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M'COARD, John (of Wm. M'Coard & Son), house,
Boydston, Botliwell.
M'Coard, Wm. & Son, manufrs. of cleaning waste,
blowings, cotton flocks, and cop papers, and
dealers in cotton, linen and woollen waste, and in
waste for papermaking; goods press- packed for
shipment, 15 to 41 E. Nelson street (east end of
Gallowgate). — See Advt. in Ap.
M'COLGAN, Charles, hairdresser, 3 Carlton court;
ho. 11 Portugal st.
M'COLL, Archibald (of G. B. Smith & Co.), house, 23
Queen Margaret drive.
M'Col], Archd. (at John Ramsay's, 5 Dixon st.), house,
201 Paisley rd.
M'Coll, Bros. & Co., auctioneers and valuators, 102
West Nile st.
M'CoU, Da^ad R., auctioneer and valuator, 102 W. Nile
St.; ho. 10 Ethel terrace. Mount Florida.
M'Coll, Donald, carting contractor, 11 Cumberland
lane, s.s. ; ho. 93 Cumberland st, s.s.
M'Coll, Donald, draper and clothier, 150 Duke st;
house, 125 Onslow drive.
M'Coll, Duncan, dairyman, 80 Paisley road, W.
M'Coll, D., superintendent of cleansing, 64 Cochrane
st. ; bo. 11 Blay teiTace.
M'Coll, Hugh, Wright and builder, 112^ Waterloo
street ; house, 224 Darnley street.
M'Coll, Hugh, daiiyman, 320 Battlefield rd.
M'Coll, John D., auctioneer and valuator, 58 West
Regent st.; house, 39 St. Andrew's drive.
M'Coll, John, foreman (Southern Fire Brigade), ho.
26 Warwick st.
M'Coll, John, fruit merchant, 672 Eglinton st.
M'Coll, John,gi-ocer, 591 Garscube road.
M'Coll, Peter (at D. & W. Henderson's), house, 284
Dumbarton rd., Partick.
M'Coll, Robert, tailor and clothier, 382 Main. street,
M'Coll, William, wine merchant and grocer, 230
Crown place, 42 Anderson st, Partick, 14
Castlebank st., and 14 Albert st., Govan ; ho. 28
Balshagray, Partick.
Maccoll, Mrs. D., trained nurse, 78 Old Kelvinhaugh
M'Coll, Mrs., draper, 720 Gallowgate; ho. 718 do.
M'Coll, Misses, 9 Windsor street.
M'Coll, Mary, milliner, 73 Canning street.
M'COJIB, Ales. L. (at Hendry Bros..), ho. 11 Wal-
mer ten-ace.
M'Comb, Gerrard, tailor and clothier, 81 London st.
M'Combe, James, plumber and sanitary engineer,
R.P., 120 West Nile street; house, 197 Pitt street
M'Combe, Thos., barber, 17 Cranston street; house,
15 do.
M'Comb, Thos. (of James Lumsden, Son & Co.), ho.
7 India st.
M'Comb, Miss, milliner, 108a Dumbarton road.
M'COJIBIE, James, & Co., fish curers and mer-
chants, 3 Park pL, StockweU st., and 107 Cheap-
side st.
M'Combie, Jas. (of Jas. M'Combie & Co.), ho. 4
Berkeley ter.
M'Combie, Robert, china merchant, 372 Dumbarton
road, Partick ; ho. 65 Cambridge street.
M'Combie, Wm., china and art pottery warehouse,
19, 21, 23, & 25 Royal arcade, head of Hope st;
ho. 719 Gt. Western rd.
M'Combie, Wm., glass and china merchant, 199
New City road; ho. 719 Gt Western road.
M'Combie, Wm., wholesale and retail glass and
china merchant, 196 Main st. Anderston.
M'Combie, Wm., glass and china merchant, 277
Duke st.
M'Combie, Wm., glass and china merchant, 58
Argyle arcade; ho. 719 Gt. Western rd.
M'Combie, Mrs., dressmaker, 65 Cambridge street.
M'COMISH, Francis, fruit and vegetable merchant.
Bazaar; house, 41 South Albion st.
M'Comish, Geo., H.M. Customs; ho. 159 Govan rd.
M'COMISKEY, Mrs. Ellen, provision merchant, 18
Stevenson street ; house, 11 do.
M'CONNOCHIE, Arch., butcher, 115 Watt st, and
220 Battlefield rd.; ho. 117 Watt st
M'Conochie, Donald, blacksmith, 555 Govan road,
Govan ; ho. 491 do.
M'Connechie, Jas. M., wine merchant, 16 Taylor st. ;
ho. 4 Garden st.
M'Connachie, John, writer and notary public (of
John Steuart & Gillies), ho. 31 Aytoun road.
M'Connachie, John, grocer and provision merchant,
767 Gallowgate, and 203 Great Eastern rd.; ho.
109 do.
MacConachie, John M. (Gas Office), ho. 9 Wardlaw dr. ,
M'Conaghy, John, spirit merchant, 657 Gallowgate;
ho. 8 Main st, s.s.
M'Connachie, Wm., writer, 176| Hope st ; ho. 197
Pitt street.
M'Conochie, Miss, dressmaker, 186 Berkeley st
M'CONNELL, A., furniture warehouse, 77 and 79
Gallowgate; ho. 81 London st.
M'Connell, Andrew, provision merchant, 9 Logan st. ;
ho. 682 Rutherglen rd.
M'Connell, David (at Farquhar Bros.), ho. 47 Keir
M'Connell, Donald, dairyman, 10 Clarendon street
M'Connell, E., M.D., 104 Eglinton st; ho. 1 Royal
crescent, Crossbill.
M'Connell, Hugh, insurance agent, 37 Bath st. ; ho.
435 Rutherglen road.
M'Connell, Hugh, grocer and provision merchant,
178 Stirling rd. ; bouse,188 do.
M'Connell, James, spirit merchant, 68 Gt Eastern
rd., 153 Gt. Hamilton st., and 53 W. Scotland st ;
ho. 343 Duke st.
M'Connell, Jas. (of Wm. M'Connell & Co.), ho. 178
Springfield road.
M'Connell, Jas. C, 2 Victoria gardens.
M'Connell, John, general dealer, 514 Debbie's loan ;
ho. 49 Crossbum st.
M'Connell, John (of Cameron & M'Connell), ho.
2 Victoria gardens, Dowanhill.
M'Connell, J. & H., bleachers of cop, webs, and
hank, starchers, wool and cotton yarn dyers, cloth
dyers and finishers, Broadlie Works, Neilston, and
32 John st Glasgow; res. Broadlie park, Neilston.
M'Connell, J. & J. (Ltd.), distDlers, Belfast; agent,
R. H. Amott, 101 West Regent street.
M'Connell, Peter, dairyman, 217 Allison street; ho.
255 Langside rd.
M'Connell, Robt, & Co., bleachers, washers, dressers,
scourers, andnapery makers, Windsor Bleach Works,
432 and 434 New City road; telephone No., 198;
ho. 20 Windsor ter.
M'Connell, R., jun. (at R. M'Connell & Co.'s), ho. 8
Lyndburst gardens.
M'Connell, Robt, sen. (of R. M'Connell & Co.), ho.
20 Windsor terrace.

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