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M'Callum, John, captain (of John M'Callum & Co.,
steamship owners), ho. 4 Cecil street, s.s.
M'Callum, John B., mason and builder, 289 North
Woodside rd.; ho. 158 Eaeheny street.
M'Callum, John A., coalmaster, 12 Waterloo street ;
house, 52 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Callum, .John B., leather merchant and commission
agent, 85 Gallowgate, and 20, 24 E. Nile St.; ho.
99 St. Andrew's rd.
M'Callum, John B., leather and sponge merchant
53 St. Enoch sq.; ho. 99 St. Andrew's rd.
M'CalImn, John M. (of M'Callum & Hope), house,
5 West Garden street.
M'Callum, John, & Co., steamship owners, and West
Highland Steam Packet Office, 10 Ann st, city ;
Telegraphic address, " M'Callum ; " telephone No.
M'Callum, John, dealer in horses, 162 to 166 West
George lane ; ho. 95 Dundas street, city.
M'Callum, John, frait merchant, 227 Argyle street.
M'Callum, John, painter, 406^ Gallowgate.
MaoCallum, John, manager of the City Property In-
vestment Trust Corporation, Ltd., 93 Hope street;
ho. 12 Maxwell ter., Pollokshields.
M'Callum, John, wright, 197 StirUng road; house,
13 Ronald street.
SZ'Calluin, John, manufacturing confectioner, 76
Dalmarnock st. ; ho. 8 Garturk st.
M'Callum, John, flint-glass manufacturer, 197
Stirling road.
M'Callum, John, saleroom, 16 Main St., Anderston ;
ho. 445 Argyle st.
M'Callum, John, 4 Park corner, Whiteinoh.
M'Callum, John, L., accountant, 1 Cathkin ter.
M'Callum, Malcolm, boot and shoe manufacturer, 359
Argyle street ; house, 42 Carnarvon street.
M'Callum, Malcolm, & Co., engineers and patent
clamp stenter makers. Main street, Ban-head.
M'Callum, P., & Co., cork merchants, 36 Oswald st.
MacCallum, P. F., consulting and surveying engineer,
box 58, The Athenceum.
M'Callum, Peter, plumber and gasfitter, 58 Great
Western road ; house, 7 Eupert street.
M'Callum, Richard (of Green and Jl'Callum), house,
58 Park road.
M'CaUum, Kobert, house and property agent and
valuator, 69 Union street; branch offices, 2 Great
Wellington st., and 661 Govan rd., Govan.
M'Callum, R., & Son, fire and life insurance
agents ; resident secretaries, W^est of Scotland
branch, London and North British Plate-Glass In-
surance Co. (Ltd.), 69 Union st.
MacCallum, Robt. (at Carswell & Murray, C.A.), ho.
7 Walworth ter.
M'Callum, R. G., accountant, 128 Hope street; ho.
37 Regent Park square.
M'Callum, S. G. , fiesher, 369 Dumbarton road,
Partick ; house, 363 do.
M'Callum, William, chartered accountant, 128 Hope
st. ; ho. 37 Regent Park square.
M'Callum, William, manager (Glasgow Storage Gov.,
Ltd.), ho. 7 Melville St., Pollokshields.
M'Callum, Wm., grocer and provision merchant, 247
Maiu St., Bridgeton ; ho. 272 do.
M'Callum, Mrs. Agnes, greengrocer, 25 Dowanhill
St., Partick.
M'Callum, Mrs. M., 88 Leslie st., Pollokshields.
M'Callum & Weir, dressmakers, 393 Gt. Western rd.
M'Callum, Annie R., furniture dealer, 12 Glebe st.
M'Callum, Charlotte, restaurateu"-, 20 Glassford st.
M'Callum, Lizzie, fruiterer, 441 Argyle street.
M'CALMAN, C. & A., drapers, 61 Main street,
M'Calman, D. (of D. M'Calman & Co.), ho. 1 India
street, W.
MacCalman, D., & Co., foreign merchants, 150 Hope
M'Calman, George (of D. M'Calman & Co.), house,
1 India street, W.
M'Calman, -J., commission agent, 109 Hope street.
M'CAMBRIDGE, Francis, cabinetmaker and uphol-
sterer, 241 Parliamentary rd.; ho. 8 Murray st.
M'CANCE, M. & E., booksellers and stationers, 437
M'Cance, Robert, G.P.O., house, 181 Langside rd.
M'CANDLISH, Robt., tailor and clothier, 7 Watt st.
M'Candlish, Wm , cashier, 22 Royal Exchange sq.
M-Candlish, AV. L. (Scottish Widows Fund Life
Assurance Society, 114 W. George st.)
M'CANLEY, Daniel, aerated water manufacturer.
104 Gallowgate; ho. 106 do.
M'CANN, D. & Co., iron keg and drum manufac-
turers, zinc, tin, and sheet-iron workers, 9 St.
James' St., Kingston ; works, 122 West street,
M'Cann, D. (of D. M'Cann & Co.), ho. 70 Surrey st.
M'Cann, Henry, causeway contractor, 9 Tureen st.
M'Cann, James, spirit merchant, 81 Reid street,
Bridgeton, and 31 Parson st. ; ho. 11 Newhall ter.
M'Cann, John, pawnbroker, 58 to 64 Gray street,
Parkhead ; house, 38 Bellgrove street.
M'Cann, Owen, wine and spirit merchant, 27
Dumbarton rd.; ho. 176 Kent rd.
M'Cann, Thos., cooper, 400 South York st. ; house,
60 South Shamrock st.
M'Cann, Mary, grocer and spirit merchant, 45 Finnies-
ton street ; ho. 43 do.
M'CANSH, James, Clyde pilot, 5 Eaglesham street.
M'CARROL, John, fruiterer, 40 George st., and
171 Renfield street.
M'C ARDEL, Jas., lodging-house keeper,132 Trongate.
M'CARTER, John, jun., rope, rag and metal merchant,
86 Finuieston St.; ho. 21 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Carter, John, & Co., rope, rag, canvas, and metal
merchants, also commission agents, 3 and 5 Have-
lock street (late of Finnieston street).
MACARTHY, John B. (at Stewart & M'Donald's),
ho. 64 Blythswood drive.
M'Carthy, John, tailor and clothier, 140 Buccleuch st.
M'Carthy, Samuel, Inland Revenue officer, lOO King
street ; ho. 36 Albert drive. Crossbill.
M'Carthy, W^m. , supervisor of Inland Revenue, 280
George st.; ho. 1 Holyrood crescent.
MACARTNEY, Duncan, M.A.,M.D., surgeon, 18
Newton place ; at home 4 till 6; telephone No. 73.
M'Cartney, John, blacksmith, 23 Couper street ; ho.
48 Ronald street.
Macartney, James, medical practitioner, 2 Dowanhill
place ; house, 1 Lawrence place.
M'Cartney, Jno., tailor and clothier, 10 Queen arcade;
ho. 2 Royal arcade.
MacCartney, W. Newton, commission merchanit, 187
George street; ho. 25^ Monteith row.
M'Cartney, Miss 5L, fruiterer and confectioner, 376
Govan street; house, 79 South Wellington st.
M'CASH, Andrew M., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 4
Newton st.. Charing Cross; hours of attendance,
9 till 7, Saturdays 9 till 2.

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