of bronze
iiowders in all colours), 202
Hope street
Metallic (The) Art Co., 103 Bishop
street, AEderstou
Shand Brothers, 6 Dixon street
Shirreffs, Wm., bronze founder
(artistic), 247a West George st
Steven & Strutbers, 32 Elliot st
and 11 Havelock street
Stewart, Cl)as. R., agent Stone's
bronze propellers, 80 Gordon st
Stoer Bros. & Coles, Ltd., powder,
Howard square, 9 Howard st. ;
factory, Nurnberg, Germany
Watson, Henry, & Sons, New-
castle-on-Tyne ; agent, Morris,
Warden & Co., 2.5 Gordon st
Wright, John, 52 Nelson St., s.s.
Clark, A. & Co. Victoria Works,
23-25 Oxford st
Metallic (The) Art Co. 103 Bishop
street, Anderston
Miller & M-Ewan, 341 Argyle st
Smith, Thos. & Son, 25-31 Queen
Spence, Thos. 41 Robertson lane
Waddell, Douglas & Co., 110
.John street
Wright, John, 52 Nelson st. s.s.
Aim, W. L. & Co. for painters, 1§
to 14 Bothwell lane
Aird, Jas. 9 West st. Calton
Allan, Mrs Wm. 88-J London st
Arrol, Wm. 50 Main st. s.s.
Asylum for the Blind, 100 Castle st
Barker & Rennie, 12 Stockwell st
Barnett, Wm. 3 Bath street
Black, Alex. 72 Charlotte street
Blackwood, W. 139 Sauchiehall st.
Boardman, James (stencil), 55
Charlotte lane. — See Advt.
Bow, Wm. Bow's Emporium, 61 to
71 High St. corner of Bell st. city
Cameron & Sons, 20 Craignestock
Cochran, H. A. 132 W. Nile st
Connell, John T.,& Co. 71 Waterloo
Cousland, Alex. & Son (wire for
boiler tubes, &c.), 3 Mitchell st. ;
works, 28 York street
Cowan & Co. 64 Howard st
Dove, James & Thos. A. 15, 23
St. Andrew's sq
Dove, John, 31, 33 St. Andrew's st
and 1 St. Andrew's sq
Falconer, Tho?. 181 Trongate
Ferguson, John, & Sons, also
machine brushes of every de-
scription, 54 York st
Fraser, A. W., paint and varnish,
1 Argyle arcade
Fraser, John. & Sons, brush drafts,
Adelphi Factory, 247 Govan
st. s.s.
Gardner, W. & Co. 45 Bridge st.s.s.
Gavin & Buchan, 71 Hutcheson st
Gentles, Wm. & Co. (dealers in),
338 Sauchiehall st
Graham, John, 7 Park place,
Stockwell street
Hill, R. Wylie, & Co. 20 Buchanan
Jack, B.. jewellers', 31 Argyle st
Kerr, Robert, 35 Paisley road, W.
King, Wm. 71 Dundas street, 7, 9
High street, and 4 Cathedral st
Kolle, H. & Son, London, Brush
drafts; agent, George A. C.
M'Neill, 20 Union st
Laird, Andrew, 34 Brunswick st
Lorimer & Moyes, 56 Howard st.
and 15, 16 Argyle arcade
Ludbrook & Co., London, whole-
sale, bass, broom, and brush
manufacturers ; sole agents for
Scotland, M'Lelian, Russell &
Co. 25 Wellington st
M'Allister, J., birch and heather
brooms, 410 Argyle st
M'Corkindale, A. & Sons (for
boiler tubes and flues), 182
Broomielaw and 11 James Watt
M'Donald, D. K. 70 Brunswick
M'Donald, Robert (for boiler tubes
and foundry purposes), 45 Ucion
St.; works, 28 Thistle street, s.s.
Mackie, J. F. 39 Argyle arcade
Maclachlan, Peter, & Co. (bristle
importers), 134 St. Vincent st
M'Lardie, E. & Co. 25 Commerce st
Maclean Bros. 42 York st
M'Nab, Robert, manufacturers'
agent, 202 Hope st
Morier, W. 145 Argyle st.
Motherwell, Wm., steel wire, 32
Portman st
Moyes, John Y. 49 St. Vincent st
Napier, D. Dehane (iron and bras
wire brushes), 93 Hope st
Panton, George, & Son, watch and
clock, 24 Miller st
Phillipsbourne, C. 51 Buchanan
Rattray, Chas. & Co., dealers in
brushes, 14 Candleriggs
Riddell, Wm. & Co. (boiler tube,
moulders', and other stee?
brushes, scratch brushes, and
dynamo brushes), 636 Spring-
field rd and 164 Trongate
Rigby, Battcock & Co., London ;
agents, J. & W. King, 191 St.
Vincent st
Rowat, Ales. & Co. (for boiler
tubes and foundry purposes), 25
Candleriggs. — See Ad.
Scrivener & Melrose, 182 Trongate
Small & Hurry, 9 Carlton place
Smith, John, & Co. 20 Craignes-
tock st
Stevenson Bros. 212 Broomielaw
Stewart Bros., 32 Stockwell street!
Stewart, Daniel, 45 Anderson st.
off Gallowgate
Stewart, R. A. 23 Wilson st
Taylor, Andrew (paint), 47 Os-
wald st
Taylor & Miller, for boiler tubes
and foundry purposes, 261
Argyle street
Taylor, Wm., & Co., for boiler
tubes and foundry purposes, 11
Wood lane
Thomson, J. C. & Co., 27 West
Howard street
Thomson, R. B. & Co. 38 Stockwell
Towcsend & Stirling, 196 St. Vin-
cent st
Wardhaugh, Jas. B. 60 West
Regent sfc
Wilson & Boyd, wholesale, 46
Cadogan st
Wishart, William, dealer in, 44
Adam, Jno. & Co. 404 Pollok-
shaws rd
Aitken, J. & W., 255 PoUokshaws
Aitken, Wm., Wellroad pL, Cross-
Alexander, Michael, 7 Apsley pi
Allan & Baxter, Saw mills, 198
Maxwell road
Allan, J. & Son, 567 Cathcart rd.
Allan,. Tames, 1093 PollobshaTTS rd
Allan, W. & Cowan, 27 Seamour st
Anderson, Gee. Waverley park,
Anderson & Henderson, Limited,
KinningParkS;iw iVlills, Renwick
St. s.s. and 44 W. Campbell st

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